10 Cutest Nigerian Celebrities and Their Families

Nigeria is blessed with very good-looking celebrities. There is a reality that most of them end up in broken marriages and having children without getting married. Despite these misconceptions that are usually attached to their family relationships, there are still many of them who are exceptions and do have happy homes. Some also have grown-up children whom the public does not know about. Some of these Nigerian celebrities have some of the cutest families and are willing to show them off to the public. While some others have cute families, but keep them away from the camera.

For those celebrities who are open about their families, their social media accounts become memoirs. Their marriage and children’s pictures and important celebrations get to be saved for future consumption. Some of these celebrities go to the extent of opening a separate social media account for their children. When such a child grows up, they will see memorable accounts of certain stages of their lives.

Here, we will bring you 10 Nigerian celebrities and their cute families. Find out for yourself as we bring you fantastic and enviable photos of these cute celebs with their wonderful families.

1. Mercy Johnson’s Family

  • Career: Actress
  • Husband: Prince Odianosen Okojie
  • Number of kids: 4

Mercy Johnson is a top Nollywood actress who is popularly known for her humility and originality. She hails from Okene in Kogi state and is married to an Edo-based business magnate, Prince Odianosen Okojie. They got married in 2011 and are blessed with four kids; three girls and a boy. They have a lovely family with smart kids, and despite their busy schedules, Mercy and her husband always spend quality time with their children.

Their children are Purity Ozioma Okojie, Henry Ozioma Okojie, Divine-Mercy Ehinomen Okojie, and Angel Onosetale Okojie. They are intelligent kids bubbling in their parents’ love and friendship. Their first child, Purity, has featured in her mother’s comedy shows like the Bully Teacher, among others.

Mercy has been open about her family to the extent that she involves them in her comedy videos. Oftentimes, she posts videos of their family time together, special events, family workouts, and so on. She is one of the Nigerian celebrities with one of the cutest families who are willing to share her family life with the public.

2. Kanu Nwankwo’s Family

  • Career: Footballer
  • Wife: Amara Kanu
  • Number of kids: 3
Cutest Nigerian Celebrities Families
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He is a popular Nigerian footballer, now retired. He was the captain of the Nigeria National Team for 16 years (1994-2010). Kanu Nwankwo is from Imo State and is married to Amarachukwu Kanu. Amara is a fitness expert, author, and wellness coach. They tied the knot on 26th June 2004 and are blessed with three kids; 2 boys and a girl.

Their children are Sean Chukwudi Kanu, Iyang Onyekachi Kanu, and Pinky Amarachi Kanu. Sean was the little boy that was featured in the Peak Milk advert years back with his father. The children are all cute and have continued to make their parents proud.

The couple is in the fitness world together as Kanu is a former football player, and his wife is also in the business. They are not so hidden about their children and family life. Amara posts pictures of her workout with her husband on her Instagram page, and they both post pictures of their cute and lovely children.

3. P-Square – Peter and Paul Okoye’s Families

  • Career: Singers, Actors, Entrepreneurs
  • Wives: Lola Omotayo (Peter), and Anita Isama (Paul)
  • Number of kids: 2 (Peter), and 3 (Paul)

The Nigerian musicians popularly known as P-square are identical twins but on most occasions differentiated by their coiffure as Paul wears dreadlocks. They started their singing career as a band P-Square but separated in 2017. Now, Peter is called Mr. P, while Paul is called Rudeboy. Both of them are still singing and in the spotlight.

The twins are happily married, and their marriages are blessed with beautiful kids. Although there were issues between the two brothers, it seemed they have resolved as they came together recently. Their families celebrate and have good times together. Peter and Paul own two houses close to each other in Atlanta, Georgia, which keeps the two families together. Their marriages are included in our list of Nigerian celebrities with the cutest families.

Peter Okoye (Mr. P) got married to Lola Omotayo in 2013. She used to work as a Business Development Director at FKG2m, a marketing agency in Lagos. Although Lola is seven years older than him, the duo has stayed glued and happily married. They share two children, a boy (Cameron Okoye) and a girl (Aliona Okoye). Their children and family pictures are shared on their Instagram pages.

Paul Okoye (Rudeboy) on the other hand, got married to Anita Isama in 2014. Anita is a lawyer, author, and entrepreneur. They began dating in 2004 and dated for 10 years before eventually getting married. They lived happily together until August 2021, when Anita filed for a divorce. Together, they share three kids: King Andre Okoye and the twins (Nathan and Nadia Okoye).

4. Omotola Jalade Ekeinde’s Family

  • Career: Actress, Singer, TV Personality
  • Husband: Captain Matthew Ekeinde
  • Number of kids: 4

Popular Nollywood actress Omotola Jalade is the celebrity wife of Captain Matthew Ekeinde. They got married in 1996 and have been together ever since. Her husband is a Nigerian pilot and businessman. The beautiful actress and her husband are blessed with four fantastic children; two girls and two boys. Their family is one of the cutest families of Nigerian celebrities.

Their children are Princess Ekeinde, Meraiah Ekeinde, Michael Ekeinde, and Matthew Johnson Ekeinde (Captain E). Captain E, the first son, is a Nigerian singer. Princess is a social media influencer and tourism and hospitality management expert. Meraiah is her mother’s look-alike, and they share the same birthday. The children are all cute, even though all grown up, and they bring so much joy to their parents.

Omotola and her husband flaunt their family pictures on social media. They are not private about their children and family businesses. We can find photos of this adorable family on their Instagram pages. The actress is proud of her family and shares their success on her social media accounts.

5. Omoni Oboli’s Family

  • Career: Actress, Film Producer, Writer, Fitness Expert
  • Husband: Nnamdi Oboli
  • Number of kids: 3

Omoni Oboli is a Nigerian actress, film producer, and scriptwriter. She is the celebrity wife of Nnamdi Oboli. Nnamdi is an optometrist, movie producer, author, and life coach. He got married to his wife, Omoni Oboli, on 28th October 2000. Their union is blessed with three children, all boys. Together, they make a happy home and are among the cutest Nigerian celebrities families.

Their sons Gozi Oboli, Tobe Oboli, and Chizi Oboli are all cute and grown-up. They feature in their mother’s videos and shows, especially during the Covid-19 lockdown. Their parents are not secretive with their kids. They share their pictures on Instagram and their happy moments, too.

6. Julius Agwu’s Family

  • Career: Comedian, Singer, MC
  • Wife: Ibiere Agwu
  • Number of kids: 2

Julius Agwu is one of the most successful entertainers in Nigeria today. He hails from Choba in Obio/Akpor Local Government Area of Rivers State. The stand-up comedian is the first Nigerian comedian to release a music-comedy album. He married Ibiere Agwu on 31st May 2008, and they share two children: Zahra and Zadok.

The Nigerian celebrity, Julius Agwu, and his wife have one of the cutest families in Nigeria. The couple spends quality time with their children, even with their tight schedules. They are open about their children and their success. They share their pictures on their social media accounts. Julius and his family go on vacation together and share beautiful family moments on Instagram.

7. Vincent Enyeama’s Family

  • Career: Footballer
  • Wife: Promise Vincent Enyeama
  • Number of kids: 3

Vincent Enyeama is a former Nigerian professional footballer who played as a Goalkeeper. He got married to Promise Vincent Enyeama in June 2006, and their marriage is blessed with three children. There is not much on what Promise does for a living, but she is a working-class lady judging by their pictures. Vincent played in the Nigerian national team as a goalkeeper and served as the captain from 2013 until his retirement in 2015. He is also known as the second most capped player in the country. He shares some sweet family moments with his wife and kids.

The couple shares their family moments with the public through Instagram posts. Their children, two girls and a boy, are all cute and sweet. They have such a happy family, and they are willing to post their picture to the public. They never hesitate to use any opportunity that will bring them together.

8. Chacha Eke Faani’s Family

  • Career: Actress
  • Husband: Austin Ikechukwu Faani
  • Number of kids: 4

The award-winning, Ebonyi-born actress Charity Eke, popularly called Chacha Eke, started her career in 2012. In 2013, she got married to Austin Ikechukwu Faani. Austin is a Nigerian entrepreneur, Nollywood film producer, director, and editor. Their marriage is blessed with four kids; three girls and a boy.

Their marriage was filled with many rumors of divorce and domestic violence. Chacha wanted to leave the marriage on the grounds of domestic violence but changed her confessions later on. She said that she was diagnosed with bipolar disease, and that’s why she released the divorce video. Amid these rumors, they never hesitate to post beautiful family pictures that portray love and a good relationship. However, above all misunderstandings and quarrels, they are still strong. The couple has come to terms with each other and has continued to live together.

Chacha loves posing with her sweet princesses and little prince for pictures. They always look adorable. Their lovely children are Kamara Faani, Diamond Kandilichukwu Faani, Kairarachukwu Dior Faani, and Awesome Chukwuemerie Faani. She is one of the Nigerian celebrities that have the cutest families.

9. Bovi’s Family

  • Career: Comedian, Actor, Writer
  • Wife: Kris Asimonye Ugboma
  • Number of kids: 3

His full name is Bovi Ugboma, but he’s popularly called Bovi. Bovi Ugboma is a talented comedian, director, producer, and actor. Although he is talented in other careers, he is popularly known and most celebrated for his comedy career. He hails from Delta state. Bovi got married to Kris Asimonye Ugboma in 2007. Kris is a fashion designer. She revealed in an interview that she accepted and married Bovi when he had nothing and was living in an uncompleted building. Today, Bovi is a Nigerian celebrity, and his wife is glad she never looked down on him.

Their union is blessed with three kids, namely Elena Uyoyo Ugboma, David Ugboma, and Chuchu. Being a comedian and public figure, Bovi and his wife post some lovely pictures with their children on social media. They are among the Nigerian celebrities with the cutest families who love to share their lovely family pictures on Instagram. They even have different Instagram accounts for their children where they post all about their children.

10. Basketmouth’s Family

  • Career: Comedian, Actor
  • Wife: Elsie Uzoma Okpocha
  • Number of kids: 3

Basketmouth is a famous Nigerian comedian whose real name is Bright Okpocha. He is also an actor and the organizer of the famous comedy show Basketmouth Uncensored. Although he is known for his comedy career, Basketmouth also has a career in rapping and drumming. The comedian was born and bred in Lagos State, but he is from Abia State. He got married to Elsie in 2010, and their marriage is blessed with four kids. Elsie is an entrepreneur. She owns a restaurant called Grillhouse Bistro that deals in African and intercontinental dishes.

Basketmouth loves spending time with his family. His children Janelle Okpocha, Jason Okpocha, and the third child he welcomed in July 2021, Maya Chiagoziem Okpocha. It is important to note that Basketmouth has a child outside his marriage with Elsie, bringing his children to four. He is open about his family to the extent that he shares photos and videos of his kids on Instagram. They spend happy family moments together, and these moments are captured on videos or photos. Basketmouth is one Nigerian celebrity who has one of the cutest families and does not keep them away from the camera.


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