Nigerian Rapper, Eva Debuts TV Series


Nigerian rapper and songwriter, Eva Alordiah, is set to venture into other forms of arts. The singer cum makeup artiste has been releasing glimpses of her makeup artistry on the internet and is ready to launch her makeup TV show, which she calls “111 Women of Colour.” According to the 26-year old entertainer, her purpose of creating the show is to educate Nigerian woman in the beautiful art of makeup.

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‘It has always been my dream to teach every Nigerian woman the Beautiful Art of Makeup, as I believe every girl should be equipped with the proper skills and in depth knowledge of the arts‘ she said.


As a woman of colour, Eva was inspired to name her show after her skin in relation to the number of participants that would be featured on the show. She intends to train one hundred and eleven (111) women of colour, by giving them makeup tips, beauty etiquette which would also come with a complete makeover by her gifted hands.

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Eva also address the rumour that has been flying in the air. Some concerned fans are thinking that this switch is an indirect way the diva intends to quit music. However, she says no to that, as she is a diverse artiste and makeup is also a huge form of entertainment. She also talked about the release of her anthology which is a collection of short stories by the creative writer.

Eva addressed that rumor with a self-written note.

“‘Hey You,

“I have been wanting to write you for some time now, and while I sit here, waiting to board a flight to Abuja, I have finally found some time to squeeze a few words in. How are you? Hope you had a wonderful Easter? I spent mine with family and the holiday seemed a tad too short I must say. Now let’s get to the real shit!”


“When I said ‘Eva Alordiah live 1′ was my last show as a music artiste, what I meant to say was I’m ending that chapter where I played out the role of just being a music artiste and beginning a new, even more fulfilling one as an all encompassing Creative Artiste.”

“I am sure it will gladden your heart to know that my first book which is a collection of short stories will be released with my debut album 1960 and there is something about April 10, 2016. Ok I have said enough now. I hope to write you again. Please write me back!”