Arin BBnaija Biography: 10 Fun Facts About The Celebrity Designer

Arinola Olowoporoku, popularly called Arin BBNaija, is an independent curator, a fashion designer, and one of the housemates in the 2021 Big Brother Naija competition born in 1992. Before featuring on the show, Arin has been in the fashion world and has made a name for herself. She designs for celebrities and many others. She is a lover of fashion and puts this special love into her work. To express her talent, she opened a womenswear brand, Nola Black, at the age of 18.

Arin BBNaija Biography Summary

  • Full Name: Arinola Olowoporoku
  • Date of Birth: 1992
  • Age: 32 years old
  • Place of Birth: Lagos State
  • State of Origin: Ekiti State
  • Education: University of Lagos
  • Occupation: Fashion Designer, Arts and Culture Curator
  • Marital Status: Single

Interesting Facts About Arin of BBNaija Season 6

Arinola Olowoporoku is a spirited fashion designer and artist. She is a creative who is unapologetically expressive, emotional, and strong. Her appearance says a lot about her career and personality.

1. Arin is From Ekiti State, Nigeria

Born to Yoruba parents in Lagos State, Nigeria, Arin is originally from Ilawe-Ekiti in Ekiti State. Her parents are Senator Olabode Olowoporoku and Mrs. Mercy Olowoporoku. Arin was born into a polygamous family; she has two siblings from her mother – Ifedayo Olowopooku and Temi Olowoporoku. Asides from these, nothing much is known about her parents and siblings.

2. The University of Lagos Alumni Got Her Master’s in Scotland

The BBNaija housemate’s early education was in Lagos State where she attended Centennial College and Grace High School. Arin holds three degrees from three different universities across the globe. She first attended the University of Lagos (UNILAG), graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Cell Biology and Genetics at the age of 19.

Further, Olowoporoku traveled to China for her post-graduate studies in Biotechnology. She went ahead for her master’s degree program at Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen, Scotland, where she graduated with a Distinction in International Fashion Business in 2015.

3. Arin Has a Career as a Fashion Designer

As early as 18 years old, BBNaija Arin was already fully engrossed in the fashion world. She started her clothing company as a teenager in 2010. Because of her studies, she was not serious with it until 2015, when she fully ventured into the business. She designs for celebrities who, in turn, sample her work and bring her fashion to the world.

Olowoporoku is the CEO of Nola Black fashion. While still studying for her Master’s, Arin worked with popular Nigerian fashion designer Mai Atafo. Her clothing collection was showcased at the 2019 GTB Fashion Weekend and AFI Cape Town Fashion. Idia Aisien, an actress who starred in Nneka the Pretty Serpent, wore one of her designs. Other celebrities that worn her design include Eku Edewor, Stephanie Coker, Falana, Kemi Smallz, and Chimamanda Adichie. More so, she was one of the designers chosen for a fashion seminar with Dior Creative Director Maria Grazia and Chimamanda Adichie. As an independent Arts and Culture Curator, Olowoporoku is dedicated to and interested in promoting the contemporary visual arts in Africa. She intends to use Big Brother Naija Season 6 to scale her career and expand her business.

4. Arin was the Fifth Female Housemate to Enter BBNaija Season 6

The fashion designer is one of the housemates currently competing for the N90 million prize in the BBNaija reality TV show. She was the fifth female housemate to enter the house. Because the Big Brother Naija Reality TV show is designed to bring hidden talents to the world of fame, Arin wants to seize the opportunity to showcase her career to the public and make her dreams come true. Because of her aim in the house, she lives out her career as a fashion designer through how she dresses. As the saying goes, the way you dress is how you will be addressed. Arin BBnaija is dressing the way she wants to be addressed; as a fashion designer.

5. She Has At Least 17 Piercings on Her Body

There are many controversies about piercing in our society. People view it in different ways, and as a result, have different opinions about it. Some see it as ungodly; therefore, it is a sin. A few others see it as fashion and part of life, while others see it as belonging to the life of waywardness.

Whatever view one has is subject to their opinion and is not the original meaning of it. For Arin, piercings are merely fashion. The upcoming star is a lover of piercings. As part of her life as a fashion enthusiast, she sees beauty in having many piercings. This has given her a unique identity. Arin had 23 piercings but closed six, leaving her with 17 piercings now. Most of these piercings are found on her nose and ears. There may be more in other parts of her body but she has not disclosed it yet.

6. She Hates Bullies

In the Big Brother Naija house, Arin made it known that she does not stand bullies. She might have been a victim of such an ill act to hate it this much. She hates to be bullied and can fight it with all the demons in her. The funny thing is that she hates the act, but she is afraid she is gradually turning into one. Her philosophy is, to fight a bully, she has to become one. Also, becoming a bully is part of her dark side, which she urges not to be pushed into, saying she pities anyone who will push her to her limits.

7. The BBnaija Housemate is Single

Olowoporoku is currently not in any relationship. Before entering the Big Brother Naija show, she was in a relationship that ended badly. She said that she was hoodwinked in the past by an ex. The man she loved, and who she thought loved her too, dupped her in the name of love. However, she recovered her money before quitting the relationship. Because of this, she finds it difficult to enter into another relationship.

8. The Art Lover Has a Thing For Hair Tint

Like any other spirited artist, BBnaija Arin loves to change the color of her hair. Fashion designers and artists find it difficult to stick to one look or appearance. They also love many colors on them. The way they mix and match these colors attracts people and announces to the world what they do and what they love. For our BBnaija housemate, she loves to Tint her hair blue.

9. Arin is a Preacher of Love

Ariola admits that she is a preacher of love. She loves freely and relates freely with people. However, she points out that you cannot expect too much love from her without giving it out first. Her love is free, but you have to earn it by reciprocating. As a way of showing and sharing love, she is a peacemaker.

10. She is a Social Butterfly

In her interview with Big Brother Naija, Ariola revealed that she is a social butterfly. She is the type that relates to many without being stereotyped with a group. However, she also said that with time, she might be involved with a group or clique. In the BBnaija house, she agreed that she might form cliques only if she feels their vibes and energy. If not, she will resolve to become a social butterfly.



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