Those Asking Me For Abacha’s Loot Are Stupid — Obasanjo


The former President Olusengun Obasanjo has described people pestering him to account for the recovered Abacha’s loot as stupid and illiterate.

He stated this in an interview with Vanguard during the weekend, saying his role in office at the time he was president was to facilitate the recovery process and not how it was put to use.

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In his words Obasanjo said:

“They said the money recovered from Abacha, I should account for it. What stupidity! The man who asked for it, the man who gave the judgement or who answered them are all stupid, with due respect.

“I don’t keep account, all Abacha loots were sent to Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN, and every bit of it was reported to Minister of Finance. My job was to write where we can get help to recover the money.

“Every penny that comes out of it went to CBN, so if they want to know what happened to the money, they should call CBN governor or call the Minister of Finance.

“But again, it shows ignorance, total ignorance, which is lacking and you wonder, are these people educated? They can also approach the man who helped us in recovering process to give the list of money recovered and where he took it.”

Speaking on the criticism reined on President Buhari’s frequent trips, Obasanjo defended him saying Buhari needs to embark on those trips so that Nigeria would keep in touch with important centres of the world. According to him Buhari is preparing ground for Nigeria to take advantage when price of oil goes up again.

“He needs to be known and to know people. How do you make friends and influence people except you know them and this cannot happen if he sits in Aso Villa, especially in a situation that we found ourselves, a situation where we have bad image in the world, a situation where we need to play leadership role, especially in Africa, because during Jonathan’s administration, Nigeria was not on the table.”

On the fluctuating oil price, Obasanjo said President Buhari was luckier than he was, saying:

“When I assumed office in 1999, I inherited $3.7 billion in reserve, while Buhari met $30 billion, almost 10 times of what I met then, and the price of oil then was $9. When it got to $20, I was dancing.”

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