DIYLaw: Three Nigerian Women Create A Legal Service Delivery App


Women are gradually keying into the technology world, very soon they will be taking over. Three innovative Nigerian women, Bola Olonisakin, Funkola Odeleye and Odunoluwa Longe, in a press release launched a platform they created, DIYLaw, “a one-stop legal service delivery hub for entrepreneurs.” These young women are set to redefine the way SME owners access legal resources with this application of theirs.

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DIYLaw is a one-stop legal service delivery hub where entrepreneurs can generate legal documents, register their businesses and intellectual properties and at the same time have access to resources in an easy-to-digest format.

“We just noticed that there are certain basic things clients could easily do without having to consult a lawyer if there was an automated service and we decided to toy with the idea,” says Funkola Odeleye (Co-Founder DIYlaw).

DIYlaw won the Innovating Justice Award for SME Empowerment Innovation Challenge East and West Africa, held in Netherlands this month and went away with $40,000. With the current parallel market exchange rate, that’s a whopping sum of N12,000,000.

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Left to right: Bola Olonisakin, Funkola Odeleye and Odunoluwa Longe

The magnificent trio are so excited about their innovation; Odeleye calls their victorious win at Netherlands a great achievement which has seen its moments of toil through the journey that brought them this far. Over 200 applications from across East and West Africa were submitted for The Innovating Justice Challenge. The applications were cut down to seven during the Bootcamp which held in Lagos two months ago, and finally leading to the big win of the ladies via their amazing legal platform.

Odunoluwa Longe and Funkola Odeleye are co-founders of The Longe Practice, a law firm focused on entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship solutions in Africa, offering legal advisory services to African entrepreneurs. While running this start up, the idea of developing a tech platform that delivers automated legal services was conceived and they brought in Bola Olonisakin to join the team. As the Founder and CEO of GTech Designs, Bola was the best person to build such a platform.

While speaking on the challenges in the African entrepreneurial space, Odeleye said, other than the common issues of access to finance, lack of infrastructure, and corruption, there is also a lack of information. Not that information is not readily available, it is not accessed by the people who need them.

“A lot of start-ups don’t know some basic things that they should … that could pull them out of a difficult situation and that is another issue we (DIYlaw) are trying to address,” she said.

DIYlaw is at the forefront of a new justice innovation movement that is starting, an emerging sector of “justice entrepreneurs” in Africa. These three women represent a group of individuals who seek to make justice systems more accessible through the use of innovation and technology. Having set the pace for women to think and embrace technological innovations, there is hope for the average Nigerian Woman to come up with something similar that the world would benefit from.

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