Yvonne Nelson: Pastor Says Actress Has Given Birth To A ”Stupid” Child


Following news that Ghanaian movie star, Yvonne Nelson has given birth to a baby girl, controversial pastor and self-styled marriage counsellor, Rev. Cyril George Lutterodt has described her baby as a ‘stupid’ child.

Reports recently emerged claiming that Yvonne Nelson welcomed her first child at a health facility in Accra on Sunday, October 29, 2017. However, the star actress has neither confirmed nor denied the rumours.

In an interview with Okay Fm, Lutterodt expressed disappointment in the actress, saying there is no excuse to have a baby out of wedlock as any child from such act is ‘stupid’.

“Yvonne Nelson denied the pregnancy because she knows the guilt that comes with this. She knows the process to pregnancy is after marriage. And if she has given birth unmarried, then I am very disappointed in her.

“There is no excuse for any woman to have a baby when she is not married because such pregnancies culturally are described as ‘stupid’ so are the children who come out.”

Counsellor Lutterodt

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Meanwhile, Yvonne Nelson has also reacted to the rumours. In an InstaVoice message to her fans, she noted that given her recent inactivity, there were too many rumours going on about her which needed to be cleared.

While assuring her fans that she is doing so well, Yvonne said:

“I know I have been missing in action, I’m sorry guys I have been very busy. I have been running around a lot…

“There is so much I want to say but I don’t know what to say, but I guess when the time comes I will update all of you about stuff that’s happening in my life… but I am fine and as usual, I would say that I’m blessed to even be alive…

“I know you guys have itchy ears, you want to hear all the juicy stuff but in due time I will address all of them. My day has been hectic, it’s been different,” she said.

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News of Yvonne’s pregnancy first surfaced in July after it was rumoured that she had tied the knot with a mystery partner. More so, the speculations were further fuelled by the actress’ earlier statement to BBC, where she said that she would get married in 2017.

Although Yvonne did not disclose further details about her proposed marriage, she was quoted as telling BBC’s Veronique Edwards, “This year, I’ll be getting married this year.”

When it became apparent that she was deliberately staying away from public eye, the speculations grew that she was heavy with a baby in October. However, some of her colleagues in the industry dismissed the news as a lie, while the actress herself never addressed the rumour.

In a SnapChat video earlier this month, after fans noted that she had added so much weight, she reportedly told one of them, “Charley I know, I know, I know am looking big I am looking fat I know. I know, I know I am aware. I know.”

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More so, on her Instagram page, she often reposted old photos from her archives to keep up conversations and never expressly denied the news that she was with child.