Who Is Maraji, What is Her Full Name and Is She Married?

Gloria Oloruntobi, who is also known as Maraji (born February 6, 1997, aged 27), is a Nigerian comedienne, skit maker, and social media influencer. She is married to Joshua Mensah, and they have a child together.

Maraji became famous for her skits which mostly feature her doing role plays as well as using different accents to amuse her audience. Her early days on social media featured her miming songs and lip-syncing songs before she assumed the pedestal she sits on today, which has made her quite famous. Here are important facts about her.

Summary of Maraji’s Biography

  • Full Name: Gloria Oloruntobi
  • Nickname: Maraji
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of Birth: February 6, 1997
  • Age: 27 years
  • Ethnicity: Edo
  • Nationality: Nigeria
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Husband: Joshua Mensah
  • Children: 1
  • Net Worth: Around N20 million
  • Famous for: Making Skits
  • Instagram: @maraji_

27 Year-Old Maraji is From Edo State

Maraji was born Gloria Oloruntobi on February 6, 1997, in Edo State. She grew up in Lagos and had her basic education there. She came from a family of six and has three siblings. However, there is no information about her parents or siblings.

But many reports confirm that her father was not aware she was into skit making, but that right from her school days, her mother was fully aware and also supported her. After secondary school, she proceeded to Covenant University, Ota, Ogun State, where she bagged a bachelor’s degree in International relations. While in school, she had a flair for music but was also keen on her studies.

Her Rise To Stardom Was By Chance

Maraji had no plans of being a popular celebrity. She was only an undergraduate who loved music and would lip-sync some of her favorite songs. She would post them on social media just for fun and would occasionally continue at that before she got noticed. Gloria was in her third year at the university when she became popular.

It happened that during school vacation, she was conversing with a friend with whom she discussed a new song released by Nicki Minaj. Maraji later did a lip-sync of the song and sent it to her friend, who found it amazing and asked her to upload it on social media.

The comedienne had thought it was a bad idea as she felt people would mock her. But her friend did the uploading of the video herself, a move that would launch Maraji into stardom. The video went viral and was massively shared across social media platforms and also got a lot of positive comments from people.

She is Excellent at Lip-Syncing 

Maraji was surprised, at first, by the reviews she got for the Nicki Minaj lip-sync video that her friend uploaded online. People not only commended her but pleaded with her to release more. This encouraged her to do more lip-sync videos alongside her friend. They were still in school at the time, but that did not deter them from releasing more videos.

More so, Maraji’s mother fully supported her and made sure she was able to balance her newfound passion with schoolwork. She went on to do another video of a newly released song titled ‘Sugar Baby’ by Reekado Banks. The video was so good that it was reposted by the artist himself.

This caused more traffic on Maraji’s page as many people started following her on Instagram. Maraji did another video of songs by stars like Skales, Korede Bello, and a few others. Many of these stars reposted the videos on their pages, making her more popular on social media.

Maraji has Gone from Lip-Sync Videos to Full-Blown Content Creation

Gloria saw that she was good at her craft and decided to incorporate other areas; this move led her to go into content creation. Apart from lip-syncing songs, she also started doing the same for popular comedy videos. It turned out that she had it in her all the while; she would make hilarious expressions that even seemed funnier than the original videos.

Maraji would also do role-plays in the videos; she would feature alone but play different characters, including a mother, daughter, husband, friend, pastor, etc. Some of her skits feature her playing different expressions of different people in a particular scenario. Making skits became a profession for her as the number of her followers continued to grow.

Today Maraji has over one million followers on Instagram and thousands of likes on each post or video she shares. She has earned a lot of recognition for her craft. In 2017 she was nominated for The Future Awards Africa. That same year, Maraji was also nominated for ‘Choice Instagrammer’ at Nigerian Teen Choice Award. She has been once nominated for Comedy Act of the Year at City People Music Awards.

She Now has a Net Worth of ₦20 Million

Maraji has a net worth estimated at around ₦20 million. She assumed this financial status from making skits and everything associated with it. Being a skit maker with a massive following on Instagram, she is also an influencer and does a lot of sponsored posts for companies.

According to reports, Maraji charges between ₦500 thousand to ₦1 million per sponsored post, and she gets a lot of them too. It is safe to say that the skit maker is swimming in millions because she also has a YouTube channel, Maraji’s World, where she posts many of her videos.

The channel, with over 500 thousand subscribers, garners millions of views on her videos and also generates over a hundred dollars monthly. Maraji also has another popular account on musical.ly. She posts tons of lip-syn videos on the account and also has a huge following on there.

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Who Is Maraji’s Husband?

Gloria Oloruntobi is married to Joshua Mensah. They got married in 2021 and have a child together. Maraji got people prying into her private life years back when she revealed she was pregnant in one of her videos. Many quizzed about the father of her unborn child from then on.

Maraji’s husband, Joshua Mensah, is a Ghanaian mobile filmmaker, Youtuber, and CEO of a film company called Moment Pro. The couple met a few years back after working together on a project. They became friends afterward and soon started a romantic relationship. However, Mr. Mensah broke up with Maraji shortly after, leaving her heartbroken.

It is recalled that the skit maker made a video where she broke down in tears as she narrated how she was dumped by her boyfriend. But it seemed they reconciled their differences later on, as they got married in 2021. Maraji shared photos of their private wedding ceremony that year. She has since moved to Ghana to join her husband.


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