Apostle Suleiman Vs Stephanie Otobo: Muslim Lawyer Gives 10 Solid Reasons Why It Is A Frame-up {Must Read}


Danladi Umar, a Muslim legal practitioner, has criticised the claim by the Canada-based stripper, Stephanie Otobo, that she had an amorous relationship with the General Overseer of Omega Fire Ministries and Miracles, Apostle Johnson Suleiman. The lawyer stated that Otobo’s demand for the sum of N500 million could be an attempt to reap from another man’s sweat.

Speaking to journalists on Sunday, March 12, 2017, Umar also faulted what he described as the media trial of the pastor and wondered what his critics hoped to achieve.

He further noted that the allegation of a purported amorous relationship including a supposed marriage proposal by the cleric and further clarification of introduction ceremony said to have been held at the Headquarters of the church in Auchi, Edo State, were laced with unbelief.

Umar rightly pointed out that the allegations were against the claims by Festus Keyamo, the lawyer of Stephanie Otobo, who had said that Apostle Suleiman took drinks to her parents and kinsmen to ask for her hand in marriage.

His words:

“My view piece is precipitated by the many-sidedness of Stephanie Otobo’s account and those of her lawyers as one begins to wonder what the motive for the media trial is meant to achieve outside bringing down an outspoken preacher.

“Consistently, they’ve been sounding fricative like irregular verbs in Latin with both erroneous and conflicting allegations against Apostle Suleiman.

“My sympathy goes to the Christian faith because even as a Muslim, I am at the risk of discussing this otherwise laughable and ridiculous string of allegations which even the unlettered and ‘uncertificated’ would at once find to be the desperate efforts of the said lady and her gang to nail the Senior Pastor of the church, it has become pertinent to ask the following salient questions to unravel the truth or otherwise of the claims.”

Speaking further, the legal practitioner raised 10 posers to justify his argument:

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He said:

1. What are the details of the alleged marriage proposal made by the Man of God to Ms. Otobo – where and when did this happen? What are the names of those present and where are the pictures of those who allegedly attended the event? If this is not a mere concoction, why are these details not provided by Ms. Stephanie Otobo?

2. Why has the key actors in this unfolding, albeit failing drama been unable to produce the slightest evidence of the purported formal introduction of the Apostle to Ms. Otobo’s family?

3. Who’s to be believed, Sahara Reporters, Festus Keyamo or Ms. Otobo as to when the Apostle reportedly took drinks and gifts to the family? Was this done clandestinely at night and at a time when pictures could not be taken? Was it a CULT introduction? With Ms. Otobo’s father denouncing any such event ever taking place, will any reasonable person still believe any other account of Ms. Otobo and her gang?

4. On what basis would a man of God of a global scope and reach like the Apostle, put away his wife of many years and friend of even many more years who has laboured with him in Ministry only to go for a lady who wears a pink or orange hair? How reasonably could he explain this to his congregation spread across the globe? Is there not too much at stake for him to embark on such a journey to nowhere?

5. In the Sahara Reporters’ article of March 5, 2017, they stated that Ms. Otobo’s relationship with the Man of God got so strong that she began to follow him around the world for programs and choosing sermon topics for the Man of God. All of these with the knowledge of members of the Church? And no one asked questions?

If these allegations are not blatant lies from the pit of hell, why couldn’t Ms. Stephanie Otobo mention the names of all the programs and locations she accompanied the Apostle to, the sermon topics she chose for the Apostle and through what means she chose the topics for the Apostle.

She would rather make bogus and blanket claims because she is well aware that if she provides any details, abundant evidence will be produced to show the sheer fallacy of her claims.

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6. Why has no other person come out to corroborate Ms. Otobo’s claims, with her own father dissociating himself from her illusionary claims?

7. Which man of God, having promised to marry a lady, will at the same time be requesting to have a three-some with that lady and her friends? Assuming, without conceding that the lady were tangentially correct and that this could happen, what manner of lady would insist on marrying such a man and even go ahead to demand for N500 million on the allegation that the man failed to marry her?

8. The letter from Festus Keyamo’s chamber purportedly written to the Apostle is dated March, 3, 2017 which is the same date both the Lagos lawyer and Ms Otobo alleged that she was arrested by the Police. The same day!

When did Ms. Otobo brief my learned colleague of the matter to have enabled him to write to the Apostle on the same day? Before, during or after Ms. Otobo was arrested? Is this not looking like a poorly written Nollywood script?

9. The letter from Festus Keyamo & Co. purportedly written to the Inspector General of Police is dated Saturday, March 4, 2017 – on a WEEKEND! So when was the letter dispatched? Did the IGP get the letter before the chamber released same to the press and to have been carried the same day by Sahara Reporters? I leave you to fill in the gaps!

10. The Sahara Reporters Article indicates that the Man of God convinced Ms. Stephanie Otobo to return to Nigeria and she returned to Nigeria LAST WEEK! The letter from Festus Keyamo states that the Man of God HAS BEEN threatening Ms. Otobo. So when did the threats start?

All within last week when she purportedly relocated to Nigeria on a reconciliatory journey? Are these not clearly a misguided cacophony of blue murder cries? Is it not clear that the demand by Ms. Otobo and her paymasters of a whopping sum of N500 million is nothing but a voyage to reaping where they have not sown?.”

Since Miss Stephanie Otobo started this drama, a lot of people have not believed her claims while some others could not even wait for the young woman to finish the first episode of her story before they crucified the cleric.

However, As Stephanie Otobo keeps churning out different versions of her contradictory story, Apostle Suleiman is busy going about  his father’s business.

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