10 Real Facts About Angel BBNaija’s Life Before Fame

Angel (Real Name: Angel Agnes Smith, age: 24 years old) is a Nigerian reality personality best known for participating in Big Brother Naija season 6 (Shine Ya Eye).

The most-watched African reality TV show, Big Brother Naija, ushered in a new season (shine Ya Eye) with twenty-two housemates on 25th July 2021. Of these participants, eleven were male, and eleven were female. Angel was the first female housemate to step into the house after the guys. Although she was the youngest housemate, she seemed to have one of the most interesting stories about her life before the house. Read on to discover some facts about BBNaija Angel that you probably never knew.

Summary of Angel Smith BBNaija’s Bio

  • Full Name: Angel Agnes Smith
  • Date of Birth: 13th February 2000
  • Age: 24 years old
  • State of Origin: Akwa Ibom 
  • Education: Marywood Girls’ College, Lagos
  • Occupation: Writer, Poet
  • Marital Status: Single

What To Know About BBNaija Angel Before the House

Angel is many things to different people, but you might excuse her for being the way she is after reading about her life story. Here’s all you should know about her background, career before BBNaija, and her road to stardom.

1. Angel BBNaija was born to a Teenage Mother 24 Years Ago

The 24year-old housemate was born on the 13th of February 2000 to a teenage mum. She revealed that her mum had her when she was about 16 years old, but she has not said anything about her father or siblings. Angel also revealed that her mum was not the first in her family to have a child at an early age as her grandmother and great-grandmother did too. She was born in Nigeria, but her mother is based in London. Although she is from the south-south region of the country, Akwa Ibom State, she spent a greater part of her life in Lagos State.

2. She Nursed Her Grandmother and was Often Frustrated with the Old Woman

She grew up with her grandmother. Although she was never at a particular place for too long, she stayed at her grandma’s during school breaks. Unfortunately, the old woman got sick with dementia, and the then 10-year-old Angel was made to nurse her. The little girl would lash out at the old woman when she felt frustrated, especially whenever her sick grandmother messed herself up because she could not use the restroom. However, as an adult, she now regrets her actions and still feels guilty for her grandma’s death even after many years. All the therapy sessions and efforts to make her feel otherwise have proved abortive.

3. She Dropped out of UNILAG and a Foundation School in London

Despite being a smart young lady, the big brother Naija housemate does not have a perfect academic record. She admits that after primary school, she attended one of the best secondary schools in Lagos State, Marywood Girls’ College, where she lived in the boarding house. Her senior school certificate examination result is her highest qualification, as she could not complete her university education.

She was supposed to attend a private university, but she refused because of the regulations and restrictions that students in private universities experience. Eventually, she got admission into the University of Lagos but schooled there for only two weeks, and she never attended lectures during this period. Her mother relocated her to London to attend a foundation school, but she equally dropped out.

4. Pressure from Her Mother and High Standard in Her Secondary School Made Her Hate Schooling

Angel’s dislike for schooling was fueled by the high standard of her high school. According to her, you need to score above 96 to get an ‘A’ grade and 60 for ‘C’ during high school. Because she did not have very high grades, the pressure from school and her mother, who expected more from her, affected her mentally. She equally said that she does not have a great relationship with her mother and other family members.

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5. She Became Depressed at the Age of 14

At age 14, the housemate fell into depression and started self-harming. She struggled with her mental health for years and always wondered what she was good at. She has fallen in and out of depression and has even attempted suicide. Her journey to self-discovery led her to the Big Brother Naija house, and she admits to be leaning a lot from the platform. More so, she hopes to become a movie producer and scriptwriter someday, and she believes Big Brother Naija will give her the momentum to pursue her aspiration.

6. She Lost Her Boyfriend in 2019

In 2019, Angel lost her boyfriend, and it affected her mentally, according to the revelation she made. However, she has managed to move on but is currently not in any relationship. She is open to relationships, but she is not ready to get married or have kids because she has a lot she needs to heal from.

7. Angel was a Freelance Writer Before Starring on BBNaija Season 6

Although she is not a graduate, the BBNaija Season 6 reality TV star is an intelligent young woman that has found her path in content creation. She loves to write, and she does poetry too. Angel started writing when she was 14. Later, she took up freelance writing gigs to hone her writing skills. She was working as a freelance writer before the Big Brother show. Also, she has written a few personal books.

8. Angel is a Feminist

Aside from writing, the TV star likes cinematography, and she is a feminist. She believes in girl power and cannot be intimidated by anyone. She preaches women empowerment and loves to support women. Other things she likes include reading, receiving gifts, traveling, clubbing, and eating amala (a major delicacy in the western part of Nigeria).

9. She Currently has 2 Piercings and 11 Tattoos 

Angel Smith also loves piercings and tattoos. She has three piercings; two on her ears and one on her nose. The tattoo lover has eleven tattoos on different parts of her body, including her lap, arm, back, neck, finger, hand, chest, and waist. Additionally, the jovial young lady has a unique fashion sense that often causes her to face many criticism and backlash.

10. People See BBNaija Angel Smith as Being Vulnerable

So far, Angel has made a good impression about herself in the house. She is perceived as fun, jovial and lovable by other BBNaija Season 6 housemates. They also see her as vulnerable because of her stories about her life before the house and her struggle with depression. For viewers, she has received both love and hate. Some people also feel pity for her because of her story. In all, she has proven to be a strong, smart young lady.

Since she got into the house, Angel Smith has been open to every housemate and has shared her story to whoever cares to listen generally and in private conversations. She is particularly concerned about mental health awareness because she has had to deal with it. Hopefully, she comes out even stronger after her stay in the house.


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