Cute Abiola’s Biography and Net Worth

Cute Abiola (Real name: Abdulgafar Ahmad Oluwatoyin) is a 28-year-old famous Nigerian social media personality, actor, and comedian best known for his comedy skits which have earned him a net worth estimated at $150,000.

Skit-making is the third-largest entertainment industry in Nigeria and it has gone a long way to groom young talents like Oluwatoyin who have in turn inspired lives with their content. The few years he’s spent making comedy have earned him not just a massive following but a jaw-dropping net worth of roughly ₦69 million to go with. Get to know more about the young talent Cute Abiola who is also known as Lawyer Kunle.

What is the Full Name of Cute Abiola?

The skit maker’s real name is Abdulgafar Ahmad Oluwatoyin but he he is popularly known as Cute Abiola or Lawyer Kunle. Although not much has been revealed about his family background, it is said that he grew up with his parents who are fabric sellers. He is also reportedly the first and only child of his parents.


How Old Is Cute Abiola?

Cute Abiolawas born in Kwara, State, Ilorin, Nigeria, on the 28th of April, 1996, and he is currently 28 years old. He completed his primary and secondary school education in Kwara state. He is also said to have obtained an Ordinary National Diploma (OND), as well as a Higher National Diploma (HND) in Marketing from Krawa State Polytechnic in Ilorin.

Apparently, Cute Abiola spent most of his teenage years in his home state before relocating to the city of Lagos. The comedian said he left his parents at the age of 22 probably to pursue a career in acting –  a passion he nursed since childhood.

What was Cute Abiola’s Rank in the Navy?

Long after working in the entertainment industry, Cute Abiola joined the Nigerian Navy in 2018. He started off with the rank of Ordinary Seaman, which is the lowest rank of a ship’s deck crew in the Nigerian Navy. This is an entry-level position in the Nigerian Navy and it is similar to that of a Nigerian police recruit.


Meanwhile, Cute Abiola is currently no longer a Nigerian Navy personnel. The famous actor and skit maker designated as an OSCOMP in the Nigerian Navy left the branch of the Armed forces in November 2022 after receiving a series of punishments for flouting the armed forces’ social media policy.

Cute Abiola Has Been In the Entertainment Business Since 2015

Cute Abiola became a name to be reckoned with in the Nigerian entertainment industry in 2015, however, he’s been in the entertainment business long before that year. According to him, he started with stage drama in his secondary school years and had his first stage performance in 2010.


Abdulgafar became popular in 2015 after making a video where he talked about his support for Bisola Aiyeola – a reality TV star in the 2015 Big Brother Naija show. The video helped him gain much fame on social media, particularly his Instagram account which he officially launched the same year. Today, he has gained enormous fame working with top skit makers in Nigeria like Broda Shaggy and Mr. Macaroni.

By 2017, Cute Abila’s online comedy career was already making waves as his comedy skits uploaded on his Instagram page was getting huge traction. He was already enjoying the benefits of his fame when he joined the Nigerian Navy but his career with the Navy posed a huge obstacle to his comedy career.

His comedy career so far has seen him grab a few awards for himself. One such award is the 2019 MAYA Awards Africa for the Best Online Comedy Award.

What is Cute Abiola’s Net worth?

Cute Abiola’s net worth is estimated at $150,000 which is about ₦69 million. He earned much of his income from skit making although a small portion came from his salary as a navy Officer.


Before leaving the armed forces, Cute Abiola’s monthly salary for his rank as an OSCOMP ranged from ₦50,000 to ₦70,000. However, in 2019, he revealed that he sometimes made as much as ₦500,000 monthly from skit making. This is quite huge when compared to what he earned as a Naval Officer.

Abdulgafar also makes meaningful income from his new political office as Special Assistant to the Kwara state governor on Creative Industries. He is believed to earn between ₦130K to ₦165K as salary per month from his new appointment. This is, of course, huge enough to influence his financial stance as one of the richest comedians in Nigeria.

How Much Does Cute Abiola Make Online?

As a comedian, Cute Abiola makes his income from views on YouTube as well as his followers on Instagram. The young comedian makes money through Google AdSense, brand deals, merchandise, and sponsorships. His YouTube channel, Thecute Abiola, has roughly 367K subscribers with millions of views gathered from each of his numerous skits.

Aside from YouTube, Lawyer Kunle also makes meaningful income from his Instagram where he has over 5 million followers. Although the exact amount he makes from social media cannot be ascertained, comedians like him usually generate money from uploading sponsored posts, becoming an affiliate, creating their own products or service, and selling licenses for their photos or videos.

What Happened To Cute Abiola?

Cute Abiola, who is also known as Lawyer Kunle, announced on his verified Facebook account that the Chief of Naval Staff approved his exit from the branch of the armed forces. According to his post, he left the Nigerian Navy so he could have enough time to passionately pursue his dreams in the entertainment industry.

While appreciating the Chief of Naval Staff and senior colleagues for their contributions towards his career development, Abiola lauded also the Nigerian Navy for playing a role in finding his career path.

“I am still a part of the Nigerian Navy family, and I promise to continue positively representing the Nigerian Navy in Nigeria or abroad. I am proud to have served in such an institution as the Nigerian Navy,” He noted.

Prior to his departure from the Navy, Cute Abiola was popular for his several controversies with the Armed forces. In November 2021, he was detained and punished for violating the armed forces’ social media policy after posting a video of himself in a military uniform on social media to celebrate his birthday.

His announcement about leaving the Nigerian Navy came hours after Kwara State Governor, Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq, appointed him as his Special Assistant on Creative Industries.

Who Is Cute Abiola’s Wife?

28-year-old Cute Abiola is married to a fellow comedian, content creator, and influencer, Adeherself. The former Navy Officer married his wife, Kudirat Mosumola, on 28 May 2021 in a private ceremony that was held in Ogbomosho, Oyo State, Nigeria.


Not much is known bout Cute Abiola’s wife except that she hails from Oyo state and that she was born in the year 2000. The two got married after dating for a couple of years. Currently, their marriage of 3 years is yet to produce a child.


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