Pankeeroy Biography, Age and Net Worth

Pankeeroy (born: 22 January 1996), whose real name is Nwagbo Chidera Oliver, is a 28 years old Nigerian comedian, actor, social media influencer, dancer, and content creator whose career and endorsement deals have fetched him an estimated net worth between $100,000 and $400,000 (₦44.3 million and ₦177.4 million). 

With talent, Pakeeroy nurtured the dream of becoming a comedian whose career has placed him in a place among the celebrated comedians in Nigeria. He has worked with numerous actors and comedians, such as Chioma Chuckwuka and Nasty Blaq. He is most famous for his skit album, The Storm (2021).

Summary of Pankeeroy’s Bio 

  • Full name: Nwagbo Oliver Chidera
  • Nickname: Pankeeroy
  • Gender: Male
  • Date of birth: 22 January 1996
  • Pankeeroy’s Age: 28 years old
  • Ethnicity: Igbo
  • Nationality: Nigerian
  • Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Pankeeroy’s Net worth: $100,000 to $400,000 (₦44.3 million to ₦177.4 million) (estimation)
  • Famous for: Comedy and modeling
  • Pankeeroy’s Instagram: @pankeeroy
  • Twitter: @PankeeRoy
  • Facebook: Pankeeroy

How Old is Pankeeroy and Where is He From?

Pankeeroy is currently 28 years old. He was born Nwagbo Chidera Oliver on 22 January in Lagos State but hails from the eastern part of Nigeria, precisely Anambra State.

He grew up in Surelere, Lagos – the same environment that celebrities such as Wizkid and Simi grew up in. The comedian attended different schools in the State. While he was in secondary school, he developed an interest in entertainment and has since had a dream to make it a career.

Regardless, he went ahead to study computer science at Redeemer University, Osun State, where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in 2019.

Pankeeroy Started His Career as a Model Before Comedy Brought Him Fame

The Anambra native started off as a model and a dancer. In his early modeling career, he was featured as “Hautey of the Week” on Metrogypsie. Moreso, he was featured on the cover of Varsitylife magazine in January 2019. Several other modeling jobs came his way, and he shared numerous on social media. It has been revealed that he won a Scream Award for Fresh Model of the Year in 2016.

Pankeeroy’s Comedy Career

Pankeeroy built the thought of becoming a caterer but chose comedy which has also always been a part of who he is. He then started to upload skits on his Instagram page. He began to gain recognition for his skits in 2019, and fame quickly reached him in the years to come.

His growth was so fast that he disclosed how he didn’t even figure out which comedy, in particular, made him famous. Through his comedy journey, he has worked with big names in the comedy world, such as Nasty Blaq, Chioma Chukwuka, Sydney Talker, Okiki DFT, and Broda Shaggi.

Pankeeroy’s comedy career has gone from stage to stage, and in time, he moved from just creating skits to gracing stages. According to him, his most memorable comedy was performing live in the presence of thousands of people in Dubai. To make it even more interesting, the performance ended up highly successful.

In 2021, it was revealed the Redeemer University graduate would release the first skit album worldwide. The album is titled “Through the Storm.” According to the leading Nigerian comedian, the album exposes unique storylines as well as other incredible creators, comedians, and actors such as Zicsaloma, Fhavours, Lasisi Elenu, and Izzydigie, among others.

The album contains four skits, a dance video, a short film, and a TikTok video. In total, the project is a 7-video of creativity, talent, uniqueness, and hard work. He mostly shares his works through his social media pages such as:

  • Facebook: @Pankeeroy (669k followers)
  • Twitter: @PankeeRoy (84.1k followers)
  • Instagram: @pankeeroy (1.2 million followers)
  • TikTok: @official_pankeeroy (301.3k followers)

Some of Pankeeroy’s Famous Comedy Shows

  • When You Never Disappoint
  • Buga Vibes
  • The Storm Ft. Lasisi Elenu
  • Lapse (short story)
  • The Moment You Receive Money
  • Love at Second Sight
  • When it Finally Breaks
  • Work Out Gone Wrong
  • The Massage Therapist

Pankeeroy’s Net Worth and How He Made His Money 

The comedian’s net worth is estimated at $100,000 and $400,000, an equivalent of about ₦44.3 million and ₦177.4 million. His earnings are majorly from his comedy career and also from modeling. He gains through stage performances, social media, and streaming platforms such as YouTube. Moreso, he earns from endorsement deals.

Currently, there are no certainties as to how much he receives for live performances. This is a similar case to his streaming platforms, influencing, and even endorsements.

Yet, what remains vital is that many upcoming comedians earn above 100,000 for live performances while experienced ones can receive payments in millions. Judging based on this popular opinion, he may have earned about 100,000 or less in the earliest time of his career and more as he grew famous.

He also records his income from YouTube. He joined the platform in 2019 and records more than 9,000 subscribers and over 173,000 views. Since reports claim that YouTubers can earn from $3 to $5, Pankeroy may have earned less than $1,000 over the years.

More to his fortune, the comedian has earned through brand influencing and endorsement. His first ever official advert was in 2017 when he advertised for Redeemers University.

Brands Pankeeroy Endorse

  • 1xbet (2022): Pankeeroy is a brand ambassador of sports betting site, 1xbet
  • Auxell Musical (2022): A musical and studio equipment store in Nigeria
  • New Age (2022): A leading Nigerian mobile accessories brand that is also endorsed by Don Jazzy
  • Socially (2022): Pankeeroy endorses Socially, a Nigerian social media agency
  • Dantex Bakery and Kitchen Equipment (2022): supplier-commercial in bakery, kitchen, catering, and supermarket equipment
  • Ekiema Wellness Center (2021): Health and wellness center that treats several ailments
  • Oraimo (2021): Pankeeroy endorses Oraimo, an international tech company that is also endorsed by 2baba
  • Zona Gadget (2019): The comedian has advertised for the phone, laptops, and other tech accessories company
  • Jtech Global Resources Ltd (2021): Financial services company that deals with cryptocurrency and gift cards
  • iPhone plug Nigeria (2021): an apple accessories company that is also endorsed by the Anambra State native

Pankeeroy’s Cars and Houses

The comedian, who was born Chidera Nwagbo, has displayed a lot of exotic cars on his Instagram page. Among these cars include brands such as:

  • Rolls Royce
  • Bentley
  • Toyota

With respect to a house, Pankeeroy has not given any insight if he owns a house. However, he may or may not necessarily own a house in Lagos, where he resides.

He Has Been Involved in Fraud Controversy

In 2019, Pankeeroy was arrested by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission on a claim that he was into fraud. According to the report, he defrauded his victims through an internet site after he suffered from depression.

The claim further buttressed that upon his arrest, a Mercedez Benz car worth ₦36 million was recovered from him. Also, he had ₦22.3 million worth of Bitcoin in his blockchain account.

Almost a month after the reported incident, Pankeeroy, alongside his management and lawyers, claimed that bloggers had lied about the arrest. The comedian’s part of the story was that there was a raid by EFFC, which landed about 35 people, including him, in their net. They further attested that the EFCC did not have any warrant for an arrest, and he was only involved because of his presence at the place that was raided.

While the initial news made it clear that a luxurious car and ₦22.3 million worth of Bitcoin were found in his possession, this claim was countered by the funny man.


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