Who is Olga Diyachenko, John Mikel Obi’s Wife?

Olga Diyachenko is a Russian model, entrepreneur, and businesswoman who became famous for being the wife of Nigerian professional footballer, John Mikel Obi.

Olga only gained wide popularity after she met Mikel Obi. The couple got married in 2015 and welcomed twin girls the same year. Meanwhile, there have been questions on whether the couple is actually married. Below is everything to know about the Russian woman and her family with Mikel.

Summary of Olga Diyachenko’s Bio

  • Full name: Olga Allegra Diyachenko
  • Nickname: Olga Diy
  • Gender: Female
  • Birthday: 10th November
  • Ethnicity: White
  • Nationality: Russian
  • Zodiac Sign: Pisces
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Religion: Christian
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Olga Diyachenko’s Husband: John Mikel Obi
  • Diyachenko’s Children: Twin girls (Ava and Mia)
  • Olga Diyachenko’s Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Diyachenko
  • Occupation: Model, Entreprenuer
  • Olga Diyachenko’s Net worth: $500,000
  • Famous for: Wife of Mikel Obi
  • Olga Diyachenko’s Instagram: olga_allegra
  • Twitter: @OlgaDyachenko

Olga Diyachenko is a Russian National

Olga was born into a financially stable Russian family. Her year of birth is not known but she celebrates her birthday every 10th of November. On her birthday in 2021, Mikel Obi took to his Instagram page to celebrate the mother of his kids. Alongside a photo of them, he put up some lines, reassuring her of his unfading love. There is no information on whether Olga has siblings or not.

Who is the father of Mikel Obi’s wife?

Olga’s father was a Russian billionaire and business tycoon whose net worth is estimated at 5 billion US dollars. Mr. Diyachenko died in January 2017 and her daughter Olga took to her Instagram to announce his death.

Posting a photo of her father carrying one of her twins, Olga wrote: We said our last goodbye to you today Daddy. You are not just an extraordinary man just as many think, you were a legendary man, father, friend, companion, husband, and grandpa. …I love you my rock, my life, my dad.

A couple of years after, Olga further shared on her Instagram a photo of herself with his late father and wrote: I miss you so so much, I miss our walks, I miss just lying down next to you, I miss you being alive.

The name of Olga’s mother is Irina Diyachenko and she was born on the 15th September 1955. She is currently 65 years old. Olga has a close relationship with her mother and does not fail to celebrate her on her birthdays.

Olga Diyachenko is a Model and Businesswoman

Olga graduated with BA Honors from Regent’s Business School and further attended Regent’s University London where she obtained a Master’s degree in Entrepreneurial Management. Immediately after her graduation, she took off her modeling career and has modeled for several top companies in Russia.

Even though she gained much more popularity after she met the Nigerian footballer, the Russian beauty queen has maintained relevance and good success in her modeling career. She also has other businesses she runs by the side.

Moreso, Olga is a sports enthusiast. She likes to keep fit by working out in the gym. However, in one of her posts, she revealed the reason for her skinny stature. According to the Russian woman, she does not eat once it is after 7 pm, and none of her foods contain gluten, carbs, or sugar. She stated that one cannot out-exercise a bad diet so it all goes down to the food we eat and a bit of genetics.

Olga Diyachenko and Mikel Obi Met in 2013 in London

Mikel Obi met Olga during his days in England with Chelsea, and that was shortly after his long-term relationship with former Nigerian Delta Soap Beauty Queen, Sandra Okagbue ended. Sandra Okagbue has subsequently dated Nigerian famous singer Flavour and is one of his baby mamas.

In a post she shared on her Instagram, the Russian queen explained how she met the Nigerian footballer. According to Olga, Mikel used to live in the same compound with her parents and it all started the day she went to drop off their key in Mikel’s flat. They had been neighbors for a good 5 years but never met or spoke to each other. So, there came this day that her parents were about to leave the apartment and asked her to go drop off the key in Mikel’s flat.

Although they first started as friends, Mikel Obi was very quick to fall in love with Olga and after a short while, they grew into lovers. At first, the duo kept their relationship private and away from social media, but after the arrival of their twin, it became public knowledge.

They Allegedly Got Married in 2015

The couple allegedly got married in a secret wedding ceremony in Olga’s home country, Russia. However, their marriage has remained unconfirmed given that none of them have ever shared any wedding photos or videos. While some claim that there was never a wedding between the two, others believe that they got married in a traditional way here in Nigeria, but there was nothing that shows proof of this claim.

Whatever the case may be, the fact is that the defensive midfielder has been living happily with the mother of his twins. He on many occasions publicly expresses affection for her. At one of the times, he boasted that his Russian queen is good at making Nigerian meals.

Olga and Mikel Have Two Children

The professional footballer and her Russian wife Olga share two lovely daughters; twins. They were born on 13th September 2015 in the UK and their names are Ava and Mia. They are currently 8 years old. Despite his tight schedule, Mikel Obi makes out time and does not fail to express his unconditional love for his family.

According to Mikel, seeing his twins grow up is breathless! The twins do not have any Igbo or Russian names because according to Olga, they are just citizens of the world. She said that they are yet to decide which tradition to follow, either Russia, Nigeria, or British where they are born.

Meanwhile, there are unconfirmed reports that Mikel fathered two other children with different women in the past. But, the identity of these children and their mothers has remained a secret.

The Couple Have Faced Divorce Rumors

In 2019, social media got flooded with the news that Mikel Obi’s marriage with Olga Diyachenko had hit the rocks. This was after the professional footballer quit the Turkish club, Trabzonspor. There came speculations that he quit the club because Olga don’t like Turkey and so threatened to quit the relationship if he remained at the club.

Olga recieved a lot of backlash for not being supportive of her husband’s career. In response, she slammed her Nigerian followers for finding joy in scattering peaceful homes. She expressed total disappointment at rumormongers who seemed so happy to publicize that all is not well with them.

Some of her lines are “…this says a lot about the majority of mine and Mikel’s followers, hate liking is your full-time job…”

However, at the end of the day, it appeared that all rumors peddled against them are completely false as they have continued to live together as one family.

Olga Has a Decent Social Media Presence

Olga Diyachenko is not just a model but a celebrity. Her popularity has grown since her marriage to the player. She has a decent social media presence and loves to share a lot of her life on her Instagram. You can catch Olga Diyachenko on Instagram via
@olga_allegra where she has 39k followers. On Twitter, her handle is @OlgaDyachenko.

Across all these platforms, her followers keep growing and she does it well by entertaining her fans with updates relating to her career, healthy eating, fitness tips, and family.


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