Wizkid Fans In Zimbabwe Angry Over His Non-appearance


Nigerian singer, Wizkid, was payed to perform at the Old Hararians Sports Club on Friday 8th April at Zimbabwe, but for reasons best known  to him, the Star boy didn’t show up at the venue despite the fact that he was in the country.

Zimbabwean media reports that fans had gathered at the venue, which was an open field from 7pm to 2am in the rain waiting for Wizkid, but he never showed up. This disappointment has led Zimbabwean fans to frown at the pop star. This would be the first time Wizkid was ever having a concert in Zimbabwe and unfortunately, the first experience was a huge mess.

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Zimbojam reports that ‘After a number of local acts, including the likes of Cynthia Mare, Mzoe7, Cal_Vin and Jr. Brown staged some lukewarm performances ’till around 1 am just to hold the crowd till the star of the night showed up. However, as the rain started falling and getting heavier, the crowd demanded for Wizkid to come on stage as they couldn’t wait any longer.

The organizers decided to bring Judgement Yard on stage; they had an outstanding session which proved that even the uptown youth love dance-hall. Their set kept the crowd hyped up until around 2 am–and then there was silence again, Wizkid was still not up.

Meanwhile, on Twitter fans spoke their minds over Wizkid’s non-appearance:

‎@SociaLumiere says “Zambian promoters need to learn from what Wizkid did in Zimbabwe yesterday. We hope y’all have sold enough tickets.”