Strange! Woman Makes Jewelry From Breast Milk [VIDEO]


Texas mother of two Bridgette Boudreaux developed a method for culturing pearls, out of breast milk. Did I hear you say, What?? Hmmmm you won’t believe this but it is no joke. It is amazing what the human mind can fathom and create.

The stay-at-home mother said, the idea came to her after the birth of her first son, Joey. She says she wanted to commemorate the bond between mother and child and then she learned how to turn her breast milk into a bead, pearls and charms.

She said she sold hundreds of pieces in the past year and the requests keep getting more elaborate. She is even making jewelry out of placentas, hair and umbilical cords and the prices range from $50 to $200.

As strange as this may sound to you, Bridgette says her clients find them “therapeutic.” Some who are dealing with post-partum depression or have lost their children and say it’s a physical memento they can hold onto.


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“I culture pearls out of your own breast milk, and it’s something that you cannot buy off a shelf, each breast milk pearl is a different shade of cream to white so you’re getting what came from you. No two are alike,” she said.

Bridgette takes real breast milk, adds preservatives, and puts  it in a refrigerator for a week, the milk becomes a solid and she molds them into the jewelry. A top coat resin hardens and protects the beads.

She says for her, the ‘breast milk pearl’ is sustaining and giving life to many women.

“With each pearl, it represents so many things for so many women. When people buy their breast milk jewelry from me, I get their stories and a lot of their stories are empowering. You know, the gift of life. The breast milk pearl is sustaining and life giving for many women.”

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