Who Is Denrele Edun? Biography of the Nigerian TV Host and Crossdresser

Denrele Edun popularly known as Denrele (born 3 June 1981, Age: 41 years old) is a famous Nigerian celebrity, actor, and TV host known for his eccentric fashion style and personality.

Usually termed crazy and over the top sometimes, Derenle says that he is just being himself. With a myriad of high-profile gigs and interviews he has conducted, including that of foreign celebrities like Beyonce, Tyler Perry, Amerie, and a host of others, his resume is impressive. In addition, he is an award-winning TV host and has bagged many awards for his influence in the Nigerian entertainment industry.

Profile Summary of Denrele Edun

  • Full name: Adenrele Oluwafemi Edun
  • Date of Birth: 13 June 1981
  • Age: 41 years old
  • Place of Birth: Hamburg, Germany
  • State of Origin: Ogun state
  • Nationality: Nigerian
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Education: University of Lagos, Nigeria
  • Occupation: TV personality, Actor
  • Years Active: 1995- present

Denrele Edun was Born in Hamburg, Germany, and has Mixed Ethnicity

Denrele, whose full name is Adenrele Oluwafemi Edun, was born on 13 June 1983 in Hamburg, Germany, to a Yoruba father and an Indian-Mauritius mum. He grew up in the place of his birth and relocated to Nigeria at the age of five. Denrele is the only son of his parents and has two sisters who are very dear to him, Aderonke and Jumoke. One of them, Aderonke Edun, happens to tow a very similar line as her older brother, but in reverse. She is a tomboy who loves to rock men’s wear to the chagrin of the public. While the other one, Jumoke, likes dressing glamorously. Asides from this, there are no further details about them.

Denrele has been known to have very long natural woolly hair, and most of us wondered why. Now we know that his long hair is made possible by his mixed bloodline from his maternal side. His mother “Anita Dhuwantee Atwaroo Edun” is an Indian-Mauritanian. Anita is very supportive of her son, and Denrele loves her in return, stating that she is his motivation and voice of reason. She lives in Dublin, and her son often comes around to visit her.

Edun and his Indian mom
Edun and his Indian mom (image source)

For his education, Denrele started primary school in Germany and completed it after returning to Nigeria. Afterward, he enrolled at St Gregory’s College, Ikoyi, where he finished secondary education. He proceeded to the University of Lagos and obtained his first degree in English Education.

Denrele Began His Career as a Dancer and Model

Denrele Edun began his TV career as an actor at age eleven when he acted the role of a presenter cum producer on Kiddievision 101 on NTA Network. As an undergraduate student of Lagos State University, Denrele started modeling. For some time, he served as a choreographer and a backup dancer for some notable celebrities. He was the lead dancer in The Iroko Band, managed by filmmaker Dr. Ola Balogun.

Subsequently, he worked as a backup dancer for LexyDoo, Ruggedman, Jazzman Olofin, 2Shotz, Lady Di, and others. Then, upon his graduation, he hooked a job as a television presenter with Sound city and found success in it. However, he was forced out, and he moved on to become one of Channel O’s VJs.

Edun in the movie Peppersoup
Edun in the movie Peppersoup (image source)

Denrele has met a handful of international celebrities in his line of duty, including Akon, Beyoncé Knowles, Tyler Perry, Lil’ Kim, Snoop Dogg, Cuba Gooding, Amerie, and Lloyd, all of whom he interviewed. Edun’s mastery of his art has won him many awards and nominations. Though involved with other engagements, Denrele Edun’s love for acting has not been completely kept aside. In 2014, alongside some A-list actors, he starred in the Nollywood movie Make a Move, and in January 2016, he was featured in Peppersoup.

He Has Bagged Some Awards

The Nigerian entertainer has been recognized and awarded for his works and contribution to the growth and development of the entertainment industry. Below are some of his awards

  • 2006/2007- Dynamix Award by the Best Youth TV Personality
  • 2007- The Future Award Best Producer
  • 2008- Dynamix Award by the Best Youth TV Personality
  • 2008- City People Awards by the Most Popular TV presenter in Nigeria
  • 2011- Nigeria Entertainment Awards Best TV Personality

The Truth About Denrele Edun’s Sexuality

Denrele Edun has been the source of quite a few controversies for quite a while. One of which is the question of his sexuality. Perhaps due to his feminine and flamboyant nature and many suggestive pictures of himself and his male companions, which he shares on social media, many people have wondered if he is homosexual. He once talked about the gay rumors trailing him in an interview, and without making any effort to dismiss the claims, he simply said,

I think people believe what they want to believe. You know, this can be a mystery. If people keep pondering on it, it will remain a mystery. If I give the answer now, una no go dey wonder about anything. Make una dey ponder dey go. 

However, a celebrity Psychiatrist, Maymunah Kadiri, who worked closely with him on the set of a movie in January 2016, disclosed that the eccentric media personality is neither gay nor suffering from any mental condition. Her words:

Denrele is a handsome young man who is very intelligent and passionate about his career. All you see is his prolific way of standing out of the crowd because he is destined to be ‪‎unique. Socially, he neither drinks alcohol nor smokes any psychoactive substances… and also, he is NOT Gay. So ‪‎keep calm and stop drinking Phensic for his headache.

Meanwhile, Denrele broke the internet when he came with the gist that he was getting married in 2014. Most people believed that the news was just one of his publicity stunts, even as some others wondered who the young man was set to wed. However, in April 2016, the entertainer said his wedding plans were not a trick and revealed that he still has plans to settle down when the time is right.

The Negative Criticisms from People Couldn’t Stop Him from Excelling in His Career

Denrele, in one of his interviews, revealed how he struggled at the outset of his modeling career to succeed despite people’s judgment and assessment of him. He was mocked and ridiculed by many because of his cross-dressing sense. According to him, he has been unreservedly rejected many times when he would beg brands and designers to model for them.

He added that people come upfront to insult him, so it doesn’t bother him to see people rain insult on him on social media because he had come a very long way. He was persistent and resilient and didn’t let people’s confrontations and mockery drift him from pursuing his career and succeeding. Apparently, Denrele Edun has built a decent career and database for himself, and today, he is one of the most successful media personalities and models in the country.


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