Look What’s Coming to Your Android Phone Soonest


Nintendo has announced that it’s very popular Super Mario Run, will be available for play as a smartphone game on Android devices by March.

The announcement was made in a tweet from Nintendo’s Japanese Twitter account, which roughly translates into: “The Android version of “Super Mario Run” will be delivered in March 2017. Currently, Google Play is accepting signups to inform you of when delivery begins. Please sign up.”

Super Mario Run is the company’s first real foray into mobile gaming. A few months back, Nintendo launched the game on iOS.

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The game was an instant hit with Apple device users, racking up 40 million downloads in its first four days to become the fastest-selling iOS game in the history of the App Store.

Super Mario Run 2

The game lets users navigate Mario the plumber through a variety of familiar-looking levels, grabbing as many coins and power-ups as possible along the way. The game is free to download, but players who want to progress beyond the third level will have to pay $10 to unlock the rest of the game.

A review of the iOS version says that the game was fun, but compromised; with surprisingly deep gameplay considering there’s only one control (tap to jump).

Meanwhile, Nintendo has also announced that its next mobile game, ‘Fire Emblem: Heroes,’ would first debut on Android at the Google Play store before Apple’s App Store on Feb. 2. Unlike Super Mario Run, however, Fire Emblem: Heroes is a turn-based tactical role-playing game, with two kingdoms pitted against one another in a battle.

The company has been fretting about a move to mobile gaming for years, and is set to release these two titles in 2017 (Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing) with more to come in the following years. But while initial interest in Super Mario Run was high, estimates from third-parties suggest that only around three percent of users paid for the full game.

Mario hasn’t run out of steam yet, but he seems to be finding mobile gaming a bit of a slog. Lets see how it goes on Android.

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Any Android users wanting to be kept informed of the actual release, can register for updates on the game’s Google Play Store listing.