Tonto Dikeh: Born Again Actress Reveals When She’ll Remarry


Nollywood actress, Tonto Dikeh who was recently entwined in a marital crisis with her ex-husband, Churchill Olakunle has opened up about her love life and plans for the future.

In an interview with Premium Times, the movie star and mother-of-one spoke about her ‘Born Again Status’, and other personal life issues.

When asked if her acting career has suffered a setback because of the Tonto Dikeh Foundation activities, she said:

“I was off the scene for a long time but I returned with a bang. I starred in a yet to be released film titled ‘Celebrity Marriage’ and it will be out soon. I’m all fired up because I’m involved in the movie. I don’t want to be involved in the acting like I used to be in the past.

“I have shot a film in a day, in the past but not any longer. I’m not looking for popularity so I am just trying to stay relevant by starring in very few quality movies. My family proposes that I shoot five quality movies in a year. I think three good movies in a year is fair enough. And that is what I have been looking for. That way, I can have time for my child and other people because I’m not just a mother of one but I am a mother of nations.”

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When asked for the secret behind her new glow, Tonto Dikeh said:

“Well, firstly I am born again and when you have God, you just radiate. So all the glow is from within; you don’t fake God’s glow. You also can’t fake God’s glory because it overwhelms you. I don’t know how to say what I want to say but when God steps into a situation or your life he elevates you and makes you see things in a different light. So, the glow you see is all God. I am a radical for Christ.”

When asked if she has plans to set up a church or becoming an evangelist, she said: 

“Yes, I will, before I became an entertainer I was close to becoming an evangelist but I backslid. But not to say anything, I am back with God. I don’t know where God is taking me to. But if it is the pulpit, I am ready.”

On coping with life as a single mother, she said:

“I heard motherhood is difficult but I think my son and I share a special kind of love that makes everything easy. It’s not that I don’t get stressed out or mad at him sometimes. I do. But the love and the grace of God is sufficient for both of us.”

When asked how she reacts to social media backlashes as a result of her born again status, she said:

“Well, even if I wasn’t born again, they will still come for me. You see, the devil cannot steal from an empty barrel; you have to be fully charged. I will go through a lot of things, whatever is happening now this is nothing compared to what is yet to come. What I have seen is not even half of what will come in the future. I am ready for more; there will be worse to come and I’m ready for it. When God prepares you in a different kind of way, I can fight my battles on my own strength.”

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When asked if she will remarry or reconcile with your estranged husband given her new status as a child of God, Tonto Dikeh said:

“Love is a beautiful thing and love is exquisite. So, of course, I will remarry once I find true love.”

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