Trump’s Presidency: Historian Predicts Trump Will Be Impeached Or Forced To Resign Within Weeks


A 20th-century American history professor, Ronald L Feinman has predicted that Donald Trump’s presidency is likely to be the second shortest ever.

In a blog post, Professor Feinman said he thought it was likely that Mr Trump will be impeached or forced to resign in a matter of weeks.

According to him, President Trump will stay in the top job “between the 31 days of William Henry Harrison in 1841”, who died pneumonia and the “199 days of James A. Garfield in 1881”, who died 79 days after he was shot by an assassin “after terrible suffering and medical malpractice”.

Even if Trump’s time in office is “dragged out”, Professor Feinman predicted that Mr Trump is unlikely to last the 16 months and 5 days of 12th president Zachary Taylor, who died of a digestive ailment while Head of State in 1850.

Professor Feinman also added that he thought the “Pence Presidency” was inevitable, obviously referring to Mr Trump’s Vice President, Mike Pence, who would take over if Mr Trump was to leave the leadership.

Ronald-Feinman-on Trump’s presidency

The leading historian and author, who teaches at Florida Atlantic University, and recently published a book about the unfortunate fates of US leaders, suggested the businessman turned politician is more generally unsuitable for office.

Citing Mr Trump’s decision to hold a security meeting over the North Korean missile test in a public space in earshot of other people as “a sign of his failure to act responsibly,” he said;

“Many foreign policy professionals are shaking their head at Trump’s inappropriate behaviour and language every time he speaks in public, or issues a Twitter comment, and his instability and recklessness.

“The fact that Vice President Mike Pence played a major role in pushing Flynn out is a sign that Pence is already asserting himself with Trump.”

He added that the vice President often appears uncomfortable with Mr Trump’s “freewheeling and careless behaviour.

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Feinman’s prediction is coming less than two days after a former Republican judge called for Trump’s hasty impeachment less than a month after he assumed office.

Mark P Painter, a former Ohio Court of Appeals Judge, offered to help his congressman Representative Steve Chabot draft the articles for impeachment. According to the Independent, Mr Painter wrote;

“In any time except our post-factual era, no office holder, much less the president, could get away with any one of the dozens of dazzlingly illegal things Trump has already done. They would forfeit office immediately…Who knows what happens next. Each new day is a new nightmare.

“We are still trying to digest one breathtaking assault on America when another is signed, issued, or Tweeted. All this amid constant lies. Constant. Lies.”

Insisting that Americans must end this dangerous presidency, Mr Painter disclosed that he voted for every Republican presidential candidate from 1968 to 2004. He said; “Trump must be impeached and removed with all haste. But only Congress can initiate the process.”

Painter wrote that many had hoped Trump would ‘grow up’ into the job after the election, — that he couldn’t possibly be as bad as some thought. Sadly, the reverse has been the case. He lamented; “The bully has become a more entitled bully. Anyone disagreeing is attacked. Policy is announced in illiterate tweets.”

According to him, basic American values — free speech, the rule of law, separation of powers, even common decency — are unknown in theWhite House, as they now have a president who has no concept of separation of powers, or why we have three branches of government.

The former Judge said if Trump knew anything about the Constitution, he would know the framers envisioned the current situation — a would-be dictator. They provided checks and balances — such as an independent judiciary to protect the citizens from presidential tyranny.

Reiterating that Trump’s Presidency is too dangerous to continue, Painter called on all Americans to admit that they have elected a president who has immediately proved himself to be a grifter, a pathological liar, a mean-spirited bully and dangerous to American values.

In US history, no president has ever been successfully impeached, although an attempt was made to Bill Clinton but he was acquitted by the Senate.

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Richard Nixon also resigned before he could be impeached for serious wrongdoing in the Watergate scandal.