Actress Ufuoma Speaks About Her Biggest Challenge in the Movie Industry


One of Nollywood’s longest acting thespian, Ufuoma McDermott talks about the biggest challenge she has ever faced in her career.

The award-winning star is popular for movies, stage plays and TV series. One of her most watched soap operas is ‘My Mum and I,’ where she plays the role of a single mother to her teenage daughter.

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In a recent interview with Pulse Nigeria, the talented actress said that her biggest challenge so far has been losing her last character to become a new character.

“In all honesty, it is about transiting from one character to another. As an actor, you are always a character anyway. So, it is basically two things; losing yourself and losing the last character, and don’t forget that in our industry you don’t have the luxury of time, so you are going from one movie set to another and another.” 

Born as Miss Ejenobor, Ufuoma got married on 23 April, 2010, to an American expatriate, Steven McDermott and they have two children together. The actress, who was a part of the much talked about stage play ‘Hear Word’ also spoke on being more expressive on stage than on TV, and the difference between the two. She was featured on the play alongside Joke Silva, Bimbo Akintola, Omonor, Elvina Ibru, Rita Edward, and more.


Ufuoma’s most recent work is Wives on Strike produced by Omoni Oboli. She played the role of Mama Amina, an Hausa wife who joined other women to rebel against their husband. Describing the character as her most challenging yet, she said there’s a big difference between Mama Amina and Ufuoma.

Ufuoma said . . .

“Mama Amina is one of the most subdued characters I have ever played in my life. Mama Amina is so far-fetched from Ufuoma that it took so much from me to leave myself and become her. Mama Amina had so many points that were valid, and she was so subdued that she couldn’t drive home those points the way Ufuoma would.

“I’m very passionate, and if you see me driving home a point about things that I’m passionate about, I give it my all. Mama Amina couldn’t do that because of the kind of the woman she is, and the kind of home she was born into, and the kind of home she had been married into, and so she was a subdued character. I think I would say that it’s one of my most challenging characters yet.”

Watch the interview below:

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