Aloma Isaac Junior Biography: Who Is Zicsaloma the Nigerian Comedian?

Aloma Isaac Junior (date of birth: 7 November 1991; Age: 33) also known as Zicsaloma is a multidimensional entertainer. He is a Nigerian singer and comedian known for the female character he portrays in his skits. 

Zicsaloma has built a very strong fanbase, especially in the Nigerian social media space due to his funny skits. He mostly uses Instagram and TikTok to release his comedy while also using different life stages to bring laughter to his audience. Also a talented singer, he participated in The Voice Nigeria in 2018 before he was evicted in the semifinals. He also auditioned for other singing competitions such as MTN Project, Nigerian Idol, and Glo Naija Sings.

Summary of Aloma Isaac Junior’s Bio 

  • Full Name: Aloma Isaac Junior
  • Nickname: Zicsaloma, Zics
  • Gender: Male
  • Date of birth: 7 November 1991
  • Aloma Isaac Junior’s Age: 33 years old
  • Ethnicity: Igbo
  • Nationality: Nigerian
  • Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Siblings: 4
  • Aloma Isaac Junior’s Net worth: $500,000 (₦213.2 million)
  • Famous for: Comedy skits
  • Aloma Isaac Junior’s Instagram: @zicsaloma
  • Twitter: @Zicsloma
  • Facebook: Aloma Isaac Junior

What is Aloma Isaac Junior’s State of Origin?

Aloma Isaac Junior’s state of origin is Abia State in southeastern Nigeria. However, he was born in Kaduna State in the northern part of the country on November 7, 1991. He is the fifth child of his parents and he shares a close bond with his mother. His father is a retired soldier. With respect to his education, he went to Sacred Heart Primary School before heading to Airforce Secondary School for his secondary education.

Subsequently, the comedian moved to Abia State where he attended Abia State University. There, he studied English and Literary Studies. Following his graduation, he went for his compulsory one-year NYSC service in the northern region.

Well, despite his being from Abia State, it is safe to say that Aloma is a man who has touched the different walls of several regions in the country – north, south, and west. He is presently based in Lagos State, the western part of the country.

How Did He Get his Stage Name – Zicsaloma?

As earlier stated, the Abia State native comedian was named Aloma Isaac at birth but took Zicsaloma as his stage name. He is also sometimes referred to as Mama Desperate.

His stage name “Zicsaloma” was coined from his birth name Isaac and Aloma. The “Zic” in the name is the last syllable of Isaac. On the other hand, his other pseudonym “Mama Desperate” is a popular name he uses in his comedy. Along the line, the name stuck and people began to identify with him as the character.

Away from his name, his comic character is his famous trademark. Aloma began using his mother’s clothes at home to create videos. It marked the beginning of the creation of his female character which is a major contributor to his fame.

Aloma Isaac Junior is a Former Lecturer

By the time Alooma graduated and started a one-year NYSC service, he served as a teacher at a school in Kaduna in 2017. Also, he revealed in an interview that he served at Kaduna State Polytechnic in 2018 and took a part-time job in private schools.

While he focused on teaching English at a secondary school, he also started a part-time lecturing job at the Kaduna Polytechnic. He would mostly start lecturing around 4 PM after a day’s job as a teacher.

Also, according to him, his time as a junior lecturer did not earn him much since junior lecturers were at the time paid about ₦100,000.

He is also a Gifted Singer and Auditioned for Several Talent Shows

At a very young age, Aloma discovered his talent in music and started to display it through his church choir at the age of 8. There was more in him to let the world see in terms of music. Hence, he opted for several talent shows. Some of the prominent ones include Project Fame, Glo Naija Sings, and Nigerian Idol. Among these, he only qualified for Nigerian Idol but his journey in the reality show did not go far.

Nevertheless, it was The Voice season 2 in 2018 that gave him prominence. He was on singer Waje’s team on the reality show and was able to make it to the quarterfinal before his eviction from the show.

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Aloma Isaac Junior Began His Comedy Career on Facebook in 2017

Zicsaloma’s journey into comedy can be described as an accidental one that began during his days as a lecturer. Prior to the time, he didn’t have plans to venture into that aspect of showbiz, choosing to focus on his music. His trajectory however changed when he tied his mother’s wrapper over his body and made a video.

He shared it on Facebook and it began to go viral. With this, there was a yearning for more from social media users. Shortly afterward, he started posting on Instagram. Regardless, Zicsaloma was not very consistent in creating and sharing content until 2020 during the lockdown caused by COVID-19. He also explored TikTok – a platform that became a turning point in his career.

Also, it was in 2020 that he decided to move to Lagos State where he resides at the time of this writing. At the earliest stage of his career, Aloma played both male and female comic characters. Yet, along the line, he realized that the female character was more popular with his fans and he stuck with it.

The Kaduna-born comic picks inspiration for his comedy by observing people, things, and situations in his environment. Apart from creating skits, Aloma is also a standup comedian. He has performed on several stages. Also, as a comedian, he has worked with the likes of Mr. Macaroni, Josh 2 Funny, and Broda Shaggi.

He is also an Actor with Several Titles to his Name

Although Aloma recorded that skit-making is more lucrative for him than being in Nollywood, it did not stop him from exploring the former. Instead, he is featured in the popular TV series,  Jenifa’s Diary. Also, he revealed that he has further featured in several other films. Yet, rather than playing his famous female character, he plays a male.

Aloma Isaac Junior’s Comedy Skits

  • The No1 Lier in Nigeria Ft. Ruth Kadiri
  • Mama Amazing Grace @50 Ft. Datwarrigirl
  • Born Again By Force
  • Give Me My Change Ft. Chinyere Wilfred
  • Iya Idowu The Hairstylist
  • The Pot of Jollof Rice with Queen Nwokoye/Mama Desperate
  • Fake Life Ft. Bimbo Ademoye
  • Types of Substitute Teachers in Nigeria
  • The Marriage Consummation
  • Best of Angelica – The Market Seller
  • How Judgment Day Would Be
  • Mama Desperate Gossip Gone Wrong
  • Chioma Chukwuka in a Hot Gossip with Mama Desperate


What is Zicsaloma’s Net Worth?

From comedy, skit making, brand influence, and real estate business, Zicsaloma’s net worth is an estimated $500,000 (₦213.2 million). According to him, skit-making even pays more than many Nollywood movies.

Zicsaloma has cited an instance of getting a sub-lead character in a Nollywood film that would pay him ₦150,000 and required him to be on set for about a month. Towards the same period, he got a standup comedy gig that paid him three times more.

At the earliest phase of his career, however, he was not paid as much. Instead, he received as little as ₦5,000 for adverts.

Presently, he charges a lot more than that amount. While the exact amount he charges for adverts remains tightly wrapped, he revealed that content creators such as Taaooma receive as much as ₦1.5 million for a commercial. Hence, it is not farfetched that he also makes close to that amount per commercial.

Zicsaloma’s content creation career has afforded him a duplex in Ajah, Lagos. This was years after he relocated to the bustling State and even lived in a one-room rented apartment.

More so, in a 2021 interview, he revealed that his career is lucrative and that it has also afforded him luxurious cars, including a Mercedes Benz SUV.

Is Zicsaloma Married?

Zicsaloma is not married at present. He’s also kept other details about his love life private. Yet, he opened up being in a relationship at a point in his life, but partly because of his career, the relationship lasted only a while before it broke.

Also, one of the relationships he was involved in ended because the woman he was dating at the time wanted more attention than he could afford at the time.


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