Who is Akpororo and What is His Net Worth?

Akpororo (Real Name: Bowoto Jephthah Oluwatiseyifumi Tanimola, born 3 October 1989) is a Nigerian stand-up comedian, singer, and actor best known for his comedy style which involves a blend of secular and church-related jokes. Thanks to his successful career, he has an estimated net worth of $4 million.

Judging by his net worth, Akpororo rightfully stands tall as one of the most successful comedians in the entertainment industry of Nigeria. He is also one of those who have transformed the industry to be an opportunity ground for many talented newbies. Having risen to fame from the platform other comedians created, one can’t help but appreciate all that Akpororo has done in the industry.

Biography and Profile Summary of Akpororo 

  • Full name: Bowoto Jephthah Oluwatiseyifumi Tanimola
  • Date of birth: October 3, 1989
  • Place of birth: Warri, Delta State
  • Age: 34 years old
  • Education: Lagos State University
  • Occupation: Comedian, actor, singer, MC, and TV presenter
  • Net worth: $4 million
  • Marital status: Married
  • Spouse: Josephine Ijeoma Abraham
  • Children: 3

Hunger Pushed Akpororo into Comedy 

Akpororro, whose real name is Jephthah Oluwatiseyifunmi Tanimola Bowoto, is a famous comedian in the Nigerian comedy industry. He was born on 3rd July 1989 (aged 35) in Warri, Delta State, to parents who are indigenes of Ilaje in Ondo State. He completed both primary and secondary school in Delta State before proceeding to Lagos State University, where he studied Sociology. Not much is available publicly about Akpororo’s parents and siblings. This could be a result of his insistence on keeping matters concerning his family life private.

As we have come to learn, life wasn’t easy for the famous comedian while growing up. In an interview, he was asked if Lagos brought out the comic part of him. However, Akpororo revealed it was hunger that pushed him into comedy, as he had to find something to use and fend for himself. Before then, people had always told him how funny he is, but he never considered it a talent or a skill though he casually made comical performances where he would dance and sing but never had an ambition in entertainment.

According to Akpororo, the first person who employed him to perform was supposed to pay him N1000 but ended up paying N600 and never completed the balance. He also never wanted to leave Warri, but his mother convinced him to relocate to Lagos and live with her brother. 

He Got Famous with Laff Jam and AY Live Comedy Shows

The comedy stage god began his journey in the entertainment industry as a comedian after he won the National Comedy Challenge for the Calabar Zone in 2008, sponsored by Opa William. This achievement placed him among the popular upcoming comedians of that time and inspired him to aim higher. 

With a heart filled with the zeal to succeed and a brain filled with talent, he moved to Lagos in 2009, where he mounted the stage twice at AY’s popular Mic Challenge. He ended up emerging as the second and overall winner of the competition. This moved him from the position of an upcoming comedian to the big stage as a famous comedian.

Remaining in the limelight after such a big win is usually a problem too common with comedians. However, the reverse was the case for Akpororo as he attained one career milestone after another, thrilling his audience and building a fan base. His performance at Basketmouth’s “Laff and Jam” and AY’s “AY Live” was said to be the most outstanding of his performances at the beginning of his career.

Akpororo took his comedy performance to the next level in 2014 when he hosted his Akpororo Vs. Akpororo comedy series, which consisted of church-related and secular comedies, which he is popularly known for. The show, which took place at the Shell House MUSON Centre, Lagos State, attracted many popular comedians, celebrities of different industries, and fans from within and outside Lagos. 

About his jokes, Akpororo affirmed that his upbringing as a church boy, as he puts it, influences his jokes. He also noted that he could tell jokes about mentally unstable persons because he has once attended to them and has been able to study them. Being able to mix reality with creativity has been one of the things that makes him outstanding in the industry. 

Akpororo is More than a Comedian

Like many other entertainers in the Nigerian entertainment circle, be it, actors, actresses, musicians, and also comedians, Akpororo has shown that he is not just capable of only cracking up peoples ribs with jokes but can also assume characters in movies, sing, and dance.

  • He Has Acted in Some Movies

Asides from being one of the finest in Nigeria’s comedy industry, the versatile comedian has explored his acting talent by appearing in movies. His stunning performance in one of the movies (Headgone) earned him three nominations at the Golden Icons Academy Movie Award in 2015. The other movie he has starred in is titled Antique.

  • Akpororo Sings Gospel Music

Before becoming a superstar comedian, he was initially performing as a local gospel singer. Even though he seemed to have left gospel music for a very long time, he seems to have gone back to singing, as he began to drop different gospel music. Some of his songs include “Elijah Big God,” “Am His Son,” “Turn Around Emmanuel,” “Thank am oh,” etc.

  • The Comedian Has a Dance Group

To crown his entertainer title, he is a dancer and has a dance group. He mostly used the dance group for organizing the Ojo Mega Praise Jam which is an annual Christian music event.

  • He works as a Master of Ceremonies and TV Presenter

Akpororo also works as a master of ceremonies and has been seeing MCing several high-class events, which suggests it costs a lot to hire his services as an MC. In addition, Akpororo also works as a TV presenter.

Akpororo Has Accumulated About $4 Million in Net Worth

With a mansion located at Okokomaiko, his cars, other investments, and a net worth of $4million both in assets and money, Akpororo stands tall as one of the most successful Nigerian celebrities not just in the comedy sector but in the whole entertainment industry. Though he became famous and rich through comedy, Akpororo has diversified his income sources to also include brand endorsements.

He Also Earns Money from Brand Endorsements

To add to his success, Akpororo has bagged some endorsement deals that he has used to fatten up his wealth and also put him in a position to use his voice as a cause for good. He is also a human rights ambassador for Okokomaiko where he currently lives. 

  • Airtel Ambassador

One of his endorsement deals includes a 2-year deal as the ambassador for the telecommunication giant Airtel in 2015. Though details of how much he pocketed from the deal are not publicly available, the comedian saidI will say the pay is good. That kind that runs down your battery due to bank alerts. You can imagine it.”

  • FIL Ambassador

an ambassador to  Fedan Investment Limited (FIL), an ICT and mobile phone accessory company. FIL is a mobile phone accessories company with its headquarters in Alaba international market, Lagos Nigeria. Speaking after the signing, the comedian expressed optimism that he will work hard to project the image of the company on his various social media handles.


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