25 Nigerian Celebrities With Tattoos That Can Make You Stand In Awe


Tattoos have had an amazing and fascinating history in Western popular culture for quite some time now. Following this trend, several Nigerian celebrities now wear their hearts on their skins, and it definitely looks good on most of them. Believe it or not, some of these celebrities have tattoos not necessarily because it has any deeper meaning or to impress anyone, but mostly because they think it looks pretty on them.

Meet the Nigerian celebrities with stunning tattoos that can make you wanna have one.

Tonto Dikeh


The first runner-up of the 2005 Next Movie Star  TV  reality show, Tonto Dikeh, is the top on our list. The Nigerian actress and singer from Ikwere, Rivers State, was born on 9th of June, 1985 into a family of seven. The Rivers State actress is fondly called the grandmother of anything tattoo in Nigeria. She has pierced her body with several quotes and symbols including the latest addition on her leg which says ‘’Guide my steps’’. She has approximately 58 tattoos on her body…….. pretty remarkable.

Oge Okoye


The London born actress Oge Okoye emerges as one the actresses with amazing tattoos. The diva graduated from Nnamdi Azikiwe University with a degree in Theater Arts and is one of the babes making waves in the movie industry . The pretty curvy Nigerian actress is a top tattoo freak with a stamp on her breast which makes her appear more attractive *wink*, one on her left leg, one on her arm and some others in places where I dare not mention. Her love for tattoos has made many Nigerians believe tattoos are a top priority for her.

Rukky Sanda:


Rukayat Sanda, a Nigerian actress, scriptwriter and  producer from Ikorodu, Lagos State is another tattoo freak on the list. The extremely attractive actress was born on August 23, 1984 in Lagos, and has lived in Lagos most of her life. She is really representing the industry. Though she is new in the tattoo world, she has a big tattoo stamped on her back, bigger than the ones on the bodies of other tattoo freaks.

Peter Okoye:


The Nigerian singer and performer Peter Okoye, is one of the male celebrities with a stunning body. He is also a top tattoo freak, and has several tattoos stamped on his body with one that has a close resemblance to that of the American rapper Rick Ross.

Shan George:


The beautiful and sexy mother of four is another top tattoo freak who is not new to the ink world. The village born and brought up actress who grew up like every other village girl, but highly privileged has a good number of remarkable stamps as sexy as she is on her back and even on her arm.

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