Who Is Davido’s Baby Mama Sophia Ajibola Momodu?

Sophia Ajibola Momodu is a Nigerian businesswoman, brand influencer, and model who became popular in the social media sphere for being Davido’s Baby Mama.

The ensuing controversies since becoming Davido’s baby mama transformed Sophia from a struggling business owner into a highly sought-after influencer and socialite. Discover exactly who Sophia Ajibola Momodu is as you read further, including how she became Davido’s baby mama.

Summary of Sophia Ajibola Momodu’s Biography

  • Full Name: Sophia Ajibola Momodu
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of Birth: June 9, 1989
  • Sophia Ajibola Momodu’s Age: 35 years old
  • Ethnicity: Black African
  • Nationality: Nigerian
  • Zodiac Sign: Gemini
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Sophia Ajibola Momodu’s Children: Aurora Imade Adeleke
  • Sophia Ajibola Momodu’s Height in Inches: 67 Inches
  • Sophia Ajibola Momodu’s Height in Centimeters: 170 cm
  • Sophia Ajibola Momodu’s Net Worth: $1m – 5m
  • Famous for: Being Davido’s Baby Mama
    Sophia Ajibola Momodu’s Instagram: @thesophiamomodu

Sophia Ajibola Momodu Hails from Ile-Ife in Osun State

Davido’s baby mama, Sophia Ajibola Momodu, was born 35 years ago in Ile-Ife, Osun State, Nigeria. She was born on June 9, 1987, and belongs to the Gemini zodiac sign because of her date of birth. There are strong indications that Sophia Ajibola Momodu was born into a very low-income Muslim family.

Further research reveals that her biological father has been long dead, while her mother lives in Abuja, Nigeria’s capital. As her parents’ identities are unknown, so are that of her siblings. There is no clue as to whether she has any siblings, and the influencer herself hasn’t discussed this fact. About her educational status, Sophia Momodu has been eerily quiet.

Apart from her primary and secondary school education which she received in Osun State, she seems to have had no further education. Her famous baby daddy, Davido, alleges that she has no real educational qualifications. However, Sophia seems extraordinarily eloquent and well-spoken to be considered completely illiterate. It is more likely that she did attend some form of a tertiary institution but probably never finished.

Sophia Momodu is Related to Media Mogul Dele Momodu

The fact that Sophia’s parents are not rich doesn’t mean she doesn’t have powerful people in her corner. She allegedly has an uncle in the person of well-known and prominent Nigerian media tycoon Dele Momodu. While the minute details of their relationship aren’t exactly clear, both of them have never denied their familial connection.

In case you didn’t know, Chief Dele Abayomi Momodu is a Nigerian editor, writer, journalist, publisher, politician, activist, and businessman. He was born in May 1960 and has been involved in active journalism since the mid-eighties, especially during the MKO Abiola regime.

He is the founder and publisher of the Ovation International magazine, a print magazine focusing on highlighting people of influence in Africa and the world. Momodu has also dabbled into politics and contested for the presidency in 2015 and 2022. For his work in journalism, Dele Momodu has received so much critical acclaim, awards, and honorary degrees.

He has been married to Mobolaji Abiodun Momodu for nearly 30 years, and they have four children who are all cousins to Sophia. His net worth is currently pegged at over $40 million, and his reach in both the political and business sectors makes him a formidable ally of Sophia’s.

Sophia Ajibola Momodu and Davido Were In A Relationship That Resulted in Imade’s Birth

According to a statement by the celebrity singer, the duo met on a flight that, according to Davido, was “headed nowhere,” revealing they were seatmates on said flight. This happened in 2014 when both discovered an attraction to each other and decided to meet up after landing.

It seemed like the relationship was only meant to last a short while, as Davido had no intentions of either dating or marrying Sophia. Well, fate certainly had other plans, and Sophia fell pregnant. She gave birth to their daughter Aurora Imade Adeleke on May 14, 2015, in a private hospital in the US.

The birth of the baby girl resulted in a rift between the two of them, however. It seemed like Davido had doubts about the paternity of the child and didn’t claim her until a DNA test was carried out. He also held a grudge against Sophia for “trapping” him with pregnancy as he was only 21 years old when she became pregnant for him.

Years After, the Two Fought Over their Daughter’s Custody

After their breakup and initial fight over Imade’s birth, the relationship between Sophia and Davido only worsened. One of the reasons is that the famous singer tried to wrest custody of his daughters from her mother—a move that had Sophia’s influential uncle stepping in.

The story is that Davido attempted to take Imade out of the country without Sophia’s permission. Dele Momodu stepped in by involving lawyers and other agencies that prevented the journey.

When asked for his side of the story, Davido denied that he was trying to abduct Imade and revealed that he and Sophia had previously agreed to take Imade abroad for medical attention that she had desperately needed at the time. It didn’t look like they would ever reconcile after this debacle, especially after Dele Momodu and Davido became perpetual enemies after this.

However, as the years went by and baby Imade grew older, the rift between Sophia and her baby daddy began to give way for reconciliation talks. The two became more committed to raising their daughter than nursing their differences. Hence, co-parenting baby Imade became much more effective. Today, Imade Adeleke is one of Davido’s favorite children.

Imade is Davido’s first child, but the singer has other children, including Hailey Adeleke and Ifeanyi Adeleke, all from different mothers. Recently he followed Sophia Momodu on Instagram and even comments on her pictures from time to time, a move that typically sends the media into a frenzy.

Sophia Ajibola Momodu is a Successful Businesswoman Currently Worth over $1 Million

Aside from being related to the celebrity singer Davido and the wealthy Adeleke family, Sophia worked hard to build a worthy reputation for herself. Although no formal qualifications have been presented, Sophia’s Instagram page @thesophiamomodu describes her as an entrepreneur, fashion connoisseur, brand influencer, influencer, humanitarian, creative director, and CEO.

She is the founder and Chief executive officer of Precious Jewels Foundation and The Sophia Momodu Brand, a fashion outfit where she creates and displays her fashion designs. On Instagram, she influences major brands with her 426k followers. Her numerous hustles have paid off handsomely, and her net worth in naira is believed to be in the hundreds of millions.

Sophia Ajibola Momodu is also an ardent supporter of economically disadvantaged women and children in Africa and Nigeria. There is also an unmentioned fact that Davido’s immense generosity has also helped Sophia to set up multiple successful businesses.


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