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Yoruba Names and Meaning For Boys and Girls

Names are unique and they say a lot about the bearer. What you call your child at birth is important because it becomes the identity of...


Beginner Yoruba Words and their Meaning in English

The Yoruba language is a language spoken predominantly by people from the southwestern part of Nigeria. It is a member of the Congo-Kordoanian language...

The 10 Richest Yoruba Actresses in Nigeria and Their Net Worths

The Yoruba movie industry that started more than two decades ago is one of the most talked-about movie industries in this world. The industry...

Travelling From Lagos to Abuja by Road: Distance, Fares And Safety Tips To Note

What exactly comes to your mind the moment Lagos or Abuja is mentioned to your hearing? Discussing Nigeria without mentioning the cities of Abuja...

A Breakdown of Nigerian Senators Salary and Allowances

Discussions on the salary and allowances of Nigerian Senators are some of the most controversial topics you would find on various media tabloids, especially...

How to Transfer Money from Access Bank to Another Account or Other Banks

Access Bank is one of the many commercial financial institutions in Nigeria. It, however, sets itself apart from the rest as it is one...

How Many Senators Do We Have in Nigeria and What Are Their Senatorial Districts?

Nigeria, the most populous country in Africa inhabited by more than 250 ethnic groups that speak about 500 distinct languages, operates a government that...

Every Course Under the Arts Department in Nigerian Universities

For decades, the Arts department in Nigerian universities has maintained a standing position as that which remains an integral part of education in Nigeria....

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Who Is Halima Buhari Sheriff, Aisha Buhari and Muhammadu Buhari’s Daughter?

Halima Buhari Sheriff is a Nigerian legal practitioner and the daughter of former military Head of State and current Nigeria's President Muhammadu Buhari and his wife the First Lady of Nigeria and businesswoman Aisha Buhari. Halima, who lives a private life, is one of the 10 children of Muhammadu Buhari from two different marriages to Safinatu Buhari and later Aisha Buhari. One of the 5 children of Aisha Buhari, Halima enjoys the attention of the public. Nevertheless, her life is largely sheltered from the...

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