WizKid Embarks on Social Fight With Linda Ikeji, Calls Her Old n Ugly


After the first episode of beef in February 2016, between Nigerian singer, Wizkid, and popular blogger, Linda Ikeji, over the Hermes Bag Drama, the two celebrities are at war again. The ongoing war between the two resulted after Linda published an article on Saturday 2nd April, revealing that Wizkid was given a notice to quit his Lekki home due to expiration of the rent.

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Meanwhile, in 2013, Wizkid had showed off the same house, claiming he bought it. Only for Linda’s article to expose that it was a rented apartment. It also revealed that the rent of the 4-bedroom duplex, which is located at Ayinde Akinmade, Lekki Phase 1, expired in January 2016 and Wizkid was yet to renew it. On 1st April, the young singer was served quit notice, with grace period valid until April 11th to vacate the premises.

According to Linda’s source, Wizkid had started moving his things out of the house bit by bit. Meanwhile, the star boy did not take the article lightly with the blogger. He took to his Instagram page to insult the hell out of the Imo state writer, saying she was old, ugly, and had a smelling p*ssy. He also went ahead to insult her family, calling them losers. Wizkid also called Linda a cheap slut, and accused her of sleeping with one of his directors.

Linda Ikeji

Linda Ikeji, once again, used the power of her fingers to reply Wizkid  via her blog. She called him “a child” and dished out a well written mature response, also addressing the accusation that she slept with one of Wizkid’s directors. Linda said such incidence never happened, as she has not met Wizkid in person or any of his directors. She added that she was living a celibate life and loved it all the same.

As expected, Wizkid made fun of Linda’s comments about her celibacy. He did not end the war there, he went ahead posting old pictures of Linda on Snapchat, inscribing all sorts of nick names to the pictures as memes. Then he posted another comment inviting Linda to partner with him, after he told her to Rest In Peace.

Linda Ikeji

Below was Linda’s response to Wizkids above comment.

“Oh Wizkid, I wish all these stuff you wrote about your supposed success were true. I would have been so happy for you. But those of us who know the truth, know the truth. Lol! You can deceive your fans but not me. But I’m still a huge fan and will continue to wish you well.”

“And who are the ‘we’ that don’t like me? Same people around you that don’t like you? That keep snitching on you? LMAO! What a child. Abeg, make I leave you alone before I mess up your career or image! Moving on.”

In all these social media fights between Wizkid and Linda Ikeja, there are some outstanding insults that could give the receiver a heart attack. Here are 10 of them.

1. All those shoes and bags still won’t help you keep a good man – Wizkid.

2. Oh Wizkid! What a child – Linda.

3. You and your laptop will stay married for life  – Wizkid.

4. You’re not 25! We know your real age! – Linda.

5. My director fucked you and left your stinking ass in the hotel cos your pussy stinks – Wizkid.

6. Did I mention that his Porsche car is also on hire purchase? Oh shit, I just mentioned that!  – Linda.

7. I goggled ‘Linda at 25’ and found nothing  – Wizkid.

8. Your mom and your entire family are still losers – Wizkid.

9. You are nothing but a blogger, all that money won’t change that  – Wizkid.

10. If I ever see you, I’ll get my 16 year old cousin to beat the shit out of you  – Wizkid.

Although Wizkid released more punchlines because he’s the child among the fighters, fans have been taking sides with their favorite celebrity. Some lashed it out on the star boy for being such a blabbing child, while others accuse Linda for always spreading negative news about artistes like Wizkids and Davido, who she is not friends with.

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