I Can’t Believe We Still Have 3 More Years To Go – Nigerians React To Buhari’s Re-Launch Of War Against Indiscipline


The government of President Muhammadu Buhari has come under severe criticism by Nigerians consequent upon the re-launch of War Against Indiscipline, WAI Brigade, in Abuja on Monday, August 8, 2016.

The War Against Indiscipline was first introduced in 1984 during Buhari’s administration as head of state.

The president re-launched the Brigade under the new name, Change Begins With Me (CBWM), saying the role of  civil intelligence gathering cannot be over-stretched in this era of insecurity, violence, kidnapping, and other forms of social vices.

Announcing the development on the occasion of the National and State Commanders meeting of the Community Support Brigade, CSB, also known as WAI, the Director-General, National Orientation Agency, NOA, Dr. Garba Abari said the present administration has declared the intention to relaunch the Brigade for better performance, as well as to bring its activities to the fore.

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Nigerians Fume Over Buhari’s Relaunch Of War Against Indiscipline

Angry Nigerians took to different social media platforms to criticise the move maintaining that there was no need for a seemingly forceful approach to making the country better.

See reactions below:

Pastor Taiwo: Which war against indiscipline? I wonder when this fellow called Buhari would cease to deceive himself and his blind followers. Buhari himself is a citadel of indiscipline through his deafening silence on the massacre of Nigerians, lawlessness, nepotism, partiality, tribalism, and unwise rigidity.

Friends and gentlemen, the only way you can know the truth about Buhari is to watch his action and not listen to the words of his mouth. Why? Because he is a hypocrite whose talk does not match his walk.

Random Questionnaire @PrinzNiyi: I can’t believe we still have 3 more years to go. When u have a 74 year old man as President u can’t take war against indiscipline from him

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Bolu Ayeye @bolu_ay: Bruh senate needs to band together and impeach this Buhari fellow , 3 years of this is too much War against indiscipline Man’s a joker

dele20: Kudos to our competent president, we appreciate your efforts

E4ma @ifiee: War against indiscipline… .Hahahahahahahahahahah…. Sai Baba…

Random Questionnaire @PrinzNiyi: Recession is gradually turning to depression. Buhari is clueless and not in tune with reality but he just launched war against indiscipline

Princewill Allaputa @ad_princewill: Before you start war against indiscipline you must first address the issues which make people resort to indiscipline#AHungryManIsAnAngryMan

Debola Debbie Debs! @DebsExtra: How many wars are we fighting in this country sef? War against Corruption, War against Terrorism. Now there’s War against Indiscipline..

progressive1: Kudos to our amiable president , in any advance country you must first of all make sure that security is in place so that you can save life and property

Joy O @spicyblueice: They must really see the masses as goats. After putting us in hunger next thing is war against indiscipline. Which stupid indiscipline?!

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Sapiosexual @ChukwukaJerri: Is War Against Indiscipline goin to put food on the table or is it going to reduce transport fare. In fact who War Against Indiscipline epp?

truth forever:  Hopefully there wouldnt be back-dating of laws or Decrees to track on down perceived enemies as done under decrees 2 and 4 in 1984-85. Thompson and Irabor the two journalist jailed at the time are both alive, and families of those civilians shoot at the Bar Beach for peddling drugs are all living and reading this! Hopefully, its not another way of  re-inventing a back-dating of your Jankara laws of 1984! If not we welcome it, otherwise take it away, we dont want anything to tamper with our right ! Thank you

Teezy F Baby! @TeezyFBaby1: If there was ever a time when we needed a war against indiscipline, it is now! Nigerians fail in line abroad but return home & act d fool!

Davelovingsoul @theblogger50: War Against Indiscipline WAI is not just a movement or a program,it shld b a way of life.Discipline is lacking in everytin we do as a nation

Prodygies.com @abinibi: If you have a problem with War Against Indiscipline then you are a major part of Nigeria’s problem.