I Go Dye Biography and Net Worth

Francis Agoda whose stage name is I Go Dye (born on April 4, 1979, aged 45 years old) is a Nigerian stand-up comedian with a net worth of $7 million.

I Go Dye is a comedian whose creativity has kept him at the top for so long. His exceptional qualities can be traced back to his elementary school days as a member of the Junior Engineering Technical Society. Although he did not start out as a comedian, he has managed to carve a niche for himself in the entertainment industry. Here are interesting facts about him.

I Go Dye’s Biography Summary

  • Full Name: Francis Agoda
  • Nickname: I Go Dye
  • Gender: Male
  • Date of Birth: April 4, 1979
  • I Go Dye’s Age: 45 years old
  • Ethnicity: Niger-Delta
  • Nationality: Nigerian 
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Marital Status: Married
  • I Go Dye’s Wife: Stella Agoda
  • I Go Dye’s Net worth: $7 million
  • Famous for: Stand-up comedy
  • I Go Dye’s Instagram: @igodye_

I Go Dye Was Born And Raised In Delta State

The A-List comedian was born and raised in Abraka, Delta state, and has his roots there too. he had a humble childhood as he grew up in the rural area of Okpara water side with his grandmother. Young Francis Agoda attended primary school at Ighobadu primary school located in Warri Delta state and had his secondary education at the College of Commerce also in Warri.


He later attended Esisi College in Warri and spent a huge part of his adolescent life in Delta State. He was a special child with a unique personality and gift. As a child, he would passively make revelations about the future and had a kind of intuitive approach to everything.

How I Go Dye Left Engineering For Comedy

I Go Dye has always been a natural at lighting up a room with his funny personality. Growing up, comedy was a passion but was not first on his list of priorities. The young lad was rather focused on nursing his engineering skills, according to his parents’ wish. He belonged to the Junior Engineering Technical Society (JET) club, where he made different inventions.

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I Go Dye became an outstanding kid after he invented a hovercraft ship, a flying helicopter, electric solar table fan, among many other things. This talent of his drew lots of attention from the government and influential stakeholders, earning him a scholarship to study structural engineering at New York University.

However, on demonstrating his inventions on Delta State TV, his natural comic talent was amplified when his audience rather laughed all through the demonstration. Apparently, his body language, the way he talked, and his aura made people laugh all through. It did not come as a surprise to his parents when he declined the scholarship offer and pursued a career in comedy. It was a passion for him and also a means of addressing and projecting the challenges endured in rural areas.

I Go Dye’s Comedy Career Was A Success From Inception

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At the time I Go Dye went into comedy, it was not seen as a lucrative career, but he pursued it against all odds. Francis Agoda had changed his secondary school to Esisi College, Warri, where he officially took significant steps to build his career. He would join Delta Broadcasting Service DTV Top Show in 1991.

Together with his friend, I Go Save whom he met at school, he would present the popular program ‘Mock News’ every Saturday. The show was a massive hit and was warmly received by the public. Shortly after, he started getting gigs for stand-up comedy. He was performing at different events and shows and was getting paid for his job.

He adopted the stage name I Go Dye an informal oral representation of his surname ‘Agoda’. In 2000, he performed on the popular comedy show ‘Night of A Thousand Laughs’, and made a huge impact with his unparalleled rib-cracking skills. The show ushered in a new era in his career as he became nationally recognized and performed on other big shows within the country.

It was not long before he performed on international platforms. He has worked with different event promoters nationally and internationally and has toured different countries around the globe to perform.

I Go Dye Has Bagged So Many Awards And Recognition For His Creativity

One of I Go Dye’s first recognition was by Opa Williams, organizer of Night of a Thousand Laughs who tagged him as the most outstanding comedian to be featured on the show. For his contribution to the upliftment of Nigerian cultural and artistic values, he won the NIDOE-SPAIN Award.

Since his breakthrough in the industry, he has won so many awards, including TV People Golden Award (New York), African Best Comedian, Nigeria’s best comedian Award, and Best Creative Comedian In Africa, to mention a few.

The ace comedian is a United Nations Millennium Development Goals MDGs Ambassador and is showing his support to the international body towards achieving its objectives. He has performed on various notable platforms, including the MTV Africa Music Awards and other notable shows featured on international platforms.

What Is I Go Dye’s Net Worth And How Does He Make Money?

I Go Dye’s net worth is estimated at 7 million dollars which is about 3 billion nairas. The famous comedian earned his income mostly from his numerous gigs, adverts, and his affiliation with several international bodies like the UN. Among other entitlements, the talented comedian was honored with a customized vehicle when he was made a UN MDGs Ambassador.

I Go Dye has always sold out tickets for all his shows regardless of the fees. Some years back, it was reported that he charges up to one million nairas for a show and they are often sold out. We’re not forgetting his international tours with different event promoters which earn him millions of naira.

I Go Dye’s Houses and Cars

In 2017, the famous comedian did the noblest by gifting his mom a luxurious mansion worth millions of naira. According to him, it was his childhood dream. In 2019 he gifted his son a house which he called Golden Seal Castle, on his ninth birthday. He has other houses worth millions of naira.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, it was reported by some sources that he gave one of his multi-million naira mansions to the government to be used as an isolation center. He is also known for riding luxurious cars, including a 2015 Lamborghini Aventador, Toyota Tundra, Mercedes Benz AMG G63, and others.


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