Tboss Vs Kemen: Celebrities At War Over Sexual Molestation Jokes


Ace comedian AY and comedienne Helen Paul have been attacked for making jokes out of the sexual molestation incident between ex-BBNaija housemates Kemen and TBoss at the ‘Warri Again’ concert.

In the show at the Eko Hotel And Suites Victoria Island Lagos State, the comedians had used the incident which has been generating a lot of controversies, to entertain the audience.

Recall that Kemen was disqualified from the show for sexually harassing fellow housemate Tboss while she was asleep. However, the fitness coach has since apologized after he left the house.

But at the Warri Again’ concert, Helen Paul & AY made jokes about Kemen and TBoss, insinuating that the molestation that happened between the two was simply a “small touch.”

Tboss vs Kemen controversy 2

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However, TBoss’s family and some other Nigerians did not take this likely and have slammed the comedians for their ‘unthoughtful’ jokes. One of such celebrities condemning the comedians is Nollywood actress, Rita Dominic. In a series of tweets, the actress via her handle @RitaUdominic made clear her stance on the matter. She wrote:

“To be enlightened means “having or showing a rational, modern, and well-informed outlook” on life.

“It is not rational to say that sexual misconduct or abuse of any kind is normal behaviour. We should not tolerate this school of thought.

“Guilt is one side of a nasty triad, D others are shame and stigma. These combine to blame women of crimes committed against them -Germaine Greer.

“Let us be kind to one another notwithstanding the harsh environment we find ourselves in.”

Other tweets out rightly condemning comedienne Helen Paul reads:

“You should be ashamed of yourself. A female making jokes of a violation against a fellow female? And you have a female child?

“Inferiority has you bashing a woman you know nothing about, anything for fame and money right?”

Tboss's brother

In the same vein, TBoss’s brother has reacted to AY’s jokes. Via his Instagram page @ Christhova, her brother took a swipe at the comedian for his jokes at the concert, saying:

“Trying to make an assault look normal and acceptable, ignoring the hurt the victim felt and still feels every time she remembers the incident.

“All I have to say is that karma is a dish best served cold and it multiplies, in the future when all your daughters get assaulted, raped and abused remember how u joked about another person’s misfortune and made cash out of it.

“And when the whole country is laughing at your daughter’s misfortune remember that it has only just begun.”

Recall that Tboss’s sister, Wendy had earlier queried why Kemen was still awarded the same benefits with those who were not disqualified, insisting that an apology was not enough for what he did.

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But on the other hand, TBoss seems tired of the prolonged controversy and is willing to put an end to it. The ex- BBNaija housemate took to twitter to urge her fans to let the issue rest. She wrote:

kemen vs tboss controversy

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