Toke Makinwa Biography and Facts About Her Failed Marriage to Husband Maje Ayida

Toke Makinwa (born 3 November 1984) is a Nigerian author, TV host, vlogger, lifestyle entrepreneur, actress and radio personality famous for hosting the Rhythm 93.7 FM show called The Morning Drive and for her YouTube vlog series Toke Moments. She got married to Maje Ayida in 2014 but they parted ways in 2017 due to infidelity issues.

Beauty, class, and brains, Toke Makinwa has hosted various television shows like 3 Live Chicks, Trending, and Moments and has ranked as one of the top five African hosts. She has over the years received various awards of excellence in the entertainment industry. Being an illustrious woman, she has signed various multi-million naira deals with top Nigerian brands. To date, she has been hosting multiple interesting shows and still serving her fans with the best that she is known for.

Profile Summary Of Toke Makinwa

  • Full Name: Toke Makinwa
  • Place of Birth: Lagos State, Nigeria
  • Date of Birth: March 11, 1984
  • Age: 40 years old
  • Nationality: Nigeria
  • State Of Origin: Ondo State
  • Ethnicity: Yoruba
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Marital Status: Divorced
  • Ex-husband: Maje Ayida
  • Parents: Late Mr. Caleb Ifemayowa (Father) And Late Mrs. Madupe Monica Makinwa (Mother)
  • Siblings: Ope Makinwa, Busayo Makinwa, and Femi Makinwa
  • Foster Parents: Chief and Mrs. Pius Akinyelure
  • Alma mater: University of Lagos
  • Occupation: Entrepreneur, Author, Radio Personality, TV Host, Vlogger

Toke Makinwa Is From Idanre L.G.A. Of Ondo State, Nigeria

Toke Makinwa is a 40-year-old lady born on November 3, 1984, at St. Nicholas Hospital Onikan, Lagos State. The radio personality is from Idanre Local Government Area, Ondo State, in the Southwestern part of Nigeria. She is of the Yoruba ethnicity, following her state of origin. Toke is the second child out of the four children birthed by Late Mr. Caleb Ifemayowa Makinwa and Late Mrs. Madupe Monica Makinwa. She resided in Abuja with her parents until their demise, making her move back to Lagos State to stay with her foster parents.

Toke was just eight years old when her parents got involved in the fire accident that claimed their lives. Though she was at a tender age, she could vividly remember the sound of her mum’s voice as she screamed while being burned by fire and with so much pain. She described it as a horrible incident for her though she could not understand what was going on during that period because she was only a child who barely knew sorrow. The memories she had of her parents were memories of love as she watched her father look at her mother with so much love passion each day.

According to her, her parents were strong Christians who took it as a duty to instill the knowledge of Christianity in them. Toke Makinwa expressed her feelings and the whole story from the incident in a book called On Becoming. After the death of her parents, she was taken in and raised by her foster parents, Chief. and Mrs. Pius Akinyelure. She grew alongside her siblings Ope Makinwa, Busayo Makinwa, and Femi Makinwa under the watch of their foster parents. Toke lost her elder sister Ope Makinwa around October 2021. Pieces of information about her other siblings are currently unavailable.

She is an Alumnus of The University of Lagos

Beauty accompanied with brains, though the radio personality met life’s challenges at a very tender stage in life, it did not deter her from pushing to make it to greatness in life. Toke Makinwa attended Federal Government Girls College, Oyo State, where she obtained her secondary education.

On completing her secondary education, she was admitted into the University of Lagos, where she completed her tertiary education. Currently, she is a Bachelor’s degree holder in English and Literature.

A Look Into Toke Makinwa’s Illustrious Career

Toke Makina is a definition of a complete package as she is versatile. Having studied English and Literature at the University, one can say that she chose the right career path as she kicked off as a co-host in the Morning Drive Show at 93.7F.M in 2010. Being someone who loves her career, she started a late-night talk show titled Rhythms of The Night in the same year. She featured as a host in the 2012 Most Beautiful Girl In Nigeria (MBGN) beauty pageant, aired live in Nigeria. Toke appeared as a co-host to Tosyn Bucknor and Oreka Godis on the Fly TV’s show titled 3 Live Chicks in 2012. She hosted the 2013 Future and City People Award and the 2014 Headies awards.

In January 2014, she was announced as the host of the Hip Hop World Magazine interview and talk series Trending. Toke became a co-host on the Ebony Life TVflagship show moments. She is also known for hosting various shows like The Voice, a reality talent show that helps people with music talents meet superstars who will help them discover their hidden talents in music. She co-hosted this show with Nancy Isime in 2021. Toke appeared as a co-host at the BBNaija Season 6 Grand finale. On October 16, 2021, she was announced to be the host of the popular Gulder Ultimate Search Season 12.

She Hosted Her YouTube Vlog Series, Toke Moments, in 2012

Toke Makinwa hosted her YouTube vlog series titled Toke Moments in 2012. In the vlog series, she takes her time to talk about several things ranging from health talks, motivational talks, relationship talks, and other random talks that are of great benefit to society. The vlog series has been running since its debut to date, with various topics being handled. Guests are also invited to discuss any topic that they have at hand. The series has recorded over 80,000 viewers.

Toke Is An Enterprenuer

Toke Makinwa is no doubt an illustrious woman who doesn’t settle for less. The media personality launched a handbag line in late 2017. She named her brand after her, which gave it the name Toke Makinwa Luxury (TM Luxury). The bags, which come in different colors, shapes, and sizes, are made from original crocodile hides. The bags are manufactured to serve its clients’ multiple purposes.

She also launched a worldwide skincare brand together with Buluwa Inc, a beauty developer based in California, the United States of America, in 2018. Glow by TM was manufactured to suit all skin types, giving a glowing result after its use, and is made for ladies. The partnership deal, which was worth about $2,000,000, came intending to produce creams with soothing body ingredients that won’t have side effects to give perfect skin to its users. The products under this brand include:

  • Glow by TM skin glow oil 120ml
  • Glow by TM whitening and firming serum 30ml
  • Glow by TM whitening night cream 60g
  • Glow by TM vitamin C B2 facial toner 30ml
  • Glow by TM knuckles, knee, and elbow whitening lotion 70ml
  • Glow by TM brightening day cream 60g
  • Glow by TM whitening body lotion 120ml

Toke Makinwa also has a beauty line which she branded after her name. The beauty line, which is known as TM Beauty by Toke Makinwa, deals in mascara, eyeliner, different colors of lip gloss, faux minx eyelashes, and makeup accessories.

She is Also An Author

Toke Makinwa wrote a book, On Becoming, which mainly talked about her life. The book she released on November 27, 2016, narrated what she passed through at her stages in life, starting from her childhood to when she divorced her husband due to infidelity. The book comprises 14 chapters and all touch on the different phases of life that she passed through.

The first four chapters were written about the horrific childhood experience that she had. She expressed her sorrow about the tragic death of her parents, leaving her with the trauma as she grew with her three siblings. In her book, she described her parents as staunch Christians who did not cease to embed the value of Christianity in her.

The fifth to the seventh chapter talked about her personal life before and after meeting her ex-husband, Maje. She wrote about how they met, the lovely time they spent together, the discoveries that she made about him, infidelity, breakups, apologies that were never meant, and many more. Toke also wrote about how she moved to London to have a fresh start, finding out about her husband’s son and returning to Nigeria when she couldn’t get over things.

From chapters eight to fourteen, she wrote about how she learned about her husband’s sex tape with his mistress and strived to live up to her standard, which led to her skin lightening. She narrated how she wanted to commit suicide, but God held her. Toke also wrote about how she had to forgive herself, her husband, and mistress and how she moved out of her marital home to get a new life. Finally, she hinted at her divorce from her husband.

The Radio Personality Has Also Featured In Movies 

Toke Makinwa, well-known in the entertainment industry, also features in some films in Nigeria. The radio personality made her acting debut in the movie industry in the comedy movie Makate Must Sell in 2019. She has also featured in other movies like Sugar Rush (2019), and Love is War (2019). Toke also appeared in the movie Omo Ghetto: The Saga, which was released in 2020. She is no doubt a full entertainment figure as she also features in the TV Series, The Smart Money Woman (2020).

Toke Makinwa Is A Brand Ambassador To Various Top Brands

Toke Makinwa is not just multi-talented but also a brand ambassador to various top brands in Nigeria. Having a large fan base, she fits in perfectly for the role of a brand ambassador. She became the brand ambassador of the United Africa Company of Nigeria together with Dan Foster, Dare Art Alade, and Osas Ighodaro in 2013. The radio personality signed a contract worth millions of naira with the famous Nestle Nigeria to become the new face of Maggi. She became the brand ambassador of Mecran Cosmetics in 2016. Toke is also the ambassador of Payporte and Ciroc. In 2019, she became the brand ambassador of the mobile telecommunication company Oppo.

She Met Her Ex-Husband At A Lagos Motor Boat Club

Before the love that the duo shared hit the rocks, Toke Makinwa and her ex-husband Maje Ayida were madly in love with each other and couldn’t hold it to themselves. The pair are known to have met at the Lagos Motor Boat Club’s New Year’s Eve Party held on the ney year eve of every year. The two fell head over heels in love with each other, and it did not take love before moving their desires to the next level. They started dating not too long after they met and had it all smooth and soft.

Maje, who was a fitness expert, got the heart of Toke into his hands that made her willing to give up anything to make him happy and make the relationship one that would last forever. Though their relationship started so rosy and cozy, it didn’t stay on the path as they experienced issues that almost separated them. According to her, their constant problems and distance made her want to walk out of the relationship most times, but she couldn’t. Though Maje was far from Toke, she still worked and hoped the relationship would work out. On her path, she taught that marriage would do justice to their steady issues as they would be together.

The Duo Got Married In A Private Wedding Held in 2014

Toke Makinwa

After dating for about eight years, the duo decided to exchange marital vows. Toke Makinwa and Maje Ayida got married on January 15, 2014, in a private wedding that took place in Lagos State High Court. The wedding was one that people never expected of following the publicity lifestyle, which Toke is known for. The wedding was graced by close friends and a few family members. Though it was a private wedding, Toke couldn’t hold it back as she announced it on her Instagram page.

Toke, on her path, explained that she chose to make the wedding a private one because she taught that her husband would not show up on the wedding day. Following her statements, her ex-husband has called off her wedding three consecutive times, and she was scared it would happen again, which made her reject the idea of making it public.

Their Union Ended 18 Months After Their Wedding

Toke Makinwa lived with her ex-husband for 18 months after their marriage before the infidelity issues, which led to their divorce, came up. The famous Nigerian blogger Stella Dimoko Korkus revealed the huge secret about Maje getting another woman pregnant, which sounded like a blow to the public. However, Maje has been in a relationship with Anita Solomon, a business coach, lawyer, and mediator, for about eight years, almost the same time he was with Toke.

The revelation caused an uproar following the type of personality Toke has. Nevertheless, the radio personality never commented on the news as she carried on with her daily activities like before. It was later made known to the public that Maje sent Anita to the United Kingdom to have their baby. All these came down hard on Toke and made the two live apart from November 8, 2015. Toke was fed up with Maje’s infidelity and pregnancy rumors and filed for divorce in March 2016.

She did so for the reasons of publicized infidelity and other issues that she could no longer condone. This caused an uproar on social media and made people support Toke’s decision to move on with her life. The divorce case lingered for several months before the judge passed the final judgment. On October 6, 2017, the case was dissolved at the Igbosere High Court in Lagos. The court found Maje Ayida guilty of adultery and emotional torture to Toke and ruled the case in her favor.

Toke Makinwa Wrote A Book To Let Maje Ayida’s Flaws Out 

Toke Makinwa, who kept mute and made no comments throughout the drama, decided to speak up through her book On Becoming. On the book’s release, Toke raised much dust online because of its contents, making the public rush the book. Following the shocking revelations made in the book, Toke was seen by the public in a different shade because the book’s contents were unimaginable.

Revelations about her ex-husband and All she went through in her marriage

She revealed that her sister-in-law warned her against getting married to her brother Maje Ayida, but she didn’t heed the advice because she was blinded by her love for him. On their part, her family never supported the marriage, but she still stood for love. She further stated that her ex-husband had once taken the step of divorcing her. According to her, he had finished typing the divorce letter in his mail but didn’t move on because their pastor stepped into the issue, and he had to delete the letter.

She talked about how she went out of her way to make her husband happy by making a sex tape with him. Toke revealed how her husband told her bluntly that he did not want to have children with her. The radio personality once got a sexually transmitted infection from her husband, which she had to treat with immediate effect. She made it known that her marital scandals made her lose her multi-million naira deal with a telecommunication company. It was also made known to the public that Maje Ayida had a child from another woman who was not Anita Solomon. She revealed that she found out through his mail, and she confronted him, which he did not deny.

These revelations made the book one of the best-selling books, mostly amongst her fans. Knowing that the book has become popular, the radio personality decided to embark on a book tour in some countries to promote the book. She embarked on the book tour in countries like the United Kingdom, South Africa, the United States of America, and some parts of Asia, and Nigeria.

Maje Ayida Sued His Ex-Wife Toke Makinwa Over Her Book On Becoming

Due to the book’s publicity, Maje also read the book, On Becoming, and couldn’t take the revelations about himself in the book. Unlike the majority of readers that stood on Toke’s side and gave her their support, he decided to take her to court following the revelations that she made about him in the book. He hired lawyers and sued his ex-wife on an N100 million lawsuit for defamation of character in February 2017.

Maje Ayida further claimed in the lawsuit that the book was filled with false information and lies against his personality. He stated that the book’s content was filled with lots of damaging remarks that made people look at him wrongly and have made him a laughing stock in the public since its release. Maje further demanded that Toke Makinwa stop the book from circulating and retrieve all the copies she had distributed. He demanded the books be handed over to be destroyed by him. He also stated that she should take back all the words in the book and give a full-page advert apologizing to him in three national newspapers or face the law.

The Outcome Of the Lawsuit Against Toke By Her Ex-husband

The case, which was taken to court, lingered for about two years before the final judgment was made. Maje Ayida won the case that he filed against Toke and was paid for damages. A report that Toke Makinwa has lost the defamation suit surfaced on November 12, 2020. The case was handled by the Lagos State High Court at Tafawa Belewa Square and was judged by Olukayode Ogunjobi. In the judgment passed by the court, the judge found Toke guilty of what she wrote on page 54, on lines 11-16, pages 83, line 1, which were defamatory and portrayed as a wrong notion against Maje’s personality.

In the court rulings, it found the contents in the pages defamatory after cautious contemplation of the proof before it. To compensate Maje, the court ruled that the sum of N1 million should be paid to Maje, and payments should be to any charity organization that he chooses. The court also banned Toke from producing more copies containing the defamatory words found on pages 54 and 83. However, she was given thirty days from the day that the court ruled the case to delete the defamatory words from the copies that are still in her possession, and failure to heed the demand from the court would attract more penalties.

Toke Makinwa Is Alleged To Be In A Relationship

After passing through a relationship that nearly tore her apart, Toke has been alleged to find love again. Though she has not confirmed it, reports say she is dating a London-based Itseikiri fitness expert and businessman named Tuoyo. She has been said to go on a baecation to Turkey in November 2020, where they spent quality time together. Throughout the baecation, she teased her fans with pictures of his legs and hands until they decided to make their complete picture clear to the public. The two have been spotted in places like Chelsea, London, spending quality time together and taking time to share their pictures on their social media handles.

However, others claim she is dating a wealthy Nigerian oil mogul Festus Fadeyi, the Chairman and Managing Director of Pan Ocean Oil Nigeria Limited. It has been alleged that he is the source of her luxurious lifestyle as she is always seen on vacations and shopping sprees. The oil mogul has been alleged to have acquired the latest brand new range rover worth N50 million, which Toke drives, and a building worth N260 million. However, in one of her posts on social media, she pointed out that all that she has acquired that God gave them to her.

Irrespective of the claims, Toke is seen to be living her life to the fullest. She is still hosting shows, opening her brands, bagging ambassadorial deals, embarking on expensive shopping sprees, and going on vacations.


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