Worst City For Drivers: Lagos Ranked 3rd In The World


Nigeria’s commercial hub, Lagos has been named the third worst city for drivers in the world, with 60 percent congestion rate and 10.70 mph average speed.

Dusseldorf, Germany was ranked the best city for drivers, with 20 percent congestion, and 21.20 mph average speed, according to Forbes.

On the other hand, Kolkata, India was ranked the worst city for drivers with 69% congestion and 11.20 mph average speed. In second place is Karachi, Pakistan with 59 percent congestion, 11.20mph average speed and then Lagos (the only African city that appeared on the list) ranked third.

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According to the study, cities with the angriest drivers in the world are Bordeaux, France and Helsinki, Finland, while the calmest can be found in St. Petersburg, Russia and Bogota, Colombia.

The comprehensive study conducted by the German auto parts retailer kfzteile24 analysed 100 international cities and concluded its findings after considering the following:

  • An analysis of local congestion levels
  • An average cost of parking and fuel
  • Average roadway speeds
  • Air pollution levels
  • Number of traffic injuries
  • Road quality

Worst City For Drivers

Also considered ­– and what should seem like a no-brainer to international travellers – is the frequency and perception of road rage.

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10 best cities in the world for motorists:

  1. Dusseldorf, Germany: 20% congestion, 21.20 mph average speed
  2. Dubai, UAE: 26% congestion, 31.70 mph average speed
  3. Zurich, Switzerland: 31% congestion, 25.50 mph average speed
  4. Tokyo, Japan: 26% congestion, 30.50 mph average speed
  5. Basel, Switzerland: 27% congestion, 17.50 mph average speed
  6. Singapore, Singapore: 38% congestion, 32.40 mph average speed
  7. Dortmund, Germany: 23% congestion, 19.90 mph average speed
  8. Vienna, Austria: 31% congestion, 28.00 mph average speed
  9. Munich, Germany: 30% congestion, 27.40 mph average speed
  10. Calgary, Canada: 20% congestion, 26.80 mph average speed

10 worst cities in the world for motorists:

  1. Kolkata, India: 69% congestion, 11.20 mph average speed
  2. Karachi, Pakistan: 59% congestion, 11.20 mph average speed
  3. Lagos, Nigeria: 60% congestion, 10.70 mph average speed
  4. Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia: 65% congestion, 21.80 mph average speed
  5. Mumbai, India: 67% congestion, 8.10 mph average speed
  6. Bangalore, India: 64% congestion, 18.70 mph average speed
  7. Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam: 64% congestion, 14.90 mph average speed
  8. Bogota, Colombia: 48% congestion, 12.50 mph average speed
  9. Mexico City, Mexico: 66% congestion, 17.50 mph average speed
  10. Istanbul, Turkey: 49% congestion, 11.80 mph average speed

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“Poor urban planning or a lack of civil education can make driving the most stressful experience of somebody’s day,” Thomas Kloubert, CMO of kfzteile24 said in a statement.

The researchers hope that the study will act as a catalyst for those cities in the negative end of the ranking to invest in safer, cleaner and more efficient roads, and consider how methods adopted by higher scoring cities can be utilized in their own locations.

Kfzteile24 said the aim of the study was to enrich debate about modern mobility and encourage cities to learn from positive urban engagement and legislation.

The 2017 ‘Global Liveability Report’ by The Economist’s Intelligence Unit had earlier ranked Lagos State as the second world’s least liveable city behind Damascus.

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The report premised on the criteria of stability, healthcare, culture and environment, education and infrastructure rated Lagos at 36 percent with stability, pegged at 10 percent; health care, 37.5 percent; culture and environment, 53.5 percent; education, 33.3 percent and infrastructure, 46.4 percent.

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