Deceased Government Official’s Son Hires 50 Strippers for Father’s Funeral


Tung Kuo-chen, son of a former Taiwanese official has buzzed the media with his special last gift to his father in the most unusual FUNeral organized in Chiayi, Taiwan.

The deceased 76-year-old Tung Hsiang was an official of the region former, as well as the president of the Regional Council of Chiayi. He died on December 14 due to a critical disorder.

The late diplomat’s son, Tung Kuo-chen hired 50 female strippers to ‘entertain’ the guests and to offer his deceased father the last gift. He said; “Dad had an amazing life, so I wanted to have a ceremony to match his personality: happy and spectacular.”

The deceased was reportedly a very popular man, known for his lavish lifestyle and for his bubbly attitude that exudes around anyone whom he comes in contact with.

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The pompous funeral took place on January 3, started right after the private commemoration and the exotic dancers were hired as part of a funeral. The massive show included 150 cars, 50 SUVs, and 50 exotic strippers, who danced on the top of the vehicles.

The drive along Zhongzheng Road usually takes ten minutes, however the procession went on for nearly two hours, according to Oriental News. It was so big that the procession caused a traffic jam on Zhongzheng Road.

Despite the fact the road from Tung’s house until the local cemetery takes like 10 minutes, the motorcade generated by the ‘carnival’ caused a major traffic jam.

Shortly after the funeral, Tung Kuo-cheng posted the event on social media and took advantage of the occasion to thank all those who have been there and helped him through this difficult time.

The images and the video footages from the controversial funeral went viral on social media, with many users expressing different opinions.

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Hear some comments from the post; ‘I also wish my funeral to be like that.’ Another said: ‘Is it a funeral or a carnival.’