Broda Shaggi’s Biography – A look at the Life Story and Struggles of The Comedian

Broda Shaggi (Real Name: Samuel Animashaun Perry, born 6th July 1993, Age: 31 years old) is a multi-talented Nigerian comedian, actor, musician, and songwriter.

He is best known for his comedy skits on social media and his signature slang, “Any question of the day? Oya hit me.” He is an artist with a passion for arts in general, which has made him fit into any genre of art in the entertainment industry.

Broda Shaggi is from a poor background, but that did not prevent him from attaining higher levels. He loved creating artworks, but it didn’t bring food to the table. So, he ventured into comedy, acting, and music, which are more lucrative aspects of the arts. Hunger may have driven him to become a comedian, but he has always had it in him. This is why he can fit into any aspect of entertainment. Moreover, he loves making people laugh, and that is why he created the Broda Shaggi character.

Profile Summary of Broda Shaggi

  • Full Name: Samuel Animashaun Perry
  • Date of Birth: 6th July 1993
  • Place of Birth: Ikenne, Ogun State
  • Age: 31 years old
  • State of Origin: Sagamu, Ogun State
  • Education: Mayflower Junior School in Ikenne, Ogun State, Heritage Primary School, Ikenne, Ogun State, Birrel Avenue Senior High School, Lagos, and University of Lagos (UNILAG)
  • Occupation: Comedian, Songwriter, Musician, and Actor

Broda Shaggi’s Birth Name Is Samuel Animashaun Perry

Broda Shaggi was born on 6th July 1993 in Ikenne, Ogun State, Nigeria. He was born into a family of four, all boys, and he is the first. While his father was still alive, he started his primary education in Ogin State before his father’s death. But with his father’s demise, he could not continue schooling there, and so was enrolled in a more affordable school. The comedian revealed in an interview with Punch that his mother did not remarry after his father’s death. However, he relocated to Lagos State, which is where he grew up.

Shaggi’s father was a teacher at Mayflower Junior School in Ikene, Ogun State, where he taught theatre, dance, and music. Interestingly, it was the influence of the father that made Shaggy develop an interest in acting. At a young age, before the death of his father, he started interpreting character roles. This contributed to his ability to play any character role given to him.

Shaggi has always had the entertainment spirit in him, which helped him lead his classmates in cultural dance at school. He was also a member of the church choir while he was growing up. Because he loved and had a passion for drawing and visual art, he chose Creative Arts as his university career. Meanwhile, when the actor was in secondary school, he represented his school in a state art competition and won the prize of a hundred thousand Naira. However, he switched to acting when he realized that it was difficult to make money from artworks in Nigeria.

He is a University of Lagos Alumnus

Born in his state of origin, Shaggi started his primary school education at Mayflower Junior School in Ikenne, Ogun State. On account of his father’s death, he switched to Heritage Primary School, Ikenne, Ogun State. Later on, he relocated to Makoko in Lagos to stay with his aunt. He enrolled in Birrel Avenue Senior High School where he completed his secondary school education. Furthermore, he got his bachelor’s degree in Creative Arts in 2016 from UNILAG before going for his one year of compulsory National Youth Service in 2018.

Many people see the comedian as an uneducated man because of his Broda Shaggi character. With the character, he sounds like an illiterate, mixing the Yoruba language with pidgin. He plays the role of a tout that grew up in Mushin, Lagos State. These are the reasons why people think of him as an uneducated man. However, we have seen that behind this character is a graduate, an intelligent and passionate artiste who creates content to make people happy.

How He Became Known as Broda Shaggi

Although not recorded, the internet celebrity started doing comedy when he was in the university. He revealed in an interview that he started with the normal gentleman comedy, but that did not bring him any fame. Therefore, he decided to venture into Agbero style, which brought him the fame he is enjoying now. In the university, Shaggi started his comedy with stage plays and with the character of Inspector Perry. He then moved to Akani Ibadan, Lecturer Dele, before the character of Broda Shaggi. All the other characters did not buy him the kind of fame that he wants, but Broda Shaggi shot him into the spotlight.

The name “Broda Shaggi” is a product of an incident that happened at a mechanic shop in December 2017. The star unveiled in an interview that the name was coined to suit the character he met at a mechanic shop when repairing his car. Two friends were discussing, and one asked the other to buy something for him. The response, manner, and tone of the other guy inspired the character and name of Broda Shaggi. He jokingly sounded like an aggressive man in his reply. The discussion was in Yoruba language, accent, and tone, so he loved it so much that he adopted the character.

However, the star revealed that he started acting way before his Instagram comedy skits. He played minor roles in several Nollywood movies until his Broda Shaggi comedy brought him into the limelight. He starred in movies like Unfinished Business, Dear Mummy B, Ghetto Bred produced by Eniola Badmus in 2018, Namaste Wahala (2020), Aiyetoro Town (2019), Dwindle (2021), and Day of Destiny (2021).

Why He Chose a Career in Entertainment

The musician loved fine art, and he was into it for a while before switching his career. Doing what he loves brought him his first payment of a hundred thousand Naira. After school, he realized that artworks are not valued well in Nigeria, and because of hardship, people do not spend on them. The eye-opener pushed him into doing the second best thing he loved, which is acting. Broda now entered into the entertainment industry fully to make money, and he said in a private interview that it was hunger that drove him into the industry. He started little in the university before using his comedy skits to make money on Instagram. He said that he used acting to fend for himself while still in the university.

It is a fact that acting was not what he aspired to do in the university, but Shaggi revealed that acting had been his childhood dream. This dream has become a reality because he is doing it and is really good at it. His main reason for entering the entertainment industry was to use what he has to get what he wants. He is a good actor and comedian, so he decided to use his craft to make money and fame.

Broda Shaggi Is Also A Musician

In a more recent interview, Broda Shaggi revealed that he had loved Pasuma and K1 de Ultimate right from childhood. He loves music, especially the ones that have to do with his Yoruba culture. As a result, he ventured into music, releasing his EP album titled Fine Boy Agbero in 2020. He says that he enjoys music like acting and that his involvement in the music industry will not, in any way, affect his acting career.


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