AI Released Disturbing Video Of Nigeria Army Killing Biafra Protesters


The Amnesty International, AI has recently released a disturbing video of pro-Biafra protesters being shot and killed by the Nigeria Army in several locations of the eastern part of Nigeria.

A statement released by the group has pointed accusing fingers on the Nigerian Army for violation of human rights.

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Recall that members of the Indigenous People Of Biafra (IPOB) had matched in remembrance of the Biafra war and in protest against the detention of Nnamdi Kanu, the director of Radio Biafra. What was supposed to be a peaceful match by unarmed citizens turned violent as the Nigerian security forces started shooting directly at the unarmed protesters.

The Amnesty International’s statement reads:

“On Remembrance Day itself, the security forces shot people in several locations. Amnesty International has not been able to verify the exact number of extrajudicial executions, but estimates that at least 60 people were killed and 70 injured in these two days. The real number is likely to be higher.”

AI interviewed eye-witnesses and family members who were directly affected as evidence of the deadly incident.

A woman simply identified as Ngozi, during an interview with AI, recounted some of the incidents that occurred during the Remembrance Day celebration. She is a widow of a late IPOB protester.

Ngozi explained to Amnesty International that her husband had informed her that day shortly after leaving for work that he had been shot in the abdomen by the soldiers but that he was in a military vehicle with six other members (four already dead).

Meanwhile, the Nigeria Army had denied the all violent misconduct on its party and described the pro-Biafra protesters as violent people. It also accused the AI group of peddling lies as an attempt to tarnish the image of the army.

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Since arrest of pro-Biafra activist Nnamdi Kanu in 2015, the IPOB/MASSOB has emerged in full force agitation for his release and segmentation of Nigeria made of diverse ethnicity, religion and culture. It has become a global match for freedom of Biafra which has subsequently become a threat to national security.

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