Too Funny: See Photos Of The Peculiar Ways Nigerian Parents Punish Their Children


“Spare the rod and spoil the child” is a popular saying Nigerian parents usually refer to when it comes to raising a child. Disciplining a child is never easy, but picking the right punishment for a particular misconduct is even harder.

In the U.S and other developed countries, things like seizing a child’s toy, grounding him or her, slashing pocket money, etc are often used to serve as punishment. In an average Nigerian family, some weird tasks and static positions are rather given as the equivalent.

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If you grew up in a home where your parents were staunch disciplinarians, then you definitely will relate with this article. Below are photographs of several ways Nigerian Parents punish their kids. One or two positions may be familiar with you – a punishment you got for breaking your mum’s favorite china plate, or for letting that Sunday stew burn completely. Check out these pictures!


Position 2 may not appear difficult, but by the time a child remains that way for about half an hour, s/he will begin to feel the weight of the task. Position 3 and position 5 are the most difficult punishments to serve, while the others are equally not easy but funny to watch.

If a child is asked to “pick pin”, the parents may be forced to change the punishment to frog jump when the child starts crying and wavering in pain, because it is one exhausting punishment to serve especially if there are no visible pins to pick.

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Any punishment involving stretching of hands, legs or folding of joints (kneeling) for a long duration, could result in muscle spasm, but as long as it is imposed by a parent or guardian it must be served. All the same, all these positions are quiet funny when given to a child as punishment for a minor offense committed, yet, Nigerian parents do it without qualms.

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