These Naked Women Are Protesting Facebook’s Nudity Policy

As a campaign against Facebook’s nudity policy, thirty women, covered only with tape, posed naked in a photoshoot to defy Facebook.

After posting artistic and strategically covered nude pictures that violated the social media’s nudity policy, Trina Cary, a photographer specializing in nude self-portraits, continually got banned or pulled from Facebook.

Trina received a notification from the social media company telling her that she had been banned from Facebook for seven days due to ‘inappropriate content’.

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An outraged Trina said she used that anger as motivation and decided to stage a protest. She posted a callout on Facebook, inviting women to join her for a nude photoshoot.

When she initially put out the call for women to join her, she was surprised by the immediate response and turnout. Cary said she was looking for only three women, yet her mail was flooded with women she had never even met who wanted to take part in the shoot.


The women who responded headed to a stark rock quarry in Kelowna, Canada, to strip down entirely nude – apart from ‘censored’ tape covering their breasts and pubic areas.

Trina who believes that she is meant to be ‘baring it all to the world’ and still feeling beautiful, explains that the message of the photo shoot is simple: it’s a big f*** you to Facebook’s community standards, and to the people who keep reporting her photos.

She adds that these naked photos are the images people should see, the images your children should look at. In her words:

“Don’t you want your daughter to see a photo of you standing strong and confident, embracing your flaws and laughing with a bunch of women?

“I understand there are the haters out there who don’t believe you have to be naked to be empowered and to each their own.”


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The women say they are real, strong, proud, confident, and beautiful women who had different reasons for being there, the most common being the need to face their insecurities about their body and build confidence.