If We Do Not Tame Religion In Nigeria, Religion Will Kill Us – Soyinka


Nigeria’s renowned Nobel Laureate, Professor Wole Soyinka, has made a call for the teaching of religion as a subject in Nigerian schools.

Speaking in Abuja today, January 12, at the book launch of renowned professor and author, Olufemi Vaughan titled ‘Religion and the Making of Nigeria’, Soyinka however made it clear that he was not canvassing for religious studies but ‘the study of religion’.

Continuing, Soyinka said:

“If we do not tame religion in Nigeria, religion will kill us.”

He bemoaned the fact that many Nigerians have ”paid the ultimate price” because of religion, adding that religion is now embedded in our society. Soyinka added:

”The innocent ones are the ones who often pay the ultimate price in religious crisis. Even religious leaders cannot denounce the murdering acts of religion.

”Religion now induce trauma and anxiety instead of solace that it claims to give. Religion is the ironic product of human inadequacy.

”There is a monster always waiting to pounce on innocent Nigerians under the name of religion.’

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Concluding his presentation, Wole Soyinka said he would rather change the title of the book by Professor Vaughan to ‘Religion and the Unmaking of Nigeria’.

Meanwhile, a Facebook user who goes by the name Governor Imam Sunmola Olayemi started a fierce religious war on the social media platform after he made a mockery of the Christian faith saying everything about Christianity is a joke.

To prove his stand, Olayemi made an attempt to analyse how Jesus came into the world and how He is both the Father and son. According to this Facebook user, this is all gibberish and a total nonsense because he cannot fathom how a God will allow himself to be killed by the human He created all in the guise of dying for the salvation of all.

Using some verses of the Holy Bible and Quran to further back up his claims, he noted that all men are slaves of God as opposed to claims by Christians that they are sons of God.

Is religion really the bane of mordern Nigerian society?