Ozo BBNaija: 10 Fun Facts About The Former Contestant

Ozo (Full Name: Ozoemena Joseph Chukwu) is a Nigerian reality television star best known as one of the housemates in the fifth season of the Big Brother Naija (BBNaija).

Ozoemena is undoubtedly one of the contestants that made the fifth season of BBNaija, tagged Lockdown, fun to watch. His conduct, physical features, calm and humble nature attracted lots of fans to him within hours of his entry into Biggie’s house. He and 19 other housemates commenced the show on the 19th of July, 2020.

There were 5 male contestants at the BBNaija Lockdown edition. Still, Ozo seemed to get the most attention among them as many viewers (especially ladies) stayed seated in their seats while waiting to watch Ozo. There is surely more to Ozo than being a handsome contestant and the ladies’ favorite. Let’s take a closer look to see who Ozo really is and how successful he has been since the 5th edition of BBNaija in 2020.

Profile Summary of Ozo, BBNaija Season 5 Housemate

  • Full Name: Ozoemena Joseph Chukwu.
  • Date of birth: 4th of August, 1993
  • Age: 30 years old
  • Place of Birth: Imo State.
  • State of Origin: Imo State.
  • Education: The Kharkiv National University Of Radio Electronics, Ukraine (B.Sc, Economics, and Cybernetics), and Riga Technical University (M.Sc, Strategic Communication for Leadership, Communication and Media Studies).
  • Occupation: Economist, Consultant, HR Personnel, On-Air-Personality, and Entrepreneur
  • Number of Siblings: 3
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Hobbies: Analyzing football, playing music, and watching documentaries

Interesting Facts About Ozo

1. Ozo Hails from Imo State

Ozo, the winner of the Innoson car prize at the BBnaija Lockdown edition, is from Ihitte-Uboma L.G.A in Imo State, and by extension, he is Igbo by tribe. Imo State is one of the 5 South-Eastern States in Nigeria and is rich in culture, agriculture, and natural resources such as Crude Oil, Natural Gas, amongst others. Being one who is proud of his cultural heritage, Ozo always identifies with his people. Little wonder he got massive support from Imolites while in the house. Through the Special Adviser and Senior Special to the Governor on Entertainment, the Imo State government distributed recharge cards worth millions of naira to people so they can vote for him while in the BBNaija house.

2. He is the Only Male Child in His Well-lettered Family

Ozo doesn’t joke with his family as he often talks about them with so much love and admiration. He stated that his sisters are his closest friends and once described his younger sister as his favorite person in the world.

Born in Imo State to a family of highly skilled professionals, Ozo is the only male child born to his father, who is a doctor, and his mother, a professor. He has 3 other siblings who are all females. Two of his siblings are doctors toeing the path of their father, while one is a lawyer. They are all doing well in their respective fields of endeavor.

3. Ozo BBNaija Lockdown Housemate is also a Scholar

If there is anything remarkable about Ozo BBnaija, it is his academic prowess. Having completed his primary and secondary education in Nigeria, he jetted out to Ukraine to attend one of the oldest technological universities in the world – The Kharkiv National University Of Radio Electronics in Kharkiv. There, he graduated with a B.Sc in Economics and Cybernetics (First Class Honors Division) after completing his studies in 2014. He then furthered and obtained a Master of Science degree (M.Sc) in Business and Financial Management from the Rīgas Tehniskā Universitāte (Riga Technical University) in Latvia in 2018.

To further satiate his hunger for more knowledge, he enrolled in Biznesa Augstskola Turība (Turiba University), also in Latvia, in 2017. There, Ozo obtained an M.Sc in Strategic Communication for Leadership, Communication, and Media Studies. His high-flying nature isn’t unconnected to his family. Coming from an academic background, Ozo’s parents definitely showed him and his siblings how to excel in academics. Being successful themselves, their exemplary lives also rubbed off on Ozo and his siblings.

4. He has Gained Experience Working in Various Fields

You may want to wonder why Ozo takes education very seriously. Well, his portfolio explains that. There isn’t an iota of debt that Ozo is a seasoned professional who knows his onions. He has lots of work experience working in customer relations, sports administration, sports analysis, human resources, fashion, branding, and business financial management, amongst others.

In 2012, he was the Chief Operating Officer of a clothing brand known as Stemay CCXL3. He also worked with Enugu Rangers International Football Club and served as a high school teacher between November 2014 and October 2015 while doing his 1-year compulsory national youth service (NYSC). Back in March 2017, he was a scout for FS METTA/Latvijas Universitāte. A role that involved discovering young and talented football players for the club. He left this role in April (same year) and resumed 4 months later at Intelligent Systems, an international IT solutions firm, as a customer relations specialist. He left this company in December 2017.

From May 2018 to August 2018, Ozo worked for the Latvian Football Federation (LFF) as an academy analyst. This role was subsequently followed up with a role at Dream FM, Nigeria as a Sports analyst. Before entering the BBNaija show, his most recent job was at Dezern Nigeria as a Human Resource/Compliance Manager. A job that he started in January 2019. He has since left that position to focus on private practice in his own firm, amongst other businesses.

His biggest achievement so far is working with the UEFA Federation in Europe. The ex-BBNaija housemate who was evicted on the 63rd day of the show once worked with the UEFA Federation in Europe. This was during his time with the Latvian Football Federation (LFF). He stated that the job was one of his biggest achievements so far. He said he loved and enjoyed the job as it gave him a sense of pride. This is probably the reason why he remains a maestro in sports analysis. He learned from the masters. This is certainly no mean feat.

7. Amongst Other Things, Ozo BBNaija is a Quintessential Entrepreneur

Ozo is an entrepreneur with interest in diverse fields. His sojourn into entrepreneurship started when he launched his clothing line, Stemay CCXL3 clothing, in 2012. He has now branched out into other endeavors but still maintains his links to sports, entertainment, and fashion.

As an experienced consultant, Ozo launched Epiphany Management Company, a full-service PR and Management firm that supports, manages, and represents talented individuals in sports, entertainment, and business. This firm is also into Real Estate, technology, and fashion. With his experience, he is the brand manager of Juventus Academy, Nigeria.

Ozo is also an author and On-air-personality. He currently anchors a show, RewindWithOzo, every Wednesday at 4:30 WAT on Brila 88.9 FM. He is also the co-host of KOFShow on SuperSports channel 202 on DSTV. Ozo is a complete mix of entrepreneurship, sports, entertainment, and intellect.

5. Failure is Ozo’s Greatest Fear

It’s no surprise hearing that failure is BBNaija Ozo’s biggest fear. Many people actually fear becoming a failure, and Ozo, being an ambitious individual with goals, is not left out. The superstar says he isn’t close to where he ought to be in life. He had laid down goals and envisaged to be in a certain position, but life had a different say. He says he gropes with this fear daily and definitely doesn’t want to fail. But Ozo isn’t doing badly in life. Is he?

6. He Received a House as his 28th Birthday Present

The Superions, as Ozo’s fans are called, are highly fond of him. He, too, loves his fans so much. On his 28th birthday, which was on the 4th of August, 2021, the former BBNaija contestant was surprised with a key to a new house in the Lekki part of Lagos, a highbrow resident area of the state. A visible shock but ecstatic Ozo was initially left in awe of the intense love his fans have for him. He then accepted the gift and thanked his fans, who made that possible.

8. Ozo is Still Single and Dotes Nengi

Ozo is yet to tie the nuptial band. Though a ladies’ man, Ozo is yet to choose one as his bride. While in the Biggie house, Ozo had a thing for a fellow housemate Nengi who, on countless occasions, rejected his advances. He was also close to Dorathy Bachor (The first runner-up of the show), sparking gossips of a possible likeness towards her. But it was Nengi that he was all over. He even spoke about marrying her while in the house.

The show did not end Ozo’s attraction to the light-skinned Bayelsa-born beauty who later became a Special Adviser to the Bayelsa State Governor. Ozo still holds her in high regard and keeps speaking positively of her. On the other hand, Nengi said she is prepared to give him a chance. For now, it is obvious that Ozo is still single and has done well to stay out of controversies but whether he is willing to date Nengi or any other celebrity, as widely expected, is something only time will tell.

If he chooses to date Nengi and she accepts, it won’t be the first time a couple is emerging from the BBN show. In time past, we have seen the likes of Teddy A and Bambam, Gideoni and Khafi, and hopefully more to come. Will Ozo and Nengi be together? Well, only time will tell.

9. Ozo BBNaija is Remarkably Rich Compared to Other Season 5 Housemates

Despite coming from a well-to-do background, Ozo never depended on that but strived to make his own name. He’s into several businesses that have yielded positive returns for him. While in the BBNaija house, Ozo’s net worth was estimated by many media outlets to be around $10,000. BBNaija undoubtedly gave him a platform for growth.

After the show, Ozo’s stocks rose rapidly. He became an ambassador to several brands and even governments in Nigeria and beyond. As it stands today, Ozo is arguably one of the richest ex-BBNaija housemates. His image as a celebrity helped push his business to another level. As of June 2021, Ozo was worth $45,000, a whopping 450% increase in just one year. That’s truly exceptional.

Compared to some of his fellow BBNaija Lockdown Season 5 housemates, Ozo is not doing badly himself, with his net worth estimated around $45,000. Kiddwaya is reportedly worth about $100,000, Nengi is worth about $46 000, Vee is worth about $35,600, Dorathy is worth about $26,500, Wathoni is worth $7,500, and others. However, Laycon is the richest of all, with a net worth estimated to be $460,000 as of this writing.

This is, however, not to say that some of the housemates are doing badly in their respective endeavors. Like every other thing in life, people are individually gifted, and they attain different levels of success even when given the same opportunity, let alone when they already have a solid foundation and successful career to build their newfound fame upon. Like some of his BBN counterparts, Ozo leveraged BBN to further grow his career, and today he is reaping the benefits. Thus, there is a great disparity in their wealth levels when compared Ozo’s net worth to some of his fellow BBNaija Lockdown housemates. To some, he is tens of thousands of dollars richer than they are, while to others, their wealth humbles his.

10. Ozo Has a Large Social Media Following

He has a large following across various social media platforms. His official Instagram account, @officialozo_, currently has over 1.4 million followers and is growing steadily. On Twitter, where his handle is @ozo_chukwu, Ozo is not short of followers either as he has them in their tens of thousands who readily engage on his posts.

His fans, who call themselves the Superions, are very supportive. There is hardly anything he does without them showing love and support. He maintains this great relationship by ensuring they are not left out of his activities.

Ozo conducted himself well after his eviction from the BBNaija Lockdown (Season 5) show. He has kept a clean profile and has not been involved in any celebrity scandal. He still maintains cordial relationships with his fellow housemates and fans. The ex-BBnaija housemate seems to be concentrated on his business and brand image, and he is doing very well in those fields so far.


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