Post-Kemen Eviction: TBoss Finally Explains What Really Happened


Following the disqualification of Kemen, the Akwa Ibom born fitness trainer from the Big Brother Nigeria house on Sunday, March 5th, and the blame heaped on TBoss by fellow housemates for being the supposed cause of his ill luck, she has finally told her side of the story.

Recall that a video footage of Kemen sexually harassing TBoss while she slept went viral on Saturday, March 4.

Consequent upon that, Big Brother held a private disciplinary session with Kemen and TBoss, finally passing a verdict that Kemen has been disqualified from contesting on the show. Big Brother announced:

“You have been found guilty of violating the Big Brother rules. You’re hereby disqualified from the Big Brother house immediately.”

It was the first of its kind since the show began and as expected, his fellow housemates who were ignorant of the incident could not hold back their shock as they received the news with screams of ‘what happened?’ ‘What did you do?’ Where some of the questions directed at Kemen.

After the eviction show of yesterday, it was glaring that everyone in the house was disgusted by TBoss because they had only heard Kemen’s version of the story without caring to hear from TBoss.

Bisola was so very pissed to the point that she started using “swear words” and hissing each time TBoss’ name was mentioned… Probably because of that, Biggie decided to enlighten her about the whole situation so as to douse the tension in the house, and indeed…it was a great move by Biggie as watching the video in the diary room made her understand what really happened. She went from “She’s a witch” to “Kemen fucked up”.

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She then explained to the other housemates that Biggie’s descision to disqualify Kemen was a good decision as Kemen was totally at fault.

The housemates all felt guilty for wrongly judging TBoss and all went to the closet to apologize to her.

Below was what TBoss said:

“Can I say something? Apology not accepted. For especially Marvis and Tony. Like’ y’all don’t even talk to me at all.” Thin Tall then asked; ‘why especially Marvis and Tony?’

“Because I was really close to you guys and I felt the hostility from you and the seclusion, none of you even bothered asking ‘What happened?’. Obviously, he (Kemen) said something which I didn’t hear, trust me I didn’t even want to listen, but you should have been like, ‘Tboss, what happened?’ But nobody cared.

“I don’t know what happened. I am sad, I don’t know if I’m mostly upset, but I’m sad. I didn’t have a clue, I was sleeping, this evening Big Brother called me, went into the diary room and I see this laptop there, and immediately I started thinking maybe my family called or a message from home or something, I was freaking out.. is it good news, is it bad news, Big Brother asked if I was okay, I said naah this laptop is scaring me, What’s happening?

“He said, calm down, play it. And I play it and I just broke down He (Kemen) was sleeping, he just woke up looked around…(demonstrates Kemen putting his hands down her pants) and I just saw the hand moving, and me I just turned around and the hand was still moving. I don’t know what happened.

“And Big Brother already saw my reaction, and he asked ‘Did you consent to that?’ And I’m crying, It’s obvious I had no idea about this. And there I’m thinking ‘My Father’, he doesn’t know I’m here, and when he finds out… Is that what he should be seeing? It looks like I was being fingered.

“And funny thing is I had no idea, from one drink and I space out like that? What the F–k!”

TBoss went on to say that she never led Kemen on, and didn’t gravitate towards him, so what he did came to her as a surprise.

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She further explained:

“I reacted very badly in there (Diary room) and Big Brother was like, ‘you cannot confront him, you cannot say anything, you cannot touch him.’ Because I was like I am going to punch him, I am going to f–king punch him and Big Brother said; ‘you’re going to get kicked off the show. Let it not be because you couldn’t hold yourself, You cannot touch him, you have to promise. And I was like, what kind of promise is that.

“And I was just thinking, what else happened? who would have seen it? and I felt bad.”

See video below: