Inside Sharon Adeleke’s Luxury Life as Davido’s Sister

Sharon Adeleke is the older sister to the famous Nigerian music sensation Davido, fondly called OBO. She is also the first daughter of the Nigerian billionaire business tycoon Adedeji Adeleke.

She is also known for often flaunting her luxury lifestyle and high taste for the exquisite things of life that money can buy, and this is coupled with the fact that she is a daughter of a billionaire. More than that, Sharon is also famous as the CEO and the brain behind the leading wigs and hair extensions company Rona Wigs Studio, which she founded.

Although Sharon is the daughter of the popular Nigerian billionaire Adeleke, she initially kept a rather low profile until her younger brother, the afro-pop music superstar, brought her into the limelight by often celebrating her in his social media handles. This shows that the afro-pop star Davido share such a deep family bond with his big sister Sharon as with his other siblings.

Sharon Adeleke is married to Yomi Ademefun and she has one child from her marriage.

Sharon Adeleke is Davido’s Older Sister

Sharon Adeleke is the first daughter of the Nigerian business big wig Adeleke, and she celebrates her birthday on March 28th every year. She was born into the family of Adedeji Adeleke and Veronica Adeleke, though currently, she has only one parent, who is her father, as her mother is late. At the same time, she and her siblings are left under the care and protection of their father, who is a popular Nigerian billionaire businessman.

She grew up alongside her musician brother David Adeleke, popularly known as Davido. Sharon is Davido’s elder sister, and the hip-hop star is the last born in the family. Although Davido has become incredibly successful in his music career, his older siblings, including Sharon, are also successful in their own rights. Nevertheless, Sharon and Davido share a close bond, and the singer never fails to gush over her sister on his social media pages.

Besides Davido, Sharon Has Two Other Siblings

Adewale Adeleke

Adewale Adeleke is one of Sharon’s two brothers. He was born in the United States on December 11, 1988, and is a graduate of Columbia University. Before attended Columbia University, Adewale acquired a Business Administration degree with a minor in Biology from the Pacific Union College. He is a renowned music producer and co-owner of the HKN music record label. Wale married Ekanem Kani in 2020, and they welcomed their first child, a daughter named Maya Oluwayemisi Minika Adeleke, in November 2020.

Ashley Coco Adeleke

Sharon has only one sister named Ashley Coco Adeleke. Although nothing much is known about Ashley, it is no news that she tied the knot with Caleb Adeji in 2016. Sharon and her siblings are very united, and they are all Executive Directors in their father’s company, Pacific Holdings.

Adewale combines his directorial position with being the CEO of HKN, while Sharon is the CEO of her own company Rona Wigs Studio. At the same time, Davido also co-owns a record label and other businesses. From the look of things, it is clear that all of her siblings are doing very well and are equally quite rich, being the Directors of the giant firm Pacific Holdings owned by their father Adedeji Adeleke, who is also the chairman of the Company.

A Look At Sharon Adeleke’s Career and Rise to Fame

Sharon Adeleke, the older sister to the award-winning Nigerian pop star Davido, is among the most successful and rich women entrepreneurs in Nigeria. Unlike many other daughters of billionaires who are mostly sluggish in pursuing their personal wealth, Sharon is quite smart and hardworking.

Apart from being a director in Pacific Holdings, the company of her father Adeleke, she also saw the need not to be totally dependant on her father’s wealth; this was what propelled her into going the extra mile of establishing her own company known as Rona Wigs Studio, which deals in all kinds of women’s hair extensions and wigs. Thus, the earnings from the company also greatly add up to her gross income.

Interestingly, the passion for her business was driven by a situation she once found herself in when at some point, she needed to make her hair. Unfortunately, her hairstylist disappointed her and never showed up. Still, knowing the condition she was at that time, being pregnant, she decided to surf the internet to learn how to make wigs by herself. This was when she started watching wig-making tutorial videos online, particularly through YouTube.

That was how Sharon ended up learning the art of wig making, and she was able to make a couple of wigs for herself. With this development, little by little, she started having a strong craving for the business, which led her to attend several wig-making workshops while she was in the US to groom herself in the art further.

It was after this training that Sharon took the bold step of establishing the Rona Wig Studio, and today, the company is well known for dealing in different forms of wigs and hair extension, and it is popular among most Nigerian female celebrities who patronize the company for their hairdo. Nevertheless, there is the possibility that the popularity of her superstar brother Davido, and that of her billionaire father, may have in one way or the other, contributed to the swift growth and successes of Sharon’s company.

Sharon Adeleke Lives a Luxurious Lifestyle

Coming from a billionaire family and married to a rich international businessman, it is natural for Sharon to be accustomed to a luxurious lifestyle. Sharon has been known over the years for her interest in luxury and expensive things. This could be seen in her fashion sense, collections of designer bags, make-up, cars, and in her daily routine. The mother of one often showcased to the world her luxury lifestyle through her social media pages, mostly on Instagram, where she has garnered over a hundred thousand followers.

Sharon Adeleke’s high taste for luxury was further revealed when she announced on her Instagram page that she would be giving out her designer bags and other luxury gift items to her fans. In this regard, Sharon, the billionaire’s daughter, and CEO gave out one of her expensive Chanel bags to her manager, an LV bag to her nanny, and an Mp3 praise box to her other friends.

She has also admitted to being very obsessed with Birkin bags, which she revealed that she used some part of her wedding budget to add more of those exotic bags to her collection of designer bags. What’s more, she also said that she is giving out 4 of her Hermes bags to others, including her sister. Nonetheless, Sharon clearly stated that the major reason for giving out these expensive items was to reduce her strong penchant for luxury and material things.

With all that has been said, the biography of Sharon Adeleke is quite an inspiration to many ladies and women in society who wish to excel and make their marks in life, as Sharon has demonstrated great resilience in striving for greatness to make a name for herself, even amidst the temptation of being too comfortable with, or totally dependant on her father’s wealth. Yet, she never allowed that to deter her from achieving her goals.


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