What is the Relationship Between Murphy Afolabi and Kemi Afolabi?

Murphy Afolabi and Kemi Afolabi are renowned actors who are notable for giving sterling performances in movies. With many acting credits and many awards to their names, they are both pillars of the Yoruba movie industry and Nollywood, by extension. However, due to their names and being in the same profession, the thespians are often misconstrued to be siblings or married to each other. Although there could be a link between them, we have facts to prove that only their profession in Nollywood unites them and not family or marriage.

Murphy Afolabi and Kemi Afolabi are Neither Siblings nor Married to Each Other

Virtually everyone assumes Murphy Afolabi and Kemi Afolabi are related by blood or marriage. We bet you think that too. While they bear the same surname, they’re not related in any way. Both are popular Yoruba actors who have made marks in the Yoruba movie industry independent of each other. Outside the film industry, they are also pursuing different relationships with different people but never came close to dating.

While Murphy Afolabi was born and bred in Osun state, Kemi Afolabi was born and raised in Lagos State, both in South-Western Nigeria. Though they are both Yorubas, their families had nothing in common while they were toddlers and even up to their adult age. Perhaps it was not until they both became famous in Nollywood as Yoruba thespians that people started noting the similarities in Murphy Afolabi and Kemi Afolabi’s last names.

Though it could have been assumed that their similar surname is not a coincidence as they could be married, our fact-finding research revealed that both Yoruba movie stars didn’t even come close to dating talk more of being married. Apparently, their having the same surname is just a coincidence. See more facts about them below.

Murphy Afolabi is an Osun State Indegene

If you’re well-acquainted with Yoruba movies, you’ll know that Murphy Afolabi is a popular actor, scriptwriter, movie producer, and director. The actor has clinched a spot among the best directors of classic movies. Born on the 5th of May, 1975, and bred in Osun state, Murphy completed his elementary and tertiary education in the southwestern part of Nigeria.

He attended Osun State Polytechnic, Ire, and obtained a combined degree in Mass Communication, Theatre Arts, and Film Production. The talented scriptwriter began acting in his early days. He made his acting debut in the movie Ifa Olokun under the tutelage of Dagunro. The Osun State indigene has since gone ahead to feature in many movies, including Jimi Bendel, Mafi Wonmi, and Omowunmi. As a proficient scriptwriter, he has written scripts for many thriller movies that are usually centered around cultural values.

This has raised lots of questions about him. He once stated that his dad was a herbalist, so he has an in-depth understanding of panegyrics and herbs. Murphy further added that many are amazed when he recites these panegyrics. His love for make-believe was inspired by the likes of the late Duro Ladipo and Yemi Eleburuibon. The ace Yoruba actor has earned several nominations in the course of his career. He has been nominated for the Best Actor of the Year, Best Producer, and Best Director of the Year at The City People Movie Awards.

Murphy Afolabi is a Father of at Least One Child

Not much is known about his relationship life. According to social media posts and reports, it’s believed that Murphy Afolabi isn’t married and dates new women. He’s often seen posting pictures of himself with actresses and siblings on his social media page. It was rumored that he once dated a female colleague, Wunmi Ajiboye.

However, the filmmaker has a child whom he dotes on. His child’s name is Fathia Afolabi, and he’s often posting her pictures on Instagram. Though there were speculations that he has a second child from a fling he had with a lady, Murphy had come out to refute the claims. He has many houses and cars to his name. With an estimated net worth of $400,000, the prolific actor is ranked among the richest actors in the Yoruba movie industry.

Kemi Afolabi was Born and Bred in Lagos State

Kemi Afolabi is another household name in the Yoruba film industry and has been around for a while. Born on the 28th of April, 1978, in Lagos State, Kemi Afolabi is the first of her parents’ three children. She attended Tunwase Nursery & Primary School for her elementary education before proceeding to Our Lady of Apostles School and A-Z International School for her secondary education.

Later on, the sultry actress earned an LLB Honours degree in law from the prestigious University of Lagos. Her love for arts sprang up while she was in her final year at the university; Kemi was invited to feature in a theatre production organized by the Creative Arts department. The success of the show made her rethink her career choice. Hence, she delved into acting shortly after graduation.

The popular actress starred in her first movie, Alagba, which brought her to the limelight. However, she later went on a short hiatus after she got married in 2008. While on hiatus, she wrote movie scripts and produced them after her comeback in 2013. Since her return, she has been featured in many movies. Her self-produced movie, Mo’dorisha (2019), a blockbuster, addresses societal ills like domestic violence, rape, and other female gender issues.

Her acting prowess and stellar performance in movies have enabled her several awards. Some of the awards include Best Yoruba Actress of the Year at City People Awards (2016), Most Prominent Actress Award at the Odua Image Awards (2016), and Best Yoruba Movie Producer of the Year at the City People Awards.

Kemi Afolabi is Married and Shares a Child with Wale Adesipe

Far from what many people assume, Murphy Afolabi and Kemi Afolabi are not husband and wife. Kemi is married to Wale Adesipe, a UK-based building engineer and contractor. He’s a graduate of the University of Bedfordshire, England. The couple has a daughter named Darasimi Adesipe.

As a private person, the Nollywood actress doesn’t disclose much about her family and relationship. Kemi has only divulged that her husband is ever supportive of her acting career, hence her success in the industry. However, rumors have it that she engaged in an illicit affair with her colleague, Odunlade Adekola. The beautiful actress came out to clear the air, stating that Odunlade and her husband were close friends.

Despite the controversies, Kemi has been able to leave her footprints in the Yoruba film industry. She has several endorsements to her name and owns a property. The producer is rated among the wealthiest and most influential celebrities, with a net worth of $450,000.

Who is more Successful Between Murphy Afolabi and Kemi Afolabi?

Apparently, both Murphy Afolabi and Kemi Afolabi have achieved a lot in the course of their careers. But from their net worths and affluent lifestyle, we can deduce that Kemi Afolabi, with a net worth of $450,000, is more wealthy than Murphy Afolabi, who has a net worth of $400,000.

Similarly, if wealth can also be accepted as a measure of success, we can also posit further that Kemi is a more successful actress than Murphy is as an actor. This, however, does not seek to trivialize the giant strides Murphy has made in the industry. But like everything in life, no two individuals are the same, and in this instant, Kemi takes the upper hand.


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