Woman Smuggles Child In Hand Luggage Aboard Flight


A woman who flew into Paris from Istanbul this week on Air France flight was found to have hidden a four-year-old girl in a bag on the plane.

The lady, whose identity was not revealed, was arrested upon arrival at the Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport on Monday.

Air France press office said the child, travelling without a ticket, was discovered on board the flight on Monday night “hidden inside a bag.”

After spotting the child coming out of the bag, passengers alerted the cabin crew aboard Air France Flight 1891. On board, the lady placed the child at her feet, under a blanket, but the girl needed to go to the toilet and was noticed by other passengers.

Airport sources said the woman was probably in the flight connections area at Ataturk Airport in Istanbul and had passed through security when she was denied permission to board with the child.

It was then that she “decided to hide the child in her hand luggage to board another flight after having bought another ticket for that flight.”

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Reports say the woman was a resident of France and was in the process of adopting the child who was from Haiti. The woman later explained she was in the process of adopting the child and had wanted to take her back to France where she lived.

Air France said it “requested the presence of the French authorities on the flight’s arrival,” and the woman was taken into custody upon landing, but prosecutors decided not to press charges.

The carrier also added it “will fully cooperate with the ongoing investigation being conducted by the competent authorities.”

According to the Air France press office, the woman has been detained by French police at the Paris airport, while the child remains in the care of French authorities.

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