Trump’s Victory Thwarted Rise Of Anti-Christ In America – Atokolo


Apostle Victor Atokolo of the World Aflame Family Church has a mind blowing sermon of what would have become of America and the world if Donald Trump’s victory had not become a reality in the country.

Since the Republican candidate, Donald Trump’s victory on Wednesday, November 9, America has been in chaotic state; with Clinton’s supporters roaming the streets in protest against the new president. 

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Rev. Atokolo explained that if Hillary Clinton had won the election, it would have been detrimental for Christians and Jews who have been subjected to numerous persecutions around the world. In one of his video sermons released on the ministry’s official website, Atokolo said the world would have been possessed by the Anti-Christ if Secretary Clinton had won the election.

Founder of the World Aflame Family Church, Apostle Victor Atokolo

“The movement was a one-world government and consequently the one-world religion as well as the full revolution of the anti-Christ,” he said.

“If the moves by the Democratic had succeeded, we would have ended up having a one-world government. That would have intensified the persecution of Christians and the Jews and the eventual manifestation of the Anti-Christ.

“You will recall that within the last five years, Christians around the world had been persecuted more than any other season since the first century of the Church. This resulted to the murder of thousands of Christians in the Middle East by ISIS as well as here in Nigeria where several lives have been wasted by the Boko Haram.

“All these have been happening because the American government turned the other cheek. However, the exit of Britain from the European Union has impeded this move to introduce one-world government.”

Speaking further on Trump’s victory as US newest President, Rev. Atokolo pointed that God has given the Church another season of fruitfulness, adding that the newly elected has foiled the proposed one-world government and this would help stabilize the gospel.

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According to him, America and Britain will be protectors of the word of God in other to give God’s people the Liberty to move around the world.