Yahoo-Yahoo Rituals: Lady Bleeds Uncontrollably After Sleeping With Fraudster Boyfriend


There is an Igbo adage which says that the death that will kill a puppy will not allow it perceive the smell of excreta. This has proven to be the case with some young ladies who in a bid to move into the circle of so-called ‘big girls’, walk into their own graves with their eyes wide open.

A twitter user @DijiaderoGba has narrated the ugly experience (with pictures) of a lady living close to his house who has been bleeding from her privates without control after following her ‘yahoo yahoo’ boyfriend to Ibadan.

Read the story below:

“A girl living close to my house has been bleeding from her private part since morning. Friends said, she followed her Yahoo boyfriend to IB on Tues.

“Came back on thursday & fell ill, today (morning) she started bleeding. She said her bf gave her a coconut & palmwine to drink on Tues night.

“Y’all gotta be very careful. Yahoo guys are using friends, gfs, family members etc to make this money. I feel pity for this girl, so sad.

“I don’t know if some girls are just naturally greedy or gullible. These things happen every time & they hear bout it but then, dey cont.

“These guys are spiritual, they spend illegal money & confidently tell you “I be Yahoo guy, Wetin you wan do’… Yahoo Yahoo is now a norm.

“I have heard a lot about incidents. Even guys need to be very careful cus these Yahoo guys are ready to use anybody (even family members).

“Sad part is, some of these girls know about their bf’s Yahoo Yahoo game but being greed won’t allow them think straight. Love of money!”

It is really so sad that even after many stories similar this have made rounds at different times, greedy and gullible girls keep falling prey to these ritualists.

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‘Yahoo Yahoo’ as it was commonly called in Nigeria at the onset was a form of online fraud through which many young men made millions. However, with the passage of time and the influx of many desperate young boys into the ‘industry’, the business has evolved to what is now referred as ‘yahoo plus plus’.

Exposing the modus operandi of the ‘yahoo plus plus’ guys, a Twitter user, @Khay_Gold, narrated how he met some his old friends during the Christmas period last year. He said he saw his mates were living extravagantly so in an attempt to find out what they did for a living, to see if he could also be part of the hustle, he hooked up with one of them who then told him that what they were actually doing for money – yahoo plus plus.

Below are his tweets:

“I just feel like sharing this….. If any man has an ear, let him hear. Revelation 13:9. Too many times people make excuses for being wit som1 cos they are comfortable with who they’re with or cos they’re tired of being single. I can vouch for it that soul ties are real. Dating & physical ties are much more than matter of the heart. They are a matter of d soul&spirit.

“Last year December, I travelled to ……. met with some of my very old friends. Yea, they are looking real good, expensive cars, nice outfits, spending anyhow….Funny thing… they told me to meet them in one of the most expensive hotels. So we could talk better about life and all that.

“We were all happy to see each other. Sat down, we started gisting and one of them said…you can order for whatever you want…Food, wine, anything, & ti oba je omo germo lofe, won wa ni bi owo okin shey problem” I actually didn’t understand the omo germo part…

“After a while, I decided to leave, we exchanged contacts. One was my very close friend when in school. So I fixed another date with him.

“I was like, khay…you are lazy, your friends are big boys and you are here still hustling. I was a little bit down. Thank God for God. I’ll like to tell you this, comparing yourself to others will only prevent you from happiness. Just work hard and trust God.

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“I was so curious about what these guys do for a living. I don’t have to be quiet, who knows, a great deal might come out, I said to myself…a better job offer or business. Well, I met with that my friend a day to Christmas I think…I started asking him questions….life in general, family, what they all do for a living. We were close in school, so I was very free with him…And then silence came….hmm, khay, what do you do in Abuja, omo mummy ni e, o le lemi nkan ti an se (u’re mums pet, u can’t do what they do).

“I was so scared. This kinda thing almost put me into trouble wen in school. Sometimes, if they tell u what they do, they might lure u into it. Well, to cut it short, he told me these guys are into yahoo plus plus plus. Can’t even remember how many plus. #Deepsigh.

“Now…this is why I’m tweeting this. Not only for the ladies, guys too should be very careful these days PLEASE.

“He said their own plus isn’t just with a laptop. D logic is simple.They sleep wit girls to take their star/fortune & leave dem struggling all their lives
This is too deep. Too spiritual. Too bad. In a country, where you’re still struggling even with your stars intact. #Deepsigh. No wonder the Bible says in Jeremiah 17:9, that the heart is deceitful above all things, AND DESPERATELY WICKED: who can know it?”

Be careful who you’re sleeping with all because of money to buy a new phone, bag, shoes, etc.That which is sweet could be poisonous. A word is enough for the wise.