Tuface Idibia Forced To Eat His Own Words


The popular saying which states that “failure is an orphan but success has many friends” has found a way to prove that it is not a mere statement.

“Why will you suddenly want to bite the finger that fed and is still feeding you?” This is the summary of the statement released by an angry Mr. Eric Amodu in a swift reaction to some comments, made by the Nigerian musical star, Tuface Idibia, which he credited to the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), accusing them of not doing anything for the country for the past 16 years they have been in power.

Only few days ago, the news went viral when Tuface Idibia or Tubaba as he prefers to be called, took to his twitter handle to condemn the Federal and State Governments of the PDP in Nigeria for failing the masses in the past 16 years, saying that they did nothing for the nation other than waste resources.

Mr. Eric Amodu has therefore taken the African Queen crooner to the cleaners on benue.com.ng, saying that he lacked the moral ground to criticize the PDP-led government, having been a major beneficiary of their “loot” in more ways than most his peers.

His open letter reads to his kinsman, Mr. Innocent Idibia, also known as Tubaba, reads thus;

“Too bad you threw the bomb at yourself on this. You are my friend but the truth must be told.

Question 1. Name a single soul you’ve ever helped?

Question 2. Why did your fellow childhood friends deserted you?

Question 3. What have you given back to the society that made you?

“In fact let’s go deeper…

“First of all, OJB produced you and brought you to limelight and even gave you a song for free without you paying a dime. But you threw your back at him when the world was rallying round to save his life. Not even a dime from you when lesser musicians gave their widows mite.

“No any Idoma sons could say he’s on your scholarship list yet you have the mouth to talk back at the people that you helped in eating from their states’ funds.

“You ate the resources meant for Benue State during Akume days in PDP as a governor when he bought you a Camry.

“How about Donald Duke when he was the PDP governor of Cross Rivers State? He lavished the state resources for you and still paid 20 million naira just to reunite the Plantation Boiz, yet you have the guts to say PDP did nothing? Better still, you for reject all the money.

“Akwa-Ibom state governor under the PDP-led government lavished the money meant for the state to sponsor your wedding. Why didn’t you kick against it when he gave you eight jeeps and sponsored several people to Dubai just to attend your wedding?

“Jolly Nyame wasted th state resources on you and you practically abandoned Lagos for Taraba just because you began to taste the juicy side of unmerited resources from government coffers.

“Don’t forget… when you sang “I de feel like so so so and so person… because you de spend for me.” Over 70% of the names you mentioned were PDP people you joined in eating away the future of their states.

“Brother man, sorry to say this… you don’t even stand the moral ground where conscience speaks to talk about PDP. I would love Banky W, the little Davido that just started, Ice Prince, Don Jazzy and so many others to talk because they don’t dine with the PDP and their states’ funds yet they’ve given a whole lot to the society.”

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