Who Is MC Oluomo – Biography and Rise To Prominence of The NURTW Boss

Musiliu Ayinde Akinsanya, otherwise known as MC Oluomo, is the Chairman of the Lagos State chapter of the National Union of Road Transport Workers (NURTW). The 49 year old is also a nobleman who got the title ‘Oluomo’ from his mother’s people in Agedegbe, Abeokuta, after her death.

The very influential trade union boss has since delved into politics. While he has divided opinions among Nigerians regarding his political affiliation and the role the union he oversees plays during elections, MC is known to be a good husband to his three wives and a great father to all of his kids. Time will tell what becomes of him, but MC Oluomo continues to fight to achieve his greater dream.

Summary of MC Oluomo’s Profile

  • Real Name: Musiliu Ayinde Akinsanya
  • Date of Birth: 14th March 1975
  • Age: 49 years old
  • Place of Birth: Oshodi, Lagos State
  • State of Origin: Lagos
  • Education: Afolabi Primary School Oshodi, Lagos and Olu Efon Primary school, Abeokuta
  • Occupation: Union Leader
  • Net Worth: $1.2 million

Oluomo Is A School Dropout

Born in Agbo-Ile Atere in Oshodi, Lagos State, MC was born into the family of Baba Akinsanya and Alhaja Abebi Zinat Omotonwo on the 14th of March, 1975. He was born into a polygamous family. Following the death of his father when he was in primary three, his mother took over his education and upbringing. The death of his father at an early age, and his mother’s inability to continue training him in school after his primary school education, resulted in him becoming a school dropout.

However, being a school dropout did not prevent MC Oluomo from achieving greater heights. From being a bus “agbero” conductor and driver, he maneuvered his way into the National Union of Road Transport Workers (NURTW) where his success story began.

Most dropouts would not be able to achieve what he has achieved; he is just an exception. Because of his lack of education, Oluomo is often insulted by people. His reply to them is always, “Is it a crime to be uneducated?” What he lacked, he makes sure to give his children and makes sure they don’t get to suffer as he did.

MC Oluomo Worked His Way Up The Social Ladder

Because he was not born with a silver spoon, MC Oluomo did all forms of menial jobs as he later worked as a conductor and driver. He didn’t rest on his laurels as an Agbero but instead tried to change his status to identify with those that matter in society. MC entered NURTW as a driver and rose through the ladder until he became what he is today. He never allowed society to define him; instead, he wrote his own story and chose to succeed.

MC became the treasurer of the union’s branch in Oshodi and later the chairman of the branch. He was later appointed to be part of the 18-man caretaker committee of the state. This committee dissolved the former state executives of the union, formerly led by Tajudeen Agbede, on his leaving the state. Oluomo faced opposition while he was a member of the state union’s caretaker committee. Many feared he would use his position to emerge chairman of the union. Their fears later became reality.

Consequently, Olumo became the caretaker Chairman of the National Union Road Transport Workers in Lagos State in September 2019, amid opposition. He continues to serve as chairman to date and is living like an elite. His position has afforded him wealth and fame as well as high status in society. MC’s ambitions paid off as he has become influential.

He Is Married to Three Women

MC Oluomo
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Judging from where he is coming from (religion and culture), one could easily see that Oluomo was going to marry more than one wife. He is indeed married to three different women who live in different houses in different areas of Lagos. MC’s wives are Alhaja Madinat Adunni Akinsanya, Temitope Adunni Akinsanya, and Aisha Ajoke Akinsanya.

Together, they have given him nine children. One of his daughters, Nofisat Ayinke, graduated from a US institute in 2020 and gained her Nursing Licence. Oluomo shows great love and affection to his wives and children. He always provides for all their needs and makes sure they have a good life. MC is a school dropout, but he makes sure his children get quality education and live a comfortable life.

Having three wives has, however, not stopped him from getting linked to other women. MC has been rumored to have dated some Nollywood actresses due to his investment in the movie industry. He was even married to Tayo Odueke, popularly known as Sikiratu Sindodo, but they later ended their union. In February 2021, it was in the news that Oluomo was dating a successful businesswoman known as Ehizogie Ogbebor. A couple of months later, in May, it was rumored that MC got married to another woman that was not Ogbebor. Details of the said woman are not public knowledge.

MC Oluomo Has Political Ambition

MC Oluomo had always nurtured political ambition right from when he was an ordinary conductor. Again, he is not known to be stagnant in life. MC always aims higher, which is why he is where he is today. With his recent achievement, we are almost certain that he will vie for a political position in the near future. He parties and mingles with politicians and likes to be spotted with them.

Before the 2019 election, MC attended the APC flag-off campaign in Lagos State. Some thugs invaded the campaign and stabbed him in the neck. MC was rushed to the hospital for treatment. It is believed that MC Oluomo might have already attained political office by now if not for that incident.

During the End Sars Protest in 2020, the trade union boss wanted to use the opportunity to get in the good books of the youth of the country. He brought food for them, but it was rejected. This gave rise to an accusation that MC was among those that sent thugs to kill the youth protesting.

However, all these setbacks and misunderstandings have not discouraged him in any way. He is still campaigning, and his involvement in politics is still alive.


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