Comedy Is To Create Humour Out Of Tragedy – I Go Dye Defends AY


“The idea of comedy is to create humour out of tragedy”- I Go Dye on AY’s TBoss Joke #BBNaija

Comedian AY has been the focus of comments on social media for making a joke out of the sexual assault on #BBNaija’s TBoss by a fellow housemate Kemen.

Earlier today AY issued an apology to TBoss saying it wasn’t his intention to make her feel that uncomfortable as he has a wife and a daughter and will never support any action that will promote rape or sexual assault.

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Comedian, I Go Dye has now taken to Instagram page to say a few words about the matter, saying the idea of comedy is to create humor out of tragedy, he also said he wonders why people go out of their way to make an issue when there’s none instead of focusing on the challenges that need our immediate attention.

He wrote:

“The effect of any joke is to evoke laughter which is a practice embraced worldwide. The idea of comedy is to create humour out of tragedy. Our problem in this country is that we act like saints in the eyes of those who still pretend to be saints.

“I am not saints and not trying to be, the truth is that the only Saints I know is St. Moritz which you can still get the fake, the joke on BBNaija Housemates by @aycomedian was just to entertain without any form of malice. So I wonder why we go out to make issues out of none issues when we are bedeviled with various challenges that need attention.”

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Meanwhile, according to an internet user, Engoz who commented on I Go Die’s post, Sexual assault is NOT a none issue to joke about.

Engoz says. So sexual assault/molestation is a none issue? Who the heck are these people for goodness sake?

This is why it is highly important we will not keep quiet on shouting you detractors down.

Sexual assault is NOT a none issue. And if you think it’s only women it happens to, you need a second think coming.

Comedian I Go Dye Defends AY’s TBoss Joke

Many of you men were molested by housegirls. Many of you were preyed on by men as well.

Nigerian men need to start confessing, so they can collect statistics on you guys.

My hypothesis is there is a link to your adult hypersexual demonic behaviors and what you were introduced to as kids sexually.

Sexual assault and harassment is one of the most important challenges we face in that country.

In 2015, premium times reported no less than 10 girls are raped daily in Rivers State.

The report stated:

“Usually, the victims don’t report to the police or their parents for fear of victimization.”

In a 2014 study conducted by Badejoko et al in Ile-Ife, majority of the survivors (62%) knew their assailant(s).

Neighbors were the commonest perpetrators identified (28.2%) and the assailants’ house was the commonest location (39.4%).

Weapons were involved in 29.6% of cases and various injuries were identified in 28.2% of the survivors.

The fact that we have very senile law enforcers and legislators does not mean this is not a criminal offense.

It is not a joke and we will not give up until you get the message.