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There is no doubt, there is a tremendous increase in the rise of celebrities in Nigeria and indeed Africa. These mostly come from the entertainment industry. That notwithstanding, few who have earlier made a name still stands exceptional with their heads high above their pairs. One of these very few people is Linda Ikeji. Linda remains one of the most popular female celebrities, not only in Nigeria but in Africa. Her rise to fame and wealth through a profession that was least known and respected in Nigeria puzzles many, knowing her humble family background. But those who are close to her or have had close relationship with her knew she has got some great potentials that will take her places. This seems difficult to comprehend but truth be told, Linda made it all through blogging after trying her hands on several other jobs. there is no doubt that the popular infotainment blogger is recognised both home and abroad as one of the foremost bloggers in Africa. Her life is indeed an inspiration to numerous young ladies who struggle to make it in life. In fact in one of her speeches, she encouraged them to be diligent in whatever they find themselves doing.

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Who Exactly is Linda Ikeji? – Linda Ikeji Biography

Born on September 19, 1980, Linda became the second child of the Ikeji family who hails from Nkwerre local government area of Imo State, Nigeria.  The family were said to have a humble christian background. Linda Ikeji could be categorized as of of the numerous Nigerians that had struggled through life as a result of her parent’s financial instability. At the age of 10, Linda began to manifest her hobby in writing, she was determined to make it in life right from when she was still very young, she started struggling since she was 17 to support her family and herself. At the age of 18, Linda was already out of secondary school, she enrolled into the University of Lagos where she studied English Language. We can tell of her diligence and self confidence, poise and great presentation skills, high sense of dressing and most importantly, her beauty, she enrolled in a modelling firm while in school.

Though modelling was not well paying at that time, Linda saw modelling as a kind of job she could do to feed and help herself through school rather than engaging in jobs that will “take her dignity”. Of course, as a well brought up child in a catholic christian home, she was conscious of her actions against her creator. Few years after Blogger.com was launched in 1999 by Evan Williams and Mog Hourihan, Linda ventured into blogging, a profession she turned into her hobby.

Today, Linda is a self made multi millionaire who made her money without any form of corruption, dishonesty or deception as it’s common with a number of ladies nowadays.

Linda Ikeji Success Journey

As we already know, success story is not always a sweet story to the ears, Linda’s success story is not an exception.  Her “sudden rise into fame” as some would see it was never sudden, her journey was full of difficulties, financial instability and of course as a beautiful young girl, distractions. But its amazing how she struggled through with determination and focus. Trying her hands on different jobs ranging from modelling, ushering, fashion shows, she even at a point sold beer at a hotel just to make ends meet. By 2004, Linda was already through with her university education, she then ventured into journalism. Inspired by a television network called Silverbird and favorite color”Black” , Linda opened a modeling agency and event management outfit media company called Black Dove Communications. She started blogging in November 2006, this was a time when internet access was least pronounced in Nigeria and also the time when only few people blogged about their personal lives and their families. One could tell of her little beginnings as she is not tired of telling her story of how she used to borrow money sometimes to buy airtime to blog at the cyber cafe, and so began the new life of Linda Ikeji.

The Linda Ikeji Blog (LIB) Phenomenon

Since its inception first in 2006 and fully in 2007, Linda Ikeji blog has made a name all around the borders of African countries. Starting first as a gossip blog which was then the first of its kind in Nigeria, “LIB” has grown to become the centrepiece of entertainment covering News and events happening in and around Africa and even beyond, Lifestyle and fashion stories and lots more. Thousands trooped into her site on a daily basis for news, entertainment, celebrity gist, gossip and lots more. Nigerians abroad visit the site to have full details of what goes on in and around their country. (One wonders how she manages to get all her stories especially as she is not a journalist).  Now the 20th on Alexa ranking in Nigeria and 1,736 worldwide, Linda Ikeji blog is known as one of the the most active blogs in Nigeria. Linda’s blog now boasts of more than 750,000 followers on twitter, more than 36000 likes on Facebook and over 52000 followers on Instagram.

You can agree with me that her blog success was not achieved by sheer laziness and a trifling attitude. Linda’s 9 years journey in blogging has never been that smooth. She has been spanked severally by people who feels she is going too far in preying into their personal lives. One of the struck that almost crumbled her Blogging business was the alleged content theft saga which led to the removal of her blog site by google in 2014 but Linda saw it as an advantage to expand: she recruited journalists whose jobs will be to bring her more exclusive content for her Blog. Against all odds, Linda Ikeji’s blog still maintain it’s position at the top of all blogs in Nigeria. Through blogging, Linda has gathered for herself lots of wealth and fame and today lindaikeji.blogspot.com worth is in 7 figures, who knows how much it will be worth in the next few years?

Here are Linda Ikeji and sisters dancing themselves out after the plagiarism saga

Linda Ikeji’s Achievements

Linda inspiration

Considering how far she has gone in blogging and how much her hard work through blogging has paid her, one would expect that she will proudly flaunt wealth for everyone to see, but bearing in mind her past experiences, she still remains humble. Who could believe that the “little Linda Ikeji” would rise so great?  Even in her words “I never for once even thought that I could make money from blogging” revealed that she was astonished at her achievements through blogging. Linda has acquired for herself and her family a lot.

She has purchased two brand new cars; A 2008 Toyota Camry that she bought in 2011. She of late obtained an Infinity FX 35 SUV costing over N8 million.  She also acquired a multi-million 5-bedroom duplex for her parents in Surulere, Lagos and a a seven bedroom masterpiece that cost about N75 million.


One of her biggest achievements in life lies in her support for young girls between the age of 18-26 who have great business ideas and are willing to venture into entrepreneurship. In her project theme “I’d rather be self made, No thanks” Linda took a great step in realizing her dreams by giving out the total sum of #10,000,000 grant to start the project. She has also groomed her siblings in entrepreneurial businesses. Infact one of her siblings Laura Ikeji now has a fashion blog called heylauraikeji.blogspot.com. Less I forget , do you know you can also join others in enjoying Linda’s giveaway prices for just visiting her blog? That’s the spirit of a great achiever that we all hope to be part of soon. Care to know what Linda’s inspiration was? Watch the video of her conversation with Hiptv.

Linda Ikeji’s Love Life

You wonder what is happening to Linda’s love life? Well I believe that gorgeous young lady like her has to tread carefully less she fall into the swift hands of a free loader. Should we also say Linda is quite secretive? Oh well, sometime back, gossip had it that our popular model had a romantic relationship with a CoolFM presenter, Dan Foster. The Nigerian based American OAP who later disclosed this in an interview with the Punch Newspaper registered his regrets on how he treated her while they were yet together. Who knows, maybe this happened when Linda was still a nobody. Dan Foster who is now married, said he still tags Linda’s contact number on his phone despite how many times his wife deletes it from his phone.

More so,  gossip had it that she had romantic relationship  with a popular movie director and producer Aquilla Njamah which was meant to end in marriage. But according to topcelebritiesng.com, Aquilla made it clear that his relationship with Linda is just professional and nothing else. Meanwhile, the popular blogger Linda Ikeji has declared that she is single and still searching.  She also listed the qualities of the kind of man she hopes to marry. They include a man who has respect for women, willing to support her work and has a job. “He should have a job, not necessarily to support me financially,” Who knows, maybe Belema Meshack-Hart a popular blogger on tatafonaija.com fits in those qualities.

Linda ik

Linda Ikeji in the News

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