#PostApology: Actress Victoria Inyama Blasts Tonto Dikeh For Calling Mercy Johnson’s Daughter A Witch


Victoria Inyama, in response to a post on Instagram where Tonto Dikeh apologized to Mercy Johnson for calling her first daughter, Purity, a witch in 2013, blasted the mother of one who apparently is going through some marital crisis.

Life changing experiences coupled with the passage of time make people grow up to a level where they take responsibility for their actions whether right or wrong. This morning has been filled with so much emotions from Tonto Dikeh’s apology for calling her colleague’s daughter a witch to Mercy Johnson’s response in accepting the apology!

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However, Victoria Inyama, an erstwhile Nollywood star who has been missing on the scene for many years, doesn’t seem to buy the bull-crap! Below is what she wrote:

“It’s sad how popularity makes some of d younger ones lose it. You diss others then one day your life get rough and situations you used to mock others is served as a meal to you. Then when it all comes down, we link God, like God wasn’t there all these while????. We tank God.

“Why do we even intentionally hurt pple, to even a child????. It’s honourable to apologise but d truth is why do that in d 1st place. You diss someone’s baby but you hide your baby’s face????. Lets be kind to each other. Life is full of unpleasant surprises.

“We all going through issues. She still got her ship sailing but d other ship now got a leak. Seal d leak and stay in d ship, it’s all about mending and patching.

“Stay in d ship, forgive, love, learn,keep praying especially for our past deeds that might come to hunt us. Practice d preaching. As far as there’s no Violence, stay in and forgive. God bless us all❤”

Victoria Inyanma Blasts Tonto For Calling Mercy Johnson’s Daughter A Witch
Victoria Inyanma Blasts Tonto For Calling Mercy Johnson’s Daughter A Witch

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Rising in defence of Tonto, most commentators dissed Victoria for trying to make matters worse. Vivian Nuhu said:

“Victoria Inyama, where were you when Tonto said all that to mercy three years ago? Mercy herself who has been hurt accepted her apology, what’s urs? People like u would prefer Tonto not to apologize? But thank God Tonto didn’t apologize because of people like u who wait for the slightest opportunity to say what’s on their dirty mind’s. 

“Mercy God bless you for praying for her, Tonto God bless you for obeying God, and don’t worry about whatever u are going tru now the devil is fighting u because he knows u are with God now, but have this assurance, many are the affliction of the righteous but the good lord will deliver them from them ALL. #GODBLESSMERCY/TONTO.”

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