Rapper Says Hip-Hop Is Dead In Nigeria, Moves On To Another Genre


Nigerian rapper, Terry Da Rapman has a word for his fans who criticize him for not sticking to his music genre, ‘hard- core rap.’

After the release of his latest song ‘Gamusu,’ many fans of him expressed their disappointments at his switch, accusing him of straying into Tekno‘s lane.

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‘Don’t blame me for diversifying, hip-hop is dead in Nigeria,’ he says, calling out to hypocrites who called him fake. This he did via a lengthy Facebook post.

Terry Da Rapman Says Hip-Hop is Dead in Nigeria

Terry Da Rapman Says Hip-Hop is Dead in Nigeria

“There is this issue I’d like to address as an artist which boils down to the issue of ‘Be a hardcore rapper & don’t change’ and the ‘Don’t do pangolo music’ debate,” he said.

“Being in this game for so long, I can attest there’s something ideologically hypocritical from so-called fans and media who show you no support when you release consistent materials from your acclaimed genre only for them to gnash their teeth at you when you go the other way.

“Hiphop (rap especially) is dead and long gone thanks to fake fans & media who do not support the movement. The so-called fans we are accustomed to in this part of the world only debate who’s a better rapper, who killed who bla bla bla on a song.

“And this same hypocrites come out to shout ‘He sold out’ when they hear you switch style.

“For the records, apart from being an artist, I’m human and if I cannot diversify (which I should have done years ago), then I’m in the wrong planet. I don’t know where people get this debate of ‘Hardcore rappers don’t sing’ or ‘Rappers don’t go commercial’. Says who?

“Biggie did it with Juice, Pac did it with California Love, Eminem/JAYZ have brought in the world’s best singers to sell their songs. What about Drake? Kendrick? J Cole?.

“Right here in Nigeria, my friends Vector, MI, Ice Prince, Reminisce, Olamide, Falz the Bahd guy,Phyno,Yung6ix have all done that at various times.

“For the records, as much as I have an important legacy to leave, I also have bills to pay,” he concludes.