Top 10 Hottest Nigerian Men


Nigeria is one of the most prestigious countries in Africa and it is full of rich history, talent, culture, authentic cuisines and drop dead gorgeous men. This article will place its focus on the 10 hottest Nigerian men in their different fields of expertise whether it is in business, the music industry or the film industry.

Flavor Nabania


This talented singer and dancer made his permanent mark in the music industry with his hit song ‘Ashawo’ and has been a darling to many ever since, the females especially. Some fans refer to him as the sexiest man who ever walked the face of the earth. He is very fashionable and his looks, swag and music have proven to us over and over again that he indeed is one of the hottest in Nigeria. You only need to watch him perform and how the ladies go wild when they see him to understand the kind of impact he has. Enough said!!

2 Peter and Paul Okoye


The very popular Nigerian musical twins, P Square have managed to steal our hearts with their perfect looks, ever amazing music and their well-coordinated voices and dance moves. They are the living definition of sexy without a doubt. They earned more recognition internationally after their hit collaborations with international superstars Rick Ross and Akon.

3 Davido


The dimpled and cheeky singer is sure a force to reckon with both musically and based on his looks. He is so pleasant to watch and look at especially when performing on stage. He has charmed his way up the charts and is among the best Nigerian musicians with his chart topping single ‘Aye’. He definitely is hot and his swag is non-comparable.

 4 Iyanya


The former West African Project Fame contestant and winner is known for his sexy looks, dance moves and songs. He is very smooth and stylish. He is well-known for his abs which are always left for our viewing on his videos and he sure knows how to keep us locked. He is extremely good looking, and indeed deserves a spot on this list of the hottest Nigerian Men.

D Banj


The award winning artist has all that it takes to qualify for this list. He is talented, business minded and good looking. What more could we possibly look for? He is loved by his fans and his current hit single ‘Bother you’ is madly rocking the airwaves and our hearts too.

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