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Who Is Yolanda Okereke, the Nigerian Costume Designer?

Yolanda Okereke Fubara is a Nollywood fashion stylist, costume designer, and wardrobe specialist for film and television. She is best known for her work on La...


Does Maria BBNaija Have A Husband?

Maria Chike Benjamin, who is mostly referred to as Maria BBNaija is not married. However, she is in a relationship with Kelvin Anene, a...

Anee Icha’s Biography and Best Movies

Anee Icha (born 28th December 1988, aged years old) is a Nigerian actress, writer, and producer, who is popularly known for her role...

What Happened To Zubby Michael, Is He Still Alive or Dead?

Zubby Michael is alive and not dead as some of his fans and bloggers presumed. Nothing has happened to the actor, whose full name...

Who Is Clem Ohameze and What Do We Know About His Family?

Clem Ohameze (born on 27th June 1965; age: ) is a Nigerian Nollywood actor, politician, and philanthropist. He started his acting career in 1995...

Dunsin Oyekan Biography, Best Songs and Truth About His Wife

Dunsin Oyekan (born 5 November 1984; Age: years old) is a Nigerian gospel singer, multi-instrumentalist, and songwriter. He was married to Doyin Oyekan,...

Bruno Iwuoha Biography: Who Was the Veteran Actor?

Bruno Iwuoha (6 October 1952 - 10 April 2021) was a Nigerian actor and filmmaker, best known for his roles in films "Fire on...

Who Is Oga Bello? All About Adebayo Salami’s Age, Wife and Children

Adebayo Salami (born 9th May 1952, Age years old), whose stage name is Oga Bello, is a Nigerian actor, producer, and director popularly...

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Amarachi Kanu Biography: Inside the Life of Kanu Nwankwo’s Wife

Amarachi Kanu Nwankwo (born May 27, 1986, age: years old) is a fitness trainer/expert, interior designer, entrepreneur, and the wife of Kanu Nwankwo, the Nigerian ex-football legend. Amarachi got married to the football legend in December 2004 in an elaborate wedding. Her husband, Kanu Nwankwo, successfully carved a niche for himself with his football career. As a forward player, he played for the Nigerian national team and other clubs which in turn made him a household name. In addition to his successful career, his marriage...

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